Ro2’s ‘Synclines’ art show closes tonight

Conover in sync


We’re used to seeing the bold and colorful Pop art of Robb Conover depicting comic book icons of late. Whether he’s giving his take on Wonder Woman or exploring a queer element to Batman and Robin as they kiss, Conover adds a definite punch to the local arts scene. His work has been seen in the gayborhood at Buli, Drama Room and Lucky’s.

He goes in a different direction, above, in Ro2 Art’s exhibit Synclines. Conover joins local artists Cabe Booth and Kevin Obregon, to present, what the gallery calls, new and unexpected works. The show closes tonight with a reception.

DEETS: Ro2 Art Downtown, 110 N. Akard St. 6 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

City orders removal of Oak Lawn cross

The wooden cross at Atmosphere of Praise on Hall Street can be seen at left.

The city of Dallas wants a cross in the backyard of a property on Hall Street to come down. But apparently God doesn’t.

A cross standing for years in the backyard of the property at 3917 Hall is a city code violation and must be removed. The house is used by Atmosphere of Praise, a group founded by Pastor Linda Harris, who passed away on Jan. 5.

Local gay artist Robb Conover described Atmospere of Praise as “a meeting place for people in the community no one else will have anything to do with.”

He said that Byron Zealey lives at the property.

“Byron prepares lunch and invites people on the street to eat,” he said. “We don’t call it a church. We don’t have a parking problem. People walk there.”

Conover said it’s never a large group of people and not a daily occurrence. He said the house is not a shelter but has been used for meetings since 1999.

Councilwoman Angela Hunt’s office received a complaint from a local businesses. Hunt’s office didn’t say which businesses complained.

Hunt’s staff referred the complaint to city code enforcement. Code enforcement ordered the cross to be removed.

Conover thinks the timing is interesting coming just a week after Harris’ death — and after a notice in Dallas Voice included the address of Atmosphere of Praise.

To comply with the city order, the property owner hired someone to cut down the cross on Tuesday night. But as the workman began to cut it down, the chain on the chainsaw broke.

Zealey said he was consulting with an attorney. On Thursday morning, the cross was still standing.

—  David Taffet

Pastor Linda Harris in critical condition

Pastor Linda Harris

Local artist Robb Conover contacted me this morning to let me know that Pastor Linda Harris, former pastor of Sanctuary of Love church, is in critical condition at a Fort Worth hospital, and is not expected to live much longer.

Conover said friends of Pastor Harris who would like a chance to see her again and say goodbye are urged to do so as soon as possible. He said she is being giving morphine to control her pain, but is awake and alert at times.

When Conover called this morning, he said Pastor Harris was in Room 321 at Fort Worth Medical Plaza where doctors were working to remove her pacemaker and defibrillator. Once that is accomplished, he said, Pastor Harris will be transferred to hospice care on the seventh floor of Baylor All Saints hospital in Fort Worth.

Conover said the family asked him to let Pastor Harris’ friends know of these latest developments, and said that anyone with questions can contact him at 214-623-7790.

—  admin

Art Conspiracy marks six years tonight

These are the good kind of Con men

The Art Conspiracy people call what they do street-level philanthropy. We call it greatness. This year’s lineup was filled in 13 minutes. That may be a record. The annual event raises money for nonprofits with this year’s proceeds going to Today Marks the Beginning which educates children on non-violence through art. If that’s not enough, then the reasonably priced art and local live bands will make the night more worthwhile. Local gay artist Robb Conover, pictured, is among the artists featuring work.

DEETS: Art Con Warehouse, 511 W. Commerce St. 7 p.m. $10.

—  Rich Lopez

‘Out of the Ashes’ art show benefits Rainbow Lounge doc

Art does a movie good

Local artists are turning their work and attention to helping filmmaker Robert Camina realize his documentary and thus comes Out of the Ashes. This art show not only helps raise funds for Camina to keep working on the film Raid of the Rainbow Lounge, but also supports local art. Seriously, this sounds like a total win-win situation.

DEETS: 2814 Canton St. 7 p.m. Free.

Your favorite local artists come together for a fundraiser benefiting the production fund for the documentary film, “Raid of the Rainbow Lounge”. (view the teaser trailer at

Located in a beautiful 2,000 sq ft gallery in Deep Ellum, the event is free to the public. (see pictures)

Please join us for this night of art, music and drinks!

Fort Worth and Dallas artists come together in this fundraiser benefiting the production fund for the upcoming documentary film, Raid of the Rainbow Lounge.

The event will be held in a beautiful, 2000 square ft gallery in Deep Ellum located at 2814 Canton Street, Dallas, TX 75226 on Friday, October 15, 7pm-10pm.

Come support these local artists as they support the production of this film!!!!

Donations will also be accepted. Supporters of the film who are unable to attend can also donate through Paypal available at

For more information:


Thank you to Robb Conover and Brian Long for helping coordinate this event!

Official event poster art by local artist, Aaron Rathbun!

More details:

It’s hard to believe that was just over a year ago, that officers from the Fort Worth Police Department and TABC raided the newly opened gay bar, the Rainbow Lounge, resulting in multiple arrests and serious injuries. However, while the uproar seemed at first to threaten to tear the city apart, many of those involved, including activists, city government officials, the police department and TABC, quickly stepped forward to insist that what started off as a “tragic incident” could evolve into a shining opportunity to address issues and make improvements that would benefit the LGBT community and the city as a whole. My latest film, the documentary, Raid of the Rainbow Lounge follows that roller-coaster of a journey, showcasing the good, the bad, the ugly and the controversial.

For the past 15 months I have been working feverishly on this documentary, reading through hundreds of pages of police reports and racking up nearly 80 hours of video footage. This includes 40 hours of interviews by witnesses, activists and city leaders. The documentary is a testament to the dedication and hard word of a community and government officials on city and state levels, to create an improved understanding, a more inclusive place to live, and a stronger community for all.

I truly believe in the necessity of this film and hope you do too. That being said, I need your help. The project was not awarded the cash grants needed to produce the film, and cash donations are no longer coming in. The future of the film is truly in jeopardy, There are some major expenses vital to this production that I am struggling to cover. (For example, news interviews of the young man who was in the ICU and the fired TABC agents cost $25/second to license.) Without more funding, the film could go uncompleted. So please join us October 15th to support this film and your favorite DFW artists.

To donate directly, please click on the PayPal link on the film’s website:

Thank you!

—  Rich Lopez