Karger takes his campaign to Michigan

Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger released a new TV commercial called Fed Up that will air on Fox stations and other outlets in Michigan that promotes himself as the only moderate running.

Eleven Republicans will be on the Feb. 28 Michigan ballot including Gov. Rick Perry. Only five candidates — including Karger — continue to campaign.

Karger’s strategy is to get three delegates.

Each of the state’s 14 congressional districts get three delegates. Karger is concentrating his effort in the 8th Congressional District, which includes the part of the state capital, Lansing.

“If we can win one district, then we can walk away with at least three delegates,” Karger said. “As a first-time candidate who has not been allowed in one national debate, it’s an uphill battle to get known.”

Karger will spend the next two weeks in the area to mount a New Hampshire-style campaign with extensive voter contact.

Before traveling to Michigan, Karger was in Washington D.C. to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference. He tried to rent a booth in November but was told they sold out. He was also the only Republican presidential candidate not allowed to speak.

He filed a discrimination complaint against the group, which is likely to go into mediation.

Karger is the first openly gay presidential candidate in U.S. history.

Watch Karger’s new ad after the jump:

—  David Taffet

Memo to CPAC: Gay Conservatives Were Around Long Before GOProud

Equality Matters has a history lesson for all those hysterical conservatives at CPAC who think being gay and a conservative is something new under the sun. Twenty four gay conservatives are featured:

A number of prominent conservatives and right-wing groups are boycotting this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference because GOProud — a group that describes itself as representing gay conservatives and their allies – is listed as a participating organization. These boycotters are in serious need of a history lesson: The conservative movement has included several prominent gay members, as well as conservatives who found themselves embroiled in gay scandals, long before GOProud joined CPAC. In light of this, Equality Matters takes a look at some of these conservatives. Their stories vary wildly: some championed LGBT equality; others attempted to avoid discussions of their sexual orientation altogether; and some chose to add their voices to the chorus of anti-gay bigotry on the right.

Maybe CPAC chairman, Al Cardenes, should familiarize himself with the list? I don’t know how anyone can be conservative and gay, but I respect their tenacity and value the ones who don’t compromise but are willing to fight within the belly of the beast.


—  David Taffet

Jon Stewart: CPAC Was a Roast

JON STEWART CSNAP X390From Mitch McConnell to Michelle Bachmann to Ann Coulter, Jon Stewart
counts down the most comedic moments of this year’s CPAC convention,
saying this year’s central theme was a comedic roast a la Comedy Central
or the Friars Club.
Advocate.com: Daily News

—  David Taffet

No GOProud at next year’s CPAC

HARDY HABERMAN  |  Dungeon Diary

There is a surprise! Not really.

GOProud, the allegedly gay Republican organization whose involvement with the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference stirred up so much anger among the right-wing they are politely being asked to not come back. GOProud’s presence atthe conference was enough to make a few very large participants stay away. Those include, Heritage Foundation, Concerned Women for America, Media Research Center and the hate group, Family Research Council.

Apparently the CPAC cannot afford to alienate these major players in their activities, so the gays get thrown under the Republican bus. Again, I have to wonder why the hell a group who is plainly not welcome and whose very existence goes against some of the GOP platform planks calls itself Republican? The degree of self-loathing of the GOProud folks is apparently limitless. For example, GOProud volunteer Matt Hissey is quoted in the above video saying, “I don’t really like gay people.” Nice!

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GOProud’s thanks for giving CPAC more coverage than it ever has? A swift curb kick, natch

According to WorldNetDaily (so make of it what you will), organizers have already chosen to strip gay conservative group GOProud from next year’s CPAC convention:

a source has confirmed that a board vote has been taken that will realign plans for those who participate [in CPAC] next year to exclude homosexual advocacy, although details had not been released.

A spokeswoman at the ACU promised WND a statement regarding the new position, but it had not arrived yet.

GOProud out at annual summit of conservatives [WND]




The big question: Why do these gays wanna “GO” at all?


*Chris Barron just told radio host Michelangelo Signorile that this report is “patently false,” comparing WND to The Onion. That last point is valid, and we certainly don’t treat WND as anything close to credible. But “ACU promised WND a statement” goes beyond typical far-right spin. It’s not opinion journalism: It either is or it isn’t, regardless of who reports it. So stay tuned to see if the statement materializes.


**UPDATE: The aforementioned Signorile interview got CRAZY heated, and Mike hung up on Chris. We’ll try to get audio.

Good As You

—  David Taffet

Loony Tunes Pam Geller: CPAC Was Infiltrated By The Muslim Brotherhood

In case you haven’t been following along, nutjob Pam Geller is the Atlas Shrugs blogger largely behind the battle to block NYC’s now infamous “Ground Zero mosque.”

Joe. My. God.

—  David Taffet

Crazy Eyes At CPAC: Americans Are Paying 75% Of Their Income For Taxes

Joe. My. God.

—  David Taffet

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll

ron paulTexas Rep. Ron Paul is the candidate attendees at CPAC would most like
to see run for president in 2012, according to the results of the
Washington Times straw poll. 
Advocate.com: Daily News

—  David Taffet

Ron Paul Wins CPAC 2012 Straw Poll

Whackadoodle libertarian Ron Paul, whose supporters swarm CPAC every year, has unsurprisingly won the convention’s 2012 presidential straw poll for the second year in a row. However not to be dismissed in Paul’s win is the effect of the absence of the several major conservative groups who boycotted this year over GOProud. Sarah Palin only got 3%.

Joe. My. God.

—  David Taffet

Eugene Delgaudio: My Raid On CPAC

Our favorite loony tunes anti-gay activist, Eugene Delgaudio, writes today to brag about his “raid” on CPAC yesterday for allowing GOProud’s presence.

More than once I had to rush in and rescue minors and other unsuspecting conservatives from these homosexuals who seek to worm their way into positions of trust and authority. They deceive the naive with talk of how big and important they are. They dangle a “career” in politics in front of their eyes and then comes the invite to the alcohol party. I had fliers printed to hand out warning the attendees at CPAC of the lurking danger. Several homosexuals who receive my emails acknowledged me “We got your email already.” And I even handed a flyer to Grover Norquist, who is a backer of the homosexuals, a member of GOProud’s board of directors, and has access to many elected officials and the mainstream media. He was not amused that I had the nerve to publicly denounce his shilling for the anti-family activists. What part do Radical Homosexuals have in the conservative movement or traditional values? None!

It’s a pity he didn’t make it to the big alcohol party with Miss Hissey!

Joe. My. God.

—  David Taffet