Dance Of The Sugar Plum Lesbians

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Grand Central Terminal functions as the mechanical heart of midtown New York City, pumping out several thousand workers and tourists on one beat, then sucking in several thousand more on the next.

The rhythms of the terminal are fascinating.

Beat. Four thousand, inbound from New Haven.

Beat. Three thousand, outbound to Westchester.

Worlds collide on the main floor.

The tourists gawk up at the gloriously ornate ceiling and uselessly flash their digital cameras at objects hundreds of feet away.

The commuters rush up to the track displays to determine their track number, then dart across the terminal floor, dodging the milling tourists, heads down, like running backs heading for the end zone.

It’s mesmerizing. It’s majestic.

And sometimes, like tonight, it’s magical.

I’m walking through the massive main room just as the holiday laser show begins on the ceiling. To the tune of Take The “A” Train, the laser depicts two trains arriving from different directions. The trains stop opposite each other and a reindeer leaps out of each one and crosses over to the opposite train.

The laser traces the outline of one of the zodiac constellations painted on the ceiling. The Cancer crab leaps to life and becomes the Crab Conductor, waddling down the center aisle of the car, punching the reindeers’ ticket stubs with his claws.

I move over to the edge of the room, near the entrance for Track 25, so I can watch the reaction to the show. As usual, I’m more entertained by watching the audience than by watching the actual show.

At the ticket windows, standing in front of signs that say “Harlem Line” or “Hudson Line”, commuters tilt their heads painfully back to view the show directly overhead. The tourists cluster in delighted circles, holding each others’ elbows for balance as they nearly bend over backwards.

Some people move to the edges of the great hall, as I have, to remove themselves from the traffic flow while they watch. Among those that come to join me on the perimeter of the room is a lesbian couple. They stand quite close to me, the taller woman behind the shorter one, with her arms wrapped around her, supporting her a bit as they both lean back on the marble wall.

The shorter woman is stout with a large firm chest. Her hair is short and brushed back into what might have once been called a ducktail. She has an ornate tattoo on her left forearm and she has a leather wallet protruding from the rear pocket of her jeans, attached to her leather belt by a short silver chain. She has more than a passing resemblence to Tony Danza, her big boobs notwithstanding, so naturally (in my head) I name her Toni.

Toni’s girlfriend is blond and her short ponytail dangles just above her collar. She is wearing long Christmas tree earrings which nearly brush her shoulders. Her lanky, sinewy limbs are bound in a tight running outfit, over which she is wearing a school athletic jacket. I imagine that she might be a coach at Yale or Harvard, perhaps a girls lacrosse coach, or maybe track and field.

Coach is squeezing Toni tightly and they bounce together to the music a bit. Coach looks over at me and catches me smiling. She nudges Toni, who looks over at me too, and we all grin goofily at each other for a moment.

Overhead, a new show begins. The familiar opening notes of Tchaikovsky’s Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies ring out as the Empire State and the Chrysler buildings sprout arms, bow to each other, and begin waltzing across the ceiling.

I look around the room and it’s as if time was frozen for just a second, every person stopped in mid-stride, eyes cast upward, mouths open in silent joy.

Toni pushes away from Coach, turns around and delivers her a bow as deep and as elegant as the one just depicted overheard.

“Madame, may I please have this dance?” she asks Coach.

Coach looks around a bit awkwardly. “You are TOO much!” And she giggles.

“Madame, I must insist!” says Toni, as she takes Coach’s hands into hers.

Coach relents and she and Toni begin a beautful, slow waltz, moving in half-time to the music. As you might have guessed already, Toni leads.

As they dance, their eyes remain locked on each other. Toni is giving Coach an intense look, her lips tightly curled into a satisfied smile. Coach is grinning from ear to ear and again, she giggles.

All around Coach and Toni, the tourists, the businessmen, the students, the conductors, even the guy with a broom…they’re all watching. Some are expressionless, but more are smiling, and some of them…some of them are frantically fussing with their cameras, eager to capture this magical New York Moment.

Serendipity prevails, the tune ends, and Toni dips Coach backwards with a dramatic upsweep of her free arm as a firestorm of camera flashes erupt around them. Toni pulls Coach up and close to her and they hug. There’s another camera flash and the crowd begins to move along.


“Hey, look!”

The laser show is being concluded with giant sprigs of mistletoe appearing over our heads. This time it’s Coach who bends down and plants a long tender kiss on Toni’s non-lipsticked mouth. There’s another flash of cameras from the delighted audience.

Toni takes Coach’s hand and they begin to move off towards the exit.

“Oh, don’t stop!” says a disappointed woman, still rummaging for her camera.

Toni looks back over her shoulder and says, “I never will.”

Grand Central Terminal, the mechanical heart of New York City, beats again. But this time I hear a different rhythm. This time I hear a double beat.


Joe. My. God.

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The ol’ Kabuki Dance strikes again on DADT

Looks like Senator Ensign and Senator Murkowski are both having second thoughts. Typical. I’d hate to have to count on a politician to ever follow through on their word. Then again, Nancy Pelosi pretty much accomplished what she said she would in the last congress, but look where it got her. She was demonized for getting the congress to pass law after progressive law only to have the laws never even be considered in the dysfunctional Democratic House of Lords, I mean U.S. Senate.

Last night, the Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson reported that Sen. John Ensign’s (R-NV) regional representative “on military issues” told the Stonewall Democratic Club of Nevada that the Senator intended “to vote for the fiscal year 2011 defense authorization bill, which contains repeal language.” According to Laura Martin, communications director for the club, Ensign’s staffer said he supports repeal. “We asked her to clarify three times and she said he will vote in the affirmative on the defense authorization with ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal in it,” Martin said. The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent confirmed the report this afternoon, noting that Ensign was “leaning towards” supporting repeal of the policy. In a letter to Martin obtained by Sargent, Ensign wrote, “It is my firm belief that Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation, should be able to fight and risk their lives in defense of this great nation.”

But earlier today, Ensign’s office tried to walk back the comments, saying that Ensign was still “waiting on the report from the Pentagon and the testimony of the military chiefs to see if any changes to this policy can or should be done in a way so as not to harm the readiness or war fighting capabilities of our troops.” Tonight, on his program Face to Face, Nevada reporter Jon Ralston interviewed Derick Washington of the Stonewall Democrats of Nevada, who insisted that Ensign’s spokesperson reassured the group that he was on their side. Washington found a silver lining in Ensign’s backtracking, however, noting that the Senator didn’t say that he would filibuster the measure:

Oh, goodie, he won’t filibuster. That’s nice.

Ensign is the second Republican to backtrack on a commitment to repeal the policy. Yesterday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) announced that she would likely back the measure on local Alaska television, but later hinted to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that she didn’t know how she would vote on the issue.

So, Ensign and Murkowski are just playing word games, and dancing that good ol’ Kabuki. What else is new in Washington, DC?


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Watch: Glee ‘All-Guy’ Teenage Dream Dance Remix and Video


DJ MichaelAngelo (remix) and DJ DigiMark (video) sent along this unofficial dance remix and video of the all-guy "Teenage Dream" from last week's Glee.


The track, which is set to become Glee's biggest-selling track of all time, likely sold close to 200,000 copies last week.

Reuters reports

"The track was released on Tuesday and is on course to sell perhaps 150,000 to 175,000 downloads by week's end on November 14, according to industry prognosticators. According to Columbia Records, which releases 'Glee's' music, the track did gangbusters on its first day, racking up 55,000 in sales via iTunes — marking the highest first-day sales for any 'Glee' track. Currently, the cast of the Fox TV show saw its best sales week with its debut single, a cover of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'.' It bowed with 177,000 according to Nielsen SoundScan upon its release in May of 2009."

In an interview with AfterElton, Glee creator Ryan Murphy confirms that the show just signed a deal with Darren Criss and the bullying storyiline should continue through the end of the season, with ramifications on everyone.

Said Murphy of the single: "That’s our biggest-selling single ever in the history of the show and the fact that it’s one boy singing to another boy on a network television show and it’s a No. 1 song and it sold probably 200,000 copies in one week is a very profound thing that I’m personally very proud of. I never expected that to happen. I’m catching up with the week that was and figuring out, OK, now we have this great commodity in something that people have really embraced. It just shows to me that people are hungry for that."

Watch the unofficial dance remix and remixed video, AFTER THE JUMP

Glee Cast – Teenage Dream (DJ MichaelAngelo's Sing Mix)(DJ DigiMark Remix Video) from DJ DigiMark on Vimeo.

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Remixer & Blowoff DJ Rich Morel Scores 15th Billboard #1 Dance Hit

Remix artist Rich Morel, also one-half of the Blowoff DJ team, notches his 15th Billboard dance chart topper this week with his reworking of Yoko Ono’s Wouldnit (I’m A Star). Morel has previously reached the dance summit with remixes for Pet Shop Boys, Seal, Cyndi Lauper, Depeche Mode, New Order, Vivian Green, and t.A.T.u. Morel is currently writing songs with Cyndi Lauper for a Broadway adaptation of the hit movie Kinky Boots.

RELATED: This is Yoko Ono’s fifth #1 Billboard dance hit and her third with Rich Morel. At age 77, she is by far the oldest person to reach the top of the dance chart.

Joe. My. God.

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Manchester, England Pride 2010: I Just Wanna Dance

This video makes me proud of my English American heritage. Although, I’ve visited the U.K. often, I’ve yet to make it to Manchester. The closest I ever came to visiting was a brief, but torrid affair with one of Manchester’s finest English Bobbies in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Don’t get me started! On the other hand, don’t stop me!

The conservatives of America who have made claims in the past, “‘They’ hate us for our freedoms,” have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to providing LGBT American citizens the same human rights, protections and freedoms afforded by so many other western nations.


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Watch: Gay Break-Up on ‘So You Think you Can Dance’


Actually, they're really just very expressive friends.


Neil Kent Travis @ Yahoo! Video

The intro to the dance is here:

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Dance troupe Vogue Evolution from New York brings it to Creating Change

You’re probably planning on getting a whole lot of learning done during the Creative Change conference this week. Well, they also have some of your entertainment options provided as well.

So I’m jumping ahead here but at the closing plenary and brunch Sunday, New York’s Vogue Evolution will be performing. And they are probably gonna work it if their show looks anything like their bid to win America’s Best Dance Crew 4 on MTV last year. They are pretty amazing in the above compilation video of their performances on the show. Although I must say I was kinda charmed by this video where they won over an audience that didn’t seem overly razzed about it.

But they are more than a dance troupe. Check their bio from the Creating Change program after the jump.

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