Concert notice: Gay-porn-star-turned-comedy-music-act Simon Rex, aka Dirt Nasty, comes to the Loft in October

Dirt Nasty, Simon Rex
Simon Rex as Dirt Nasty

You might know him from such classics as Young, Hard & Solo II; Young, Hard & Solo III; and Hot Sessions III (and by the way, I shouldn’t have to tell you those links are NSFW), but Simon Rex has since built a working career as an actor appearing on TV’s Felicity and films Scary Movie 3 and The Forsaken. OK, not A-list material but, but he’s holding his own compared to say, um, Traci Lords.

But Rex has seen MySpace fame as rapper Dirt Nasty. His uber-crass persona is described as comedy rap and Chinese pop on his page which can best be seen on his video for “Nasty As I Wanna Be.” Or you can check him out on Kesha’s “Tik Tok” video starting at about the 1:30 mark.

Dirt Nasty plays Oct. 3 at The Loft. Andre Legacy and Beardo will also perform. Tickets go on sale July 17.

—  Rich Lopez

WATCH: Tanya Tucker at Billy Bob's Texas

Colleagues Chance and Chris were doing my legwork this weekend hitting up the concert scene. They made it out to Cowtown on Saturday to catch country and western music legend Tanya Tucker give it to the people at legendary honkytonk Billy Bob’s Texas.

Read a quick take on the show after the jump, but first watch this video.

—  Rich Lopez

Of Montreal at the Granada Theater last night

Dallas Voice graphic designer Kristina Walton did a turn last night as concert reviewer and caught of Montreal at the Granada. And I’m sure the fact that she’s a huge fan won’t affect her ability to provide an unbiased assessment.

She snapped these pics of the show for Instant Tea. You can read her take on the night after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

Concert notice: One last goodbye for the Go-Go's, at the Granada Theater in July

Who even knew the Go-Go’s were still intact? The ’80s ladies are back on the road saying goodbye once and for all and they’ll be making their way through Dallas this summer. The Happily Ever After: The Farewell Tour will stop at the Granada Theater on July 26. They are also playing some Lilith Fair dates, but not the stop here.

Of course, we love our Belinda Carlisle and the whole shaky, vibrato thing she had going on with “Heaven and Earth” back in 1989, but our hearts (OK, mine) went out to the perpetually cute Jane Wiedlin. How could you not be aflutter after hearing “Rush Hour“? And could you really forget her coming out in 2005 on VH1’s “The Surreal Life”? Classic.

Say goodbye to the Go-Go’s by getting your tickets now. Tickets are $35–$75 and can be purchased here. In the meantime, here is a snippet of the ladies at House of Blues when they last performed here in 2008.

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—  Rich Lopez

Adam Lambert announces tour…and it doesn't include Dallas

Psych! On the road, but no time for Big D. (
Psych! On the road, but no time for Big D. (

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has announced his Glam Nation tour with 19 dates across America. None of them stop here.

He’ll kick it off June 4 in Wilkes-Barr, Pa. and finish in St. Petersburg, Fla. Sept. 18. The funny thing is, his tour is mostly across middle America. He has some obligatory big stops in Columbus, New York and Toronto, but then the lucky people of Mashantucket, Conn. and Kansas City, Mo. will get to welcome him with open arms.

I just wonder if these are the same people who voted for him on Idol.раскрутка вэб сайтов

—  Rich Lopez

Kristy Lee at Sue Ellen's Jan. 22

Sue Ellen’s has hosted some pretty great shows in the past few weeks. Eric and the Adams, Patrice Pike and Kristy Lee have all swung by the venue in recent weeks to show us their stuff. If I don’t make it out then I’m always on the lookout for video footage of the show. Finally came across a few videos of Kristy Lee’s show last Friday. She’s looking awfully red glad someone out there caught it.

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—  Rich Lopez

Lady Gaga in Atlanta last night (but caught on vid by one of our own)

We’re none too happy Lady Gaga opted to leave Dallas off her North American tour. What did we do to deserve that? But her lacking itinerary wasn’t going to stop one person. Office mate Chance wasn’t going to let a bit of distance come between him and his Fame Monster. He flew out to Atlanta and got his Gaga fill last night. He and bud Carly sent me these images to get a feel for the show. His video lacks some major zoom but this should give you an idea of what Lady Gaga might have been like had she made it to these parts.

Plus, Chance gives his take on the show after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

Train at House of Blues last night

Train may seem random to review for Instant Tea-baggers but if our own avid concertgoer Chance hadn’t made it to the show last night, we might not have been privy to the girl-to-girl proposal that happened. He caught some of it on camera as you can see in blurred glory above as well as some Train action. My personal favorite moment of the whole video though is marked at :56. Priceless.

And here’s Chance’s take on the show.

—  Rich Lopez

Rufus Wainwright at Bass Hall Saturday night

There isn’t too much to say about Rufus Wainwright’s performance Saturday in Fort Worth and that’s actually a good thing. He performed a simple show playing only with a guitar or his piano. He scaled back mostly to preview and even rehearse material for his a new album. In that simplicity, he was crazy good.

—  Rich Lopez

The Hidden Cameras and Gentleman Reg at Hailey's Friday night

The show at Hailey’s Friday night might have to go down in the books. It was outstanding and substantial. For a mere $8, people were given more of an actual concert than just a live show in the venue. The O’s opened up with a small set but Gentleman Reg and The Hidden Cameras played sets worthy of a bigger venue. If only more people were there.

The O’s opened to a small crowd of about 15. That didn’t stop them from performing their Americana rock at full force. They sounded crisp and their multi-instrument playing at one time is kind of phenomenal to watch. It was a small set but they tore through every minute of it without abandon despite the small turnout.

When Gentleman Reg took the stage, he owned it from the get-go. His four-piece band performed in perfect cohesion and even though his music is a folkier pop style, they rocked it out.

—  Rich Lopez