Get your cameras ready for A Day with HIV

Robin Doss

In a photo from the 2014 A Day with HIV gallery, Robin Doss of Fort Worth shows off her new red ribbon tattoo

“Everyone is affected by HIV, but we can do something about it.”

That’s the message driving A Day with HIV, an anti-stigma campaign launched by Positively Aware Magazine.

The idea behind the awareness campaign, now in its sixth year, is to confront stigma by sharing the pictures and stories of people who are affected by HIV. By showing that people affected by HIV/AIDS are just like anybody else. Over the past five years, organizers say, “the power of these images—of people at work, families at play, friends and lovers caring for one another—demonstrates a collective resolve to say, ‘this is who we are and this is how we cope—and live.’”

This year, A Day with HIV is Tuesday, Sept. 22. People are encouraged  to pick up a camera — a phone, a point-and-shoot, an expensive SLR or any other kind of camera — to capture a moment of their day to share it with the world. Then share that photo, along with a caption describing what is depicted in the photo along with the time and location where it was taken.

Share it by posting it on social media with the hashtag #adaywithhiv.

Email the photo and caption to

Upload it at

Emailed and uploaded photos will be featured in an online gallery, and certain high-res images will be published in the November-December issue of Positively Aware. Four photos will be chosen to appear on four different covers of the magazine.

Be sure to include the info about who is in the photo, what they are doing, where the photo was taken and what time it was taken.

Grab your camera next Tuesday and snap a pic. It’s an easy way to help in the battle to erase the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. And erasing the stigma is a first step in erasing the disease.

—  Tammye Nash

Fierce photo-op, Christian Siriano at the Galleria

Christian SirianoReality TV is full of shows promising to produce the next top model, hot new designer, or big deal arborist (OK, I made that one up), but rare is the reality show winner who actually sticks around to have a high profile career once the cameras power down. Project runway season 5 winner, Christian Siriano, is that rare talent that makes for good TV and real world success.

Siriano’s coming to the Galleria Payless Shoe store this Thursday, Nov 3,  to show off his expanded Payless collection, including an assortment of shoes and handbags.  Siriano will be available for photos with his “fierce” -ly loyal fans. The posing and pouting kick off at 5 pm at the Galleria, 5061 Westheimer Road.

—  admin

WATCH: Getting warmed up for Valentine’s Day — kissing flashmob hits Canadian market

OK, so flashmobs have gotten to be old hat, I know. But this one — set up by the independent Canadian band Lazybones “in the hopes of spreading some love across the world on Valentine’s Day and beyond” — is a little different.

In this video, set in a Canadian market, a young woman is wandering about h0lding a bouquet of red roses when suddenly she stops and yells out, “I’d do anything to get your heart!” Then a song by that name begins to play in the background as she walks up to couples and hands them roses, at which time, the couples begin to kiss. Nothing pornographic, just sweet, loving kissing. About 20 couples in all participate — and that includes at least one same-sex couples, two guys who are the first to get a rose.

Most of the bystanders and onlookers, although caught off guard at first, soon begin smiling. Some take out cameras and start taking photos. Others just smile and walk on by. But one shopkeeper is obviously not impressed and starts yelling at the couples to cut it out. Too bad he wasn’t feeling the love, and it’s good he was the only one making such a fuss.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy, and spread a little love of your own this Valentine’s Day.

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Iowa For Freedom: ‘What if we wanted to marry our cameras?’

Posted to Iowa For Freedom‘s official YouTube channel:

Mark McCormick is right to laugh, because frankly — what else is one to do when gays are compared to Kodaks?

If only lives, careers, rights, and the independent judiciary were not attached to the silliness.


**MORE: “Gotcha”-ing attempt from this faceless IFF camera man:

Good As You

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WATCH: Adam Lambert makes out with Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears while Katy Perry watches

I’d be remiss not to post some Adam Lambert tidbit considering his concert is in just a few hours.

Here on Scissor Sisters News, cameras catch Lambert and SS frontman Jake Shears in a hot liplock as Katy Perry catches it all on film. Scandalous. However, we’d like to know more about this gingerbread cookie thing.

—  Rich Lopez