CBS News featured locals from the Bully Suicide Project and Campus Harmony

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Locals Beaux Wellborn of the Bully Suicide Project and Audrey Newsome of Campus Harmony both weighed in on Don Teague’s piece on the trend of bullying among youth. It aired last week on CBS News. One of the kids in Teague’s package committed suicide for being taunted and called “gay.” Tragic stuff.

The Bullying Suicide Project was started last December by Campus Harmony in conjunction with Youth First Texas.раскрутка сайтов магазинов

—  Rich Lopez

The Bully Suicide Project debuts PSA

I mentioned last month that Campus Harmony and Youth First Texas started the Bully Suicide Project, an effort to reduce bullying in schools (and even beyond), with a powerful photo campaign. They add to that today with the launch of their video PSA now on YouTube. But you can catch it below.

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—  Rich Lopez

Campus Harmony and YFT launch the Bully Suicide Project with photo shoot

Today launched the beginning of the Bully Suicide Project with the release of their photo shoot by local photographer, Tracy Nanthavongsa. Youth First Texas played a big part in the shoot as many of their members were the subject of these digital post cards. The man responsible behind it all is Beaux Wellborn. As a volunteer for YFT and a motivational speaker with Campus Harmony, he had enough of seeing kids coming in beat up or with bruises. Thus, he conceived the project.

“Kids jumped at the chance to tell their stories,” he said.

—  Rich Lopez