OKC hate crime victim meets with FBI

Jon Ferguson’s car

The victim of an apparent hate crime in Oklahoma City last weekend met with the FBI for several hours on Wednesday.

“I can’t say enough good things about the FBI,” Cimarron Alliance Executive Director Scott Hamilton said. “The investigation is moving forward.”

He called the FBI thorough and intentional.

On Saturday, July 21, Jon Ferguson was awakened by his car alarm. When he got to the alley behind his house, he found two men vandalizing his car. They saw him, threw an incendiary device into the car and fled.

Ferguson was hit by either flames from the device or something burning from his car. He suffered burns on about 35 percent of his body but has been released from the hospital.

Fire department arson investigators have been looking into the attack, not the police department.

Hamilton said that one told him it was standard procedure and another told him police may get involved later on.

Although police have not ruled hate out as a motive, Hamilton decided to bring in the Justice Department when police declined to investigate.

The FBI took Ferguson’s clothes he was wearing on Saturday for lab tests.

Unlike the community in Portland, Texas, that rallied around the families of recent hate crime victims, Hamilton said, “The vitriol surrounding this is astounding.”

“Call Cimarron Alliance if you’ve been the victim of a hate crime,” Hamilton said.

—  David Taffet

Gay OKC man’s car fire-bombed in apparent hate crime

Jon Ferguson’s car

Members of the Cimarron Alliance, an Oklahoma City LGBT rights organization, plan to meet with the FBI on Wednesday afternoon about a possible hate crime that happened in the city on Saturday.

Jon Ferguson said he was awakened by his car alarm on Saturday morning at his Northwest Oklahoma City house. When he got up he found two men in the alley vandalizing his car. “Fag” was scrawled across the hood of the car.

As he approached the men, Ferguson reported that one of them threw an incendiary device into his Camaro, which burst into flames.

Hamilton said Ferguson isn’t sure whether the flames burned him or if it was debris flying from the car. He called 911 and jumped in the shower, which may have kept his injuries from becoming more severe, but he has burns on about 35 percent of his body.

“He will have some scarring,” Hamilton said.

Police are not calling it a hate crime at this time.

“This is still being handled as arson,” Hamilton said. “It made sense to get the FBI involved early.”

OKC’s News 9 reported on the incident.

—  David Taffet