Perhaps some of these Pride parade entrants will consider these tunes

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin

Kudos to Pride parade floats for making the event fab. But how likely will we hear the obvious trash disco or Lady Gaga blaring from speakers as they trickle down the road to Lee Park? Way likely. In this mixtape edition, I created my fantasy parade soundtrack for some of the floats and entrants this year. Otherwise, be prepared for “We Are Family” heading your way.

“I’m a Rainbow” – Donna Summer: OK, it’s a ballad and maybe obvious, but it sounds like just what Resource Center Dallas is all about. Plus, a drag queen could kill this on a float.

“Stand By Your Man” – Lyle Lovett: His cover isn’t cheeky by any means, but would speak volumes for the Round-Up Saloon’s walk down. Although I was torn between this and Toby Keith’s “Shoulda Been a Cowboy.”

“Sex (I’m a …)” – Berlin: Personally, I love the brazenness of Adult New Releases’ ads. I only imagine they’d be the same way in public.

“Not Myself Tonight” – Christina Aguilera: As the men transform into the divas of the Rose Room, I can see this running through their heads. Why not “sing” it out loud?

“Young Americans” – David Bowie: Youth First Texas keeps growing into an important part of the LGBT community. And you know, the children are our future.

“La Bomba” – Ricky Martin, pictured: Maybe it’s cliche to go with Latin music for our gay Latin clubs, but this song is a party all by itself. Crowds will rumba as this floats down.

“Another Piece of Meat” – Scorpions: Heavy metal has its place in the parade if this accompanies a visit to Club Dallas. What? They have weekly cookouts. Get your mind out of the gutter.

“Id Engager” – Of Montreal: Legacy Counseling Center could throw a little Freud our way and be totally hip about it.

“Teeth” — Lady Gaga. After her impromptu concert at the Round-Up Saloon, she had to be here — if only for Floss.

— Rich Lopez

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 17, 2010.

—  Kevin Thomas

Cher returns to film — and we’re getting a ‘Showgirls’ vibe

Recently, I wrote about a local man who collects Cher — like a maniac. People are just obsessed with her, which accounts for why, although she hasn’t had a major role in a feature film for a decade, expectations for her next movie are always high.

Well, we finally got a glimpse of it, the Vegas-set Christina Aguilera vehicle Burlesque, and it looks… well… just see for yourself.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

‘Bionic’ woman

Christina Aguilera trades glam for Goth with her return to pop

RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer

Christina Aguilera steps back into the pop arena four years after her Back to Basics album Bionic.3.5 out of 5 stars
Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera steps back into the pop arena four years after her Back to Basics album, trading the vintage pinup glam for a sexually charged dominatrix that extends to her music in Bionic.

The title song is a strong erratic opener declaring she’s back in the game and don’t rule her out of the pop princess arena. I’m bionic / Hit you like a rocket is thrust into our eardrums. Instead of beginning

with a vocally amazing tune, she refrains into more staccato singing. She follows up with the assertive “I’m Not the Same Girl,” also the album’s first single. Aguilera has definite intention here: She won’t let you forget her.

Christina Aguilera

SEXY MAMA | Aguilera shows moms can be super hot.

Bionic feels at times desperate, but only slightly. Attempting to take on Katy Perry and Lady Gaga at their levels, Aguilera overdoes her declaration with “Prima Donna,” which continues the postmodern pop tone of the first track to the point of monotony. Otherwise, she succeeds in bringing a sexy industrial sense to pop music and stays away from her usual vocal runs.

When the ballads and slow grooves kick in, it’s still special to hear the familiar beauty of her voice. Christina ventures into eroticism with “Sex for Breakfast” and mommy-time with the endearing “All I Need” (among the album’s more honest moments).

Aguilera is professional enough though to keep her own sound and collaborations with the likes of M.I.A., Le Tigre and Peaches keep her music smart and evolving. She moves into womanhood here and Bionic gives her some new game with this sound. She doesn’t need to worry about the competition.



Gay artists to take Pride in

I’m never sure why gay Pride doesn’t extend much to gay music. We love our divas and hags, but with the pool of amazing gay talent out there, why aren’t some of our own bigger stars? Instead of giving all the music love to the Gagas, Mariahs and Gaynors, try these LGBT artists looking for a piece of the Pride pie. Don’t worry — you’ll recognize a few.

“Run” – Vampire Weekend: Out member Rostam Batmanglij produces, writes and plays well with the boys in this band that’s kept its buzz going into 2010 with their second album, Contra.

“Not a Love Song” – Uh Huh Her: Camila Grey and The L Word’s Leisha Hailey surprise with this addictive electropop opener to their 2008 album Common Reaction.

“Function” – Jason Antone: Dance music and gay boys go hand-in-hand, but Antone transcends cliché with this track from last year’s Start to Move.

“This Modern Love” – Bloc Party: When frontman Kele Okereke came out, he defined a whole new image of the gay black musician.

“Diva” – Dana International, pictured: The trans Israeli artist hit it big when this song won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 — which is a whole lot bigger than American Idol.

“Mr. Mistress” – Ari Gold: R&B and pop mix nicely with audacious lyrics in Gold’s 2007 release. Gold has been defined as the first U.S. pop star to be out since the beginning. Cool.

“My Denial in Argyle” – Woodpigeon: Fuzzy Mark Andrew Hamilton brings the bear side to indie rock. He heads the Canadian band which is more obscure than it deserves to be.

“Son of a Preacher Man” – Dusty Springfield: We sometimes forget this class act was one of our own.

“One Vision” – Queen: Bisexual frontman Freddie Mercury will always be one of rock’s greatest vocalists.

— Rich Lopez

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 18, 2010.

—  Dallasvoice

Concert notice: Aguilera tour isn't coming to Dallas — or anywhere else — this summer

If you were expecting to catch Christina Aguilera’s Bionic tour this August at Superpages, forget that. We heard the entire tour has been pushed to 2011. She wrote the following note on her website yesterday.

Dear fans,

I made the decision to move my summer tour and I am truly sorry to those of you who had purchased tickets and have been disappointed by the news. Immediately after wrapping production on Burlesque, I went directly back into the studio and then quickly started the promotional process for Bionic. With both the album press and film press I am booked the entire summer and need time to focus on the work at hand. After reviewing the schedule with my team, I realized there was not enough time to put together and rehearse for a proper show, one that is at the caliber you expect from me or at the level I would present to my fans. In addition, my album has not even been released as yet and I would like for you all to become familiar with the music before you hear it live on tour. Again, I am sorry to have to move the dates but I promise to come see you when the time is right!

I look forward to seeing you all on the road soon enough to get BIONIC…

With love,


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—  Rich Lopez

Concert notice: Christina Aguilera and Leona Lewis to play Superpages in August

The concert buzz just said that “Dirrty” girl Christina Aguilera will head this way as she starts touring for her newest release, “Bionic,” set to drop June 8. Aguilera hits the road with Leona Lewis and is set to play the Center Aug. 10.

I wonder how those two get along.

Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m.

She seems to be giving up the pin-up girl glam of her last album and gets back to hot and sexy (by way of a little bit of Gaga and a whole lotta Madonna) in her newest video for “Not Myself Tonight.” Check it out.

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—  Rich Lopez