Christopher Soden presents new works at the MAC

Poetic license

Local poet and author Christopher Stephen Soden reads from his newest collection Closer that is touted as “an existential look at same-gender sexuality and queer virility.” Sounds like some good stuff. A Q&A will follow.

DEETS: McKinney Avenue Contemporary, 3120 McKinney Ave. 7 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

Cenk Uygur Asks GOProud’s Christopher Barron Why He’s a Republican: ‘They Don’t Even Like Who You Are’


MSNBC's Cenk Uygur talks to GOProud's Christopher Barron about the conservative exodus from CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) over GOProud's participation. 

Asks Uygur: "How can you with good conscience vote for a party that does not like you? They don't like who you are. They don't like your identity."

Claims Barron: "The conservative movement is absolutely welcoming to gay people….I have an easier time being openly gay with conservatives than I do being a conservative with gay people."


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HomoConQuotable – Christopher Barron

“Despite our name, GOProud is not a partisan organization; we do not hold ourselves out as an auxiliary of the Republican Party. We are not an organization seeking to ‘change’ the Republican Party into the party of Dede Scozzafava or Chris Shays. We are conservatives, committed to the conservative movement. We believe strongly that what matters are principles not partisanship.

“Our agenda is unlike the agenda of any other gay organization. Instead of fighting to expand the federal government through hate crimes laws or federal employment non-discrimination legislation, legislation that only impacts a sliver of gay people, we instead focus on issues like taxes, healthcare, retirement security, and the economy — we offer gay Americans pragmatic, common-sense conservative approaches to these issues that will improve their lives, as well as the lives of all Americans.

“We believe strongly that the federal government doesn’t have all the answers to the challenges facing gay and lesbian families. Indeed, we believe that often the federal government is the problem — not the solution.” – GOProud head Christopher Barron, restating his group’s opposition to LGBT rights in an essay for the right-wing Daily Caller.

UPDATE: Barron responds to this post via Twitter.

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright

World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah Will Face Off Against GOProud’s Christopher Barron To Talk Crazy Conservatives

Because World Net Daily's and GOProud are getting along so well these days, the two have decided to mutually exploit all the great press they've received over Ann Coulter with an opportunity they'll both benefit from: WND's Joseph Farah will "debate" GOProud's chairman Christopher Barron at the conspiracy theorist website's "Taking America Back" conference on Sept. 17 in Miami. The topic of their bickering? "Is GOProud Conservative?"

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—  John Wright

Activists Fight NYPD Closing of Christopher Street Gay Bar


Activists and civil rights lawyers are going to court on Thursday to fight the closing of Christopher Street bar Chi Chiz, which bills itself as "the only Black gay bar in New York City".

Page Six reports

"The police claim in Manhattan Supreme Court that on four instances in a six-month period, undercover officers witnessed the sale of marijuana, cocaine and other controlled substances in the bar, which opened 12 years ago. But Chi Chiz supporters say the crackdown's motivated by racism and homophobia in a community that's increasingly white, wealthy and worried about property values. 'These are the same people who forced the city to tear down the Women's House of Detention on Sixth Avenue and Christopher Street,' activist Allen Roskoff told Page Six.
'Manhattan so-called liberals are only so when it affects others. Otherwise, they cry 'quality of life' and 'not in my neighborhood.''"

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—  John Wright