Not everyone wishes Jason Collins well, including Dallas radio host Chris Krok


When Jason Collins come out Monday as the first openly gay man on an American professional team sport, his well-wishers included everyone from Mark Cuban to Kobe Bryant to Steve Nash.

But not everyone was so encouraging.

As could have been predicted, FoxNews and its affiliates are among the least supportive — and downright hateful. Media Matters reported that on Monday, when the Collins story was breaking news, FoxNews devoted less than 10 minutes to the story, while MSNBC spent nearly half an hour on it and CNN more than 40 minutes.

But it doesn’t end there.

FoxNews reporter Todd Starnes tweeted sarcastic, inane and condescending blasts at Collins. Among them: “Remember when professional athletes were judged on their athletic prowess — and not who they bedded?” (ummm … since when have basketball players’ private lives been out-of-bounds, especially when they date famous models, singers and actresses?); “The NBA is turning into GLEE” (ummm … if you wanna judge athletes by abilities only, why be so rude about one openly gay player?); and “Have any professional athletes announced they are heterosexual today?” (ummm … yes, Todd, on a daily basis — every time they talk about their wives and girlfriends).

Locally, it’s just as bad.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Why I like Christmastime (other than thinking elves are hot)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was on TV last night. It’s a tradition even older than I am to watch this mid-1960s bit of Americana, and it reminded me how much of Christmas is really gay — and also how some of the older shows are quite closed-minded and politically incorrect now. Consider this:

• The story of Rudolph is the story of someone who, because of his flamboyance (literally — he’s a flamer) is immediately ostracized by his family and community, and bullied by not only his peers but adults. Worse among these bigots: Santa Claus, who is portrayed as judgmental and in today’s world would probably have advocated “don’t ask, don’t tell” and would condemn its repeal.

• The Isle of Misfit Toys is a collection of gay-ish creatures, from Charlie in the box, who lisps more than Chris Krok on a rant, to the polka-dotted elephant to Dollie, who seems to have nothing on the surface wrong with her (implying she may be damaged in a deeper way, i.e., she’s lesbian. Read the signs, people!).

• Hermie and Yukon Cornelius are clearly gay lovers. The Abominable Snow Monster strikes me as a sloppy bottom, especially once his teeth are pulled (that’s when he takes up a career as a decorator).

• Santa’s transformation (and that of the others) only occurs once Rudolph proves he has some value — a skill no one else has. This strikes me as having cognates in the stop-loss policy that kept useful gays in the military only until suitable straight replacements could be found.

And this isn’t the only one — don’t even get me started about Snow Miser, Heat Miser and Prof. Hinkle.

Ultimately, I think shows like Rudolph are empoweringly pro-gay, despite employing stereotypes to achieve a message of inclusion. But I worry that the messages may be lost to some. Just remember: You heard it here first.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

More of Chris Krok’s bigotry, including evidence that his boss lied to Instant Tea earlier today

Earlier we reported that Jeff Catlin, operations manager at Cumulus Radio Dallas, told Instant Tea that he disciplined KLIF host Chris Krok for his anti-gay rant against Joel Burns. As proof of this, Catlin cited the fact that Krok hadn’t talked about Burns again since the original rant in October. But Talk About Equality is calling bullshit, and they’ve got proof. The below clips indicate that Krok talked about Burns on at least two occasions since then. Seriously, this guy is quickly becoming the No. 2 bigot in Dallas, close behind Senior Pastor Robert Jeffress at First Baptist Church of Dallas. Listen to these two clips, then call Catlin at 214-526-2400 or e-mail him at

—  John Wright

AUDIO: Radio host Chris Krok’s non-apology for his anti-gay rant against Joel Burns


Jeff Catlin, operations manager of Cumulus Radio Dallas, just sent over the above clip of KLIF host Chris Krok’s so-called on-air apology from Tuesday, for a homophobic rant last month in which Krok ridiculed Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns’ “It Gets Better” speech.

In the so-called apology, Krok acknowledges that he “crossed the line” by attacking Burns personally and using a lisp. He also says he never intended to advocate bullying or hurt anyone, and that he believes God loves gay people as much as anyone else. However, Krok goes on to say that he stands by his original point.

“I am in no way backing down from my opinion that Joel Burns had absolutely no business bringing this bullying stuff up in front of that City Council,” Krok says. “It was not the proper forum. Bullying is not an issue for City Council to address, let alone gay bullying. Straight bullying and gay bullying have no business in front of the City Council. It’s a waste and it’s useless. I was bullied when I was kid … just as much if not worse than Joel Burns was. For two years I was terrorized by two different guys. And Joel being bullied, his story, is no better than my story. His story is not worth any more attention than my story is, so it shouldn’t be treated differently or specially. And I’ll make it clear again, I do not condone homosexual behavior. For those who don’t know what condone means, I don’t approve of homosexual behavior, and I am not apologizing for my opinion. Now, I want to share with you some e-mails that I got because, as I said, we got many e-mails over the past several days, and I want you to notice the irony, because the same people who accused me of bullying are bullying me …”

The clip sent by Catlin ends at this point.

The so-called apology came after Instant Tea posted a clip of Krok’s eight-minute rant from October last week. Catlin said he received 500-600 e-mails in the wake of the post, which was picked up by gay blogs across the country.

Catlin said he met with Krok to discuss the matter on Tuesday morning, and Krok expressed an interest in apologizing.

Catlin claims he had already disciplined Krok immediately after the rant but he would not say what the punishment was.

“He was disciplined and as proof of such this topic was not discussed on the air again,” Catlin said. “The proof is in the pudding, and if you listen every day from Oct. 20 up until Nov. 16, it’s pretty clear that we did have a discussion about it.”

Chris Krok

—  John Wright

GLAAD: Chris Krok disciplined; station to apologize for anti-gay rant against Joel Burns

Chris Krok

The other day we brought attention to a homophic rant by Dallas radio host Chris Krok of KLIF 570 AM, who ridiculed Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns’ recent “It Gets Better” speech. According to a report from GLAAD on Monday, Krok has been disciplined for the rant, and the station is working toward an on-air apology:

On behalf of Joel and the many others whose life stories intersect with his, GLAAD made a phone call this afternoon to Jeff Catlin, the operations manager for Cumulus Media Dallas, KLIF’s parent company.  The conversation was a productive one; Catlin both understands and shares our concern.  As the person who oversees KLIF, Catlin acknowledged that he has the “responsibility to be responsible” for what airs on the station.

Without going into detail, Catlin said that he spoke with Krok and that he was disciplined shortly after the segment aired.  He also pointed out that Krok has not spoken about this since then.

After speaking with GLAAD, Catlin also realizes the need to issue some sort of on-air apology.  He wants Krok (who’s out of the office until tomorrow) to be “part of the solution.”  To that end GLAAD, Catlin and Krok will meet on Wednesday morning to discuss what such a solution will look like.  We’ll be certain to let you know in advance so you can be sure to tune-in.

—  John Wright

KLIF loves homophobic bigots

I don’t know how this audio escaped me until now. KLIF drive-time jock Chris Krok ranted about Joel Burns recruiting kids to the “gay lifestyle” complete with prissy lisp. Apparently, while the rest of the nation was praising the honest open-heartedness of Burns’ confession, Krok felt that since “not one gay kid in Fort Worth” had committed suicide, Burns should not have wasted council time talking about “me, me, me.”

Clearly, Krok hates gay people, hate gay kids especially and doesn’t care how many die or are bullied. KLIF thinks this is appropriate entertainment for its listeners and advertisers. I don’t.

Listen to as much as you can; I found it hard to get past about 40 seconds but made it beyond 5 minutes eventually.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

LGBT Mega Marchers to meet at Meyerson

2006 march
2006 Dallas immigration march

The Mega March is Saturday, May 1 in downtown Dallas.

The march supports immigration reform and had been planned long before Arizona passed its recent law, which is seen by most Hispanics as singling them out.

Jesse Garcia, president of Dallas’ LGBT chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens, said those who’d like to march with the group should meet at the Meyerson Symphony Center at 12:30 p.m. The march begins at 1 p.m. and proceeds from the Guadalupe Cathedral on Ross Avenue to City Hall.

The march route will follow Pearl Street to Cesar Chavez Boulevard and then turn right on Young Street to City Hall. The march is expected to draw 100,000.

Right-wing KLIF talk show host Chris Krok is staging a counterprotest. That protest will meet at Akard and Young Streets and also starts at 1 p.m.

“We love you as a human being … but,” Krok said.

Where have we heard that before?

This week, five senators introduced comprehensive federal immigration reform legislation. The Uniting American Families Act is included. UAFA would allow same-sex partners of American citizens to remain in the country and gain citizenship just as heterosexual partners can.

To avoid massive traffic jams that are expected, take any DART rail line to the Pearl Street station.angry racerуслуги ведению по контекстной рекламе

—  David Taffet