When you’re a Jett

Queer rocker Joan and radio gadfly Jack weren’t separated at birth, but they still have a lot in common

We thought it weirdly coincidental that local radio guy Jack E. Jett and rocker Joan Jett had so much in common: Just look at the spelling of their odd, shared last name. They don’t look like twins, but might they have been siblings?

No, don’t be dumb. But we did come up with a few striking comparisons.

This has been a big year for Joan. She was back in the spotlight after the indie film The Runaways depicted the history of her first band (and hinted at lesbian overtones). Timed with its release in spring, she dropped an impressive greatest hits album including Runaways material, solo work and of course, with the Blackhearts.

Joan may always be known best for “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” from 1982. That’s OK, because we can still jam to that song as well as “Bad Reputation,” “Do You Wanna Touch Me” and “A.C.D.C”

Jack Jett never fails to rock us in his own way. He’s made a comeback as well with two radio shows … not bad for someone who got jacked (no pun intended) around earlier this year by Clear Channel: Just when he was set to start his CNN radio show, the plug was pulled.

Resilient as ever, Jack has come back pulling double duty on Internet radio. He hosts ilume-A-Nation on Tuesdays with what he calls “campy music for boomers and hipsters.” And he’s brought back The Jack E. Jett Show Thursdays, co-hosting with Sly’s mom, Jackie Stallone.

With such shared longevity, we knew there was something to these two. So we delved.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition July 02, 2010.

—  Kevin Thomas

Well, that didn't last long

Jack E. Jett’s CNN Radio show is no more. And he’s crying foul – and homophobia.

Here’s what Jack told me:

Some guy name J.D. who is in charge of Clear Channel read a quote of mine on the Dallas Observer blog [where he said something like] ‘I’m not one of those hosts who have one hand on the mike and the other on my cock.’ [J.D.] said he found that distasteful and cancelled the entire show. [Jack] spoke with J.D. and called him out for what I am certain that it is: homophobia, plain and simple. He wouldn’t even deny it; he just said ‘How dare you call me a homophobe and you better not be recording this.’ I don’t think the part about the ‘cock’ bothered him. I am sure it was [me] the being a spokesperson for the gay community that freaked him out.

So, here’s the issue to me: If there was a reason other than this “J.D.” being personally offended, we invite him to send us a letter or offer his excuse here. If not, I think we need to get an explanation from Clear Channel about what their official policy is about gay (or even “offensive”) personalities on their stations.web контентметоды оптимизации сайта

—  Arnold Wayne Jones