Break out the circumcision jokes

As the Life+Style editor here, I get a lot of pitches for stories. Lately, people have been really hawking the Bible (“Who was Moses?,” “How can we get kids to read the Bible more?”), but easily the oddest one today was this from the Jewish Community Center of Dallas, which is hosting a one-night-only performance of a comedy — yes, comedy — called Circumcise Me. OK, now the flier itself describes the show as “on the cutting edge” so they at least get the joke, but really? I mean, where can we go with this?

So I throw it out there to you: What are your favorite zingers to describe this kind of show? I’ll get us started: “Might as well bring your friends — after all, the mohel, the merrier”… or how about, “Four stars? I give it foreskins!” … or maybe, “A slice of life story.”

Let’s hear yours.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Pink raises a glass to those who are ‘different’

Raise Your Glass


I just watched the video for Pink’s new single, “Raise Your Glass,” and I’ve gotta say, I think it’s a pretty rousing anthem for all of us who ever felt “different” and left out. I know that I am not up on what’s cutting edge and new in music, and you’ve probably already seen the video. But just in case, here it is. So, “raise your glass if you are wrong — in all the right ways — all my underdogs.”

—  admin