Waiting ….

Jesse and Chance

8:46 p.m., CST. This is what it looked like about 25 minutes ago outside the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. A see of supporter for marriage equality, waiting on the court to rule. And yes, that’s former Dallasites Jesse Garcia and Chance Browning front and center.

—  Tammye Nash

Wendy Davis signs Chance Browning’s ‘Gays for Vajays’ sign

photo 1-1

Not surprisingly, our Chance Browning was busy standing with Texas women and Wendy Davis all over the Metroplex on Wednesday, and even less surprisingly, Browning and pal Andrew Phifer fenagled a photo opp with their latest political crush. They even convinced her to autograph Chance’s “Gays for Vajays” sign, below. Is there no end to the pricelessness?

photo 3


—  John Wright

Rainbow-colored ‘B-G’ letters arrive at the ilume on Cedar Springs


Just in time for the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality rulings, the rainbow-colored “B-G” letters have arrived, as promised, at the ilume on Cedar Springs. Above is Dallas Voice’s Chance Browning striking a pose this afternoon, fittingly, in his “Marriage is so gay” tee. A few more pics after the jump.

—  John Wright

Costume of the year: Obamacare Bear & Romneycare Bear, Identical ‘Man-Dates’

In case you missed it, over on the main page, we’ve posted a very spooky slideshow by Chuck Marcelo from Saturday’s Halloween Street Party on Cedar Springs. But even after scrolling through all 156 photos, I still think the best costume I’ve seen so far this year belongs to Dallas Voice staffer Chance Browning, right, and his friend Andrew Phifer. And, almost as good as the costume itself, is this blurb they sent about how it came to be and how it went over:

Our criteria in putting together a costume for each year’s block party, always has the same criteria. The costume must be topical, current, relevant, clever and preferably make a strong political statement. In past years, we have run the gamut, from Pissed Off FLDS Prairie Ladies to Beaten and Bruised Target Employees to The Healthcare Bill on Capitol Hill and even Aqua Buddha. This year in brainstorming, we kept coming back to the election cycle, and finally The Healthcare Bears were born. I will say that we received an overwhelming response and praise through social networks, and some slight confusion from some of the intoxicated partygoers at the Street Party. The ones who got it really GOT it and loved! On the other hand, me being Romneycare Bear, I got some unknowing drunk people stumbling up to me and voicing their support of Romney, thinking I was some sort of Romney surrogate, which allowed for the perfect platform to discuss Romney’s support, or lack thereof for the LGBT Community.

All that being said the tag line that we came up with to best capture our concept this year is: The Healthcare Bears: Obamacare Bear & Romneycare Bear, Identical ‘Man-Dates’

Andrew Phifer and Chance Browning
@andrewphifer  @chancebrowning

—  John Wright

DV’s WaterPalooza team prepares to open a can

DV Elzabeth Trail'rs team organizer Chance Browning says "May the limpest wrist win!"

We’ve done the WaterPalooza thing before and sure, we had our asses handed to us by the softball team we played but we’re not deterred. Despite zero practice sessions or courses of attack, our LifeWalk team, the Dallas Voice Elizabeth Trail’rs is determined to advance in this Saturday’s event — even if it is at least one round. Team organizer Chance Browning, pictured, offers these fighting words to the other teams.

“The Elizabeth Trail’rs promise to make a moist impression!” he said.

Ummm, OK, so he needs to work on his competitive edge, but as a a veteran from our previous showing at WP, alongside myself, Browning offered the Trail’rs some coaching tips.

“Not unlike when you’re on a first date, you must be agile, spot your target, maintain eye contact and follow through,” he advised.

Oh man, we’re gonna win so hard.

—  Rich Lopez

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi speaks Wednesday in Dallas at reception hosted by Harryette Ehrhardt

It wasn’t open to the media, but DV sales rep Chance Browning, who is perhaps Nancy Pelosi’s No. 1 fan, paid his way into the Dallas County Democratic Party’s Wine and Cheese Reception with the former House speaker on Wednesday afternoon in Dallas. The reception was hosted by pioneering LGBT ally and former Texas State Rep. Harryette Ehrhardt, D-Dallas, shown above introducing Pelosi. Chance says more than 200 people attended, and he recounted a charming story about how Ehrhardt and Pelosi first met many moons ago: They were the only two elected officials attending a National Stonewall Democrats convention. Pelosi’s flight home was canceled, and Ehrhardt ended up giving her a lift. They became friends during the two-hour ride.

Below are a few more of Chance’s pics, as well as his video of Pelosi’s speech, in which she talks about Texas turning blue and even mentions the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell.”

—  John Wright

Getting ‘Classy’ online with Dallas Voice

Greg Hoover, right, and Chance Browning (David Taffet/Dallas Voice)

LGBT newspaper introduces a new online classifieds section that includes pictures and video and integrates with social media

DAVID TAFFET  |  Staff Writer

“No one else is doing what we’re doing,” says Dallas Voice Classified Sales Director Greg Hoover, who has checked dozens of other newspaper websites to make sure he’s got it right when he talks about the Voice’s new online classified ads service.

“We’re launching a new product known as Classy, a gay online marketplace,” Hoover notes, calling Classy a “new, updated version of what classified ads should be.”

As Classified Account Manager Chance Browning points out, the new online classified service “combines multiple media formats,” allowing the advertiser to incorporate a link to an outside website, pictures, Youtube video and even video uploaded from a phone.

Advertisers can also add bold, color headlines and share their ads on social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

It’s all integrated into the system.

“And there’s plenty of room to describe your business,” Hoover adds, stressing how easy the process is: Register, build your online ad, review and edit it and you’re done.

“Normally, the price per ad will be $10 per week, including video and pictures,” Hoover says. “But to introduce the product, for a limited time, we’re offering Classy free for a four-week run.”

Browning says, “It’s the perfect time to try an ad under multiple headers to see what works best.”

To prevent spam and scams, all Classy ads will be reviewed first by the Classifieds Department staff. But the ads will be “live” and available online by the next business day. Hoover says he has a notebook full of scams that thieves have attempted over the years he has been with Dallas Voice so that he has an edge on making sure no scam ads go live on the website.

Those who advertise in the classified section of Dallas Voice’s print edition will automatically get a text ad on line. The newspaper’s organizational directory has also been incorporated into Classy with basic listings.

Print advertisers and organizations can upgrade their ads themselves to run pictures and videos with their online listings for free for four weeks during the introductory period.

Hoover explains that what distinguishes this product from others is that everything is included for one low price. Pictures and video carry extra charges on most other sites.

On some sites, categories such as “help wanted” refers to outside sites such as HotJobs.com or JobsResource.com. That won’t happen with Classy.

Hoover says most advertisers are coming to Dallas Voice Classifieds — and will choose to use Classy — because they are looking for someone who understands their needs.

“You want someone who understands the LGBT community,” he says. “Whether the person they’re looking for — a doctor, an attorney, a plumber, a carpenter — is gay or not, you know they have a comfort level with the gay community because they are advertising in the gay newspaper specifically to reach gay potential customers.”

Hoover says that advertisers tell him repeatedly that they get a bigger response from their Dallas Voice ads than from other publications, including larger, daily newspapers. He says he hears from employers that they get more qualified applicants from Dallas Voice.

And that, Hoover says, that’s why Classy has adopted the slogan: “Keeping family in business and business in the family.”

To place your own classified ad, visit DallasVoice.com/Classy.

—  John Wright

WATCH: La Roux at House of Blues last night

Our own Chance Browning headed out to see La Roux at HOB last night and snapped these pics and video of the show. Local band Binary Sunrise appropriately enough opened the show. Check Browning’s quick take on the show after the jump along with his slideshow. But first, watch her perform “Quicksand” below — just pardon the bass.

—  Rich Lopez

FB campaign to bring Laura Bush to gay Pride makes headlines, grows to 600-plus members


Since my initial post the other day, the Facebook campaign to bring former first lady Laura Bush to Dallas’ gay Pride celebration in September has quite simply exploded. The FB group now has more than 600 members, and the effort has been featured by several media outlets including but not limited to The Advocate, SheWired.com and The Dallas Morning News. The Voice’s own Chance Browning has uploaded the above photo to the FB page, with the caption “A little preview of what Laura might look like.” (Chance appears to be devoting his vacation to the effort this week.) I left a message yesterday for Laura’s publicist to find out whether there’s any chance she’ll come, but I haven’t heard back. I’ve also sent her a message on Twitter, so keep your fingers crossed.сколько стоит разработка и поддержка сайтагугл эдвардс

—  John Wright