Gay Dallas couple arrested at marriage sit-in announces legal team

From left, Dax Garvin, Mark “Major” Jiminez, Beau Chandler, Kim Butler.


Mark “Major” Jiminez and Beau Chandler introduced their legal team to supporters on July 21. The couple hired their attorneys ahead of Aug. 2 hearings in their cases.

Attorneys Dax Garvin and Kim Butler will lead their defense team.

The couple was arrested for criminal trespass on July 5 after applying for a marriage license and refusing to leave the County Records Building when they were denied.

Garvin is a Travis County attorney who also represents three people arrested for a similar action in Austin on Valentine’s Day.

Butler is a Fort Worth attorney who specializes in same-sex families and criminal misdemeanors. She said the case is important to her because her interracial marriage would have been illegal before the Loving v. Virginia case.

GetEQUAL state lead Michael Diviesti said Aug. 2 is the anniversary of the ratification of the Declaration of Independence and called for action across Texas. He said he hoped to see protests, picketing and rallies in front of city halls or marriage bureaus. GetEQUAL has called the charges excessive.

Jiminez said that in Dallas, supporters will rally in front of the County Records Building at 8 a.m. and march to the Frank Crowley Courts Building ahead of the 8:30 a.m. hearings. The couple are scheduled in separate courts at the same time.

—  David Taffet