Christmas Shopping At Wal-Mart Means Browsing ‘Faggoty Vampire Books’ With Your Daughter

Shawn, the mostly anonymous father behind the website (which has a whole section devoted to "expos[ing] the LIES of the Filthy Homosexual Agenda), went Christmas shopping with his daughter at Wal-Mart. They visited the books section. And while we already knew the store stocked anti-gay parenting guides, little did we know it also has a whole shelf devoted to gay vampires. Somebody call the quality assurance department.

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Now Let’s Watch The Leffew Family Open All Their Christmas Presents

Now that Bryan, Jay, Danielle, and Selena are done opening all the presents you sent, it's time to see what Santa brought them! The adorably prone-to-sharing California family uploaded a quarter hour of gift porn, which includes bicycles, markers, watches, light sabers, (learning) computers — and some doo-dads for the parental units as well. What did you unwrap over the weekend?

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Monday morning open thread: What was the biggest gay news story of 2010?

Morning all, hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas.

We’re in the office putting together the final DV of the year, which will feature our Top 10 stories of 2010.

Posts may be a little sporadic as we work shorthanded in a short week to get the print edition out, but we thought we’d kick things off by asking: What do you think was the biggest gay news story of the year?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

—  John Wright

Christmas Eve Open Thread – Merry Christmas from Louise and Keori!!

Merry Christmas, Blenders! I have finally come home to my hanai family, and am spending this weekend with Louise and Snooky Ookums. I do hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. 

Sometimes holidays are simply another source of stress regarding families, as we talked about last year. The Trevor Project wishes to remind everyone that they are there 24/7. Their hotline number is 866-488-7386. Another resource for anyone needing an immediate open ear is the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, also there 24/7. Their number is 800-273-8255.

Last year we were emotional on Christmas Eve. This year, considering the roller coaster we've been on with DADT repeal, let's keep it light-hearted. Please join me in a humorous LGBT-themed holiday video fest and open thread.

It's Christmas Eve in the Coffeehouse! Pass the eggnog!




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Christmas Eve video break and open thread: health update, DADT…and doggies

We wish you all a good (and safe) holiday weekend. What’s on the menu?


It’s a chilly Christmas eve in Durham, NC, but it was warm enough this afternoon to video an update on my recovery from surgery and talk about travel and thoughts about the good news re: DADT repeal.

We spent some time outside with the dogs and recorded a holiday video for relatives that got a little wild…

See the short video with cameos by Casey and Chloe below the fold.
A holiday greeting for our peeps that got a little out of control because of the doggies. 🙂

Pam’s House Blend – Front Page

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Video: NOM H8s viral vid so much, they’ll use it to raise Christmas cash

From the first moment I saw the video in question, I envisioned this kind of response campaign taking shape:

So essentially NOM is accusing the people behind the “FCKH8” campaign of exploiting kids — while themselves exploiting the concept of kids and parenting to raise funds. Typical. And disgusting.

But not gonna lie: Putting kids in this “FCKH8” initiative always struck me as an unsavvy move. When objectively weighing what the kids do for the video versus what they do for the forces who’ve turned every single anti-equality fight into a child war, who can honestly say that we come out the beneficiary?

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Because “Merry Christmas” is for gay-loving liberal hippies

The top, breaking, must-get-out message the editors of the Christian conservative "news" site WorldNetDaily chose to send readers on this Christmas morn':


Such priorities.

But whatever, we'll go with it.  "Merry troop indoctrination day," one and all!  Teacher says every time a bell rings repeal is signed, a gay angel gets re-enlisted.

Good As You

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Christmas bonus time

If the spirit moves you, we’d welcome your donation for Christmas bonuses for all of us who write on the blog, and for the moderators (you can use the link below – donations are not tax deductible). As I’ve been doing every Christmas, I divvy up the holiday donations to all those who help us on the blog. Thanks so much, from me, Joe, Chris and the rest of the gang at AMERICAblog and AMERICAblog Gay. Hope you have a nice holidays.


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Watch: NYC Gay Couple Receives Hundreds of Letters to Santa, Opts to Perform Christmas Miracles


Miracle on 22nd Street. This is a beautiful story. Just watch it.


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WATCH: Biden says Obama is preparing the ground for the inevitable: Gay marriage

While President Barack Obama says his views on same-sex marriage are “evolving,” Vice President Joe Biden is a little more to the point. In an interview on Good Morning America on Christmas Eve, Biden said he believes same-sex marriage is “inevitable.” He also drew a comparison between marriage equality and the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Here’s Biden’s full response, which you can watch in the above video at about the 5:45 mark:

“I think the country’s evolving, and I think there’s an inevitability for a national consensus on gay marriage. That is my view. But this is the president’s policy. But it is evolving. I think the country’s evolving. I remember the first time he met with the joint chiefs, I was with him. He said, ‘Gentleman, I want you to prepare you now.’ I want to end ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ So he prepared the ground so that it was so widely accepted as it is today by the military, and I think the same thing is happening across the country with regard to the issue of marriage.”

—  John Wright