Stonewall Dallas cleared of ethics complaint, ratifies endorsement slate


Pauline Medrano

Stonewall Democrats of Dallas endorsed a slate of candidates for the March primary and Treasurer Mike McCue announced an ethics complaint against the group was dismissed at its January meeting on Tuesday.

The Texas Ethics Commission dismissed a complaint filed by a tea party organization against Stonewall PAC Treasurer McCue.

The complaint involved the address of the treasurer that had not been updated and a $250 donation from the Stonewall PAC to another PAC, the Texas House Democratic Committee.

“The complaint did not meet the form requirements for a complaint filed with the Ethics Commission,” the dismissal notice said.

David Bradley

David Bradley

The commission returned the complaint to the tea party complainant explaining how the form failed to comply with a copy of the rules. The complaint was resubmitted, but still failed to comply. The group was given until Nov. 25, 2013 to resubmit but it failed to do so and the complaint was dismissed.

The tea party organization also filed complaints against San Antonio Stonewall.

The general membership of Stonewall ratified a slate of candidates in the upcoming March primary. A motion to reconsider two of the races — Constable Precinct 5 and County Treasurer — failed.

Some members wanted to consider a co-endorsement because two longtime Stonewall members — David Bradley and Pauline Medrano — are running. Medrano received the organization’s endorsement.

In the Constable’s race, those asking to reconsider thought there was misinformation about a lawsuit concerning a name change in the race between incumbent Beth Villareal and challenger Susan Lopez Craig who is lesbian. Villareal received the endorsement.

In addition to those screened by the committee, Stonewall’s general membership voted to endorse Wendy Davis for governor and Leticia Van de Putte for lieutenant governor. Neither is actively seeking the endorsement of local Democratic clubs.

Click here for a full list of the endorsements: 2014 SDD Endorsement Recommendations Notice v4

—  David Taffet

Dallas Co. Democratic leaders call on Dan Ramos to resign for comparing gays to termites, Nazis

Dan Ramos

The other day we told you about Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos’ recent comments, in which he called gays “termites” and compared the Stonewall Democrats to “the fuckin’ Nazi Party.”

Today, Dallas County Democratic Party leaders joined the growing list of groups that have released statements condemning Ramos’ remarks and calling for him to resign. Here’s what they said:

“As the leaders of the Dallas County Democratic Party, we join [State Party] Chairman [Boyd] Richie in calling upon Dan Ramos to resign as Chair of the Bexar County Democrats. His hateful, bigoted comments have no place in the Democratic Party. We are a party of inclusiveness that supports and promotes equality, diversity, and tolerance. The comments of Mr. Ramos are not reflective of our party’s philosophy and we condemn and disavow the comments and the opinions he expressed. Mr. Ramos has proven he does not support nor represent our party’s ideals and therefore we call upon Mr. Ramos to resign. Bexar County deserves a true Democrat as the county chair.”

J. Darlene Ewing, Chair
David Bradley, SDEC Senate District 16
Susan Culp Bradley, SDEC Senate District 9
Theresa Daniel, SDEC Senate District 16
David Griggs, SDEC Senate District 8
Ken Molberg, Former County Chair, SDEC Senate District 23
Steve A. Tillery, SDEC Senate District 2

UPDATE: Ramos is ignnoring the calls for his resignation, according to the San Antonio Express-News, and he isn’t backing away from his hateful comments. Ramos claims his critics have skeletons in their closet that will be exposed in the upcoming embezzlement trial of Dwayne Adams, the Bexar County Democratic Party’s former treasurer. “Seems like those with skeletons in their closet are the ones screaming the loudest,” Ramos said in an e-mail to the newspaper. “Come check out the criminal trial of Dwayne Adams … We may get to see who the real criminals are.”


—  John Wright