UPDATED: Anti-gay mailer targets GOP candidate for Dallas County Commissioners Court

Log Cabin Republicans alleges that Larry Miller, a candidate for the District 1 seat on the Dallas County Commissioners Court, sent out an anti-gay campaign mailer this week attacking his opponent in the Republican Primary, Cecile Fernandez.

Fernandez, a former Dickey’s Barbecue executive, appeared at a Log Cabin meeting earlier this year and subsequently told Dallas Voice she supports offering domestic partner benefits to county employees. The mailer obtained by Log Cabin, shown above, quotes the Voice’s article and declares, “Cecile Fernandez Supports Spending Your County Tax Dollars to Pay for ‘Partnership’ Benefits. … Does Cecile Fernandez reflect YOUR values?”

“I have the unhappy task of informing you that the political tactics used in the District 1 race for the Dallas County Commissioners Court have hit a new low,” Log Cabin President Thomas Purdy said in a statement. “This week, an anti-gay mailer from the Larry Miller campaign slimed its way into the mailboxes of Republican households across Dallas County.”

Miller, a former Hunt County district attorney, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. Last week, Fernandez alleged that Miller planned to send out a “cruel” mailer containing the details of a nasty divorce she went through years ago — a claim which Miller’s campaign denied.

Several Democrats are also vying for the District 1 seat, which is currently held by Republican Commissioner Maurine Dickey. Dickey is retiring and the district was redrawn to be majority Democratic.

UPDATE: Miller said in an email responding to our inquiry: “There is nothing ‘anti-gay’ about our mailer. I do not believe taxpayer money should be used for partnership benefits and my opponent is on the record in favor of taxpayer support of those benefits. I have attended many Republican meetings and met many voters who agree with my position.”

Below is the full statement about the mailer from Log Cabin:

—  John Wright

Scenes from Tuesday night’s kickoff for Dallas’ new chapter of Log Cabin Republicans

State Board of Education member George Clayton

While many local GOPers were undoubtedly taking in election returns from Florida on TV, about 40 people showed up at Texas Land & Cattle on Lemmon Avenue in Uptown on Tuesday night for a kickoff party for Dallas’ new chapter of Log Cabin Republicans. As we reminded you Tuesday, National Log Cabin Republicans abruptly de-chartered, then re-chartered the local LCR chapter amid controversy back in October.

(Now that Log Cabin has relaunched, it’ll be interesting to see how the chapter competes with former President Rob Schlein’s spinoff, Metroplex Republicans of Dallas. And it’s worth noting that for the time being, while some major cities have none, Dallas now has two gay GOP groups.)

Those in attendance for Tuesday’s LCR kickoff included openly gay (and recently outed) State Board of Education member George Clayton, State Rep. Kenneth Sheets and Dallas County Republican Party Chairman Wade Emmert.

“Don’t let anyone tell you the party doesn’t want you,” Emmert told the group. “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not welcome in the Republican Party.”

—  John Wright