Tobacco money funds Log Cabin Republicans, other conservatives

UnknownLog Cabin Republicans received $11,000 from tobacco giant Reynolds American Inc. in 2013, more than than the $4,000 the company gave to the Charles- and David Koch-supported Americans for Prosperity, The Center for Public Integrity reported. Reynolds also donated $10,000 to a group that’s been called “a secretly funded arm” of New Mexico Gov. Susanna Martinez’s re-election campaign. Martinez is a Republican.

I don’t understand the Log Cabin Republicans, and I’ve tried. They’re like the embarrassing cousins the Republicans hope won’t show up for the wedding. The GOP isn’t shy about showing its disdain for the LGBT community, but Log Cabin can’t take a hint and keeps knocking on the door. What’s worse is they support GOP candidates who make a show of gunning for us. They don’t want us to have equality, and they campaign to keep them from us. Still, Log Cabin members hope that if they show up at the wedding in fancy cars, they’ll get to join in the festivities.

Just keep driving around the back and park with the rest of the hired help.

—  Steve Ramos

Anti-gay advocacy group sends out false ballots to Democrats

Winconsin Family Action, an anti-gay group, has been sending out intentionally misleading ballots containing false instructions for voting in the state’s upcoming recall elections. The return address on the fliers say to mail the ballot back “before Aug. 11,” when the elections end on Aug. 9.  WFA allegedly sent out the information on behalf of Americans for Prosperity.

WFA director Julaine Appling admitted to Wisconsin resident Barbara With that WFA was involved with the mailings to a concerned Wisc. citizen, With videotaped the conversation and posted it on Facebook. However, after learning that the ballots constituted mail fraud, Appling was quick to deny knowledge that the AFP was using her address.

According to the Wisconsin Gazette, WFA is a small group whose mission is to fight gay rights. The group has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Republicans in the Aug. 9 elections. Observers have questioned where WFA was able to obtain such large-scale, unprecedented funding. In her recorded conversation, Appling appears to say that her financial backing has come from billionaire David Koch’s group.

Is this a true case of misprinting, or is the conservative advocacy group trying to throw the election by weeding out Democratic voters?

According to Charles Schultz, a Democratic senior citizen from Wisconsin, “It seems to me like it was an effort by this organization to delay the process or make the process more complicated.”

Schultz officially filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, pointing out the inaccuracies of the ballots.

“It is interesting to me that I would receive it from the Republican organization, because I’m a Democrat,” Shultz said.

To avoid this kind of confusion in the future, Kevin Kennedy, Wisconsin’s chief election officer, said, “If you need or want to vote absentee, contact your municipal clerk directly and request a ballot.”

—  admin