The Top 10 hotspots for violent crime in Dallas (which no longer includes the Cedar Springs strip)

Last week we told you that violent crime was down 29 percent in the first six months of this year in the roughly 1-square-mile sector that includes the Cedar Springs gay entertainment district and much of Oak Lawn. At the time, we didn’t have a list of violent crime numbers for all 27 of the Dallas Police Department’s Targeted Area Action Grids (TAAGs), which are essentially the city’s worst crime hotspots. But DPD Administrative Sgt. Moises Ochoa followed up by forwarding those statistics on Friday, and they contain more good news: The Wycliff-Maple TAAG (shown above), previously known as the Cedar Springs-Wycliff TAAG, ranked 11th for violent crime among the TAAGs from Jan. 1 through July 11. DPD officials have cautioned against ranking the TAAGs, because they vary somewhat in geographic size and population density. But when we first started reporting on the TAAG statistics two years ago, the Cedar Springs-Wycliff was No. 3 on the list. Below are the top 10 worst hotspots for violent crime in the city of Dallas during the first six months of 2011, according to the statistics provided by DPD. To view the raw data, go here. And for a map showing all the TAAGs, go here.

TAAG: Number of violent offenses

1. Five Points: 100
2. Ross-Bennett: 94
3. WebbChapel-Timberline: 75
4. JuliusSchepps-Central: 73
5. Forest-Audelia: 72
6. Loop 12-Jim Miller: 66
7. Greenville-LBJ: 62
8. Lake June-Buckner: 59
9. JohnWest-Buckner: 57
10. Overton-Illinois: 54
11. Maple-Wycliff: 51

(Based on number of violent offenses recorded Jan. 1 through July 11, 2011. Violent offenses are murder, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault.)

—  John Wright

Cedar Springs/Wycliff area drops to No. 4 on DPD's list of city's 26 worst crime hotspots

The Cedar Springs Wycliff TAAG is shown in blue.
The Cedar Springs Wycliff TAAG is shown in blue. (DPD Crime Analysis Unit)

Despite the recent rash of robberies in Oak Lawn that I reported in today’s Voice, the area surrounding the gay entertainment district has actually gotten slightly safer in recent weeks — at least when compared to other dangerous areas of the city for violent crime. While working on my story about the robberies, I requested the most recent statistics from the city’s Target Action Area Grids (TAAGs), which are essentially the city’s 26 worst hotspots for violent crime. A few months ago I reported that the Cedar Springs Wycliff TAAG, which is a roughly 1-square mile area surrounding the gay strip, had seen the third-most violent crimes of any of the 26 hotspots through August, behind only Northwest Highway/Harry Hines and Five Points. As it turns out, most of the recent robberies have occurred outside the Cedar Springs Wycliff TAAG, in the area of Turtle Creek and Uptown that’s to the Southeast. And as a result, the Cedar Springs Wycliff TAAG has now fallen to No. 4 on the list, after being jumped by Forest/Audelia. However, I  wouldn’t say this exactly calls for disbanding the Crime Watch group and walking home alone drunk late at night while not paying attention to your surroundings. The Cedar Springs Wycliff TAAG remains one of only two TAAGs citywide that have seen an increase in violent crime this year over last. There had been 147 violent offenses in the Cedar Springs Wycliff TAAG through Oct. 11, up from 134 in the same period last year, an increase of 13 percent. Here now are the five TAAGS with the most violent crimes so far this year, as well as a breakdown of crimes in the Cedar Spring Wycliff TAAG:

TAAG NAME: Number of violent offenses in 2009
Harry Hines/Northwest Highway: 206
Five Points: 173
Forest/Audelia: 160
Cedar Springs/Wycliff: 147
Ross/Bennett: 142

Violent offenses in the Cedar Springs Wycliff TAAG in 2009
Murders: 1
Rapes: 2
Robbery-business: 11
Robbery-individual: 107
Aggravated assault: 26продвижение сайта и интернет реклама

—  John Wright