New Year’s Day Open Thread – plus a guide to debating a ‘Christian’

Happy new year everyone — best wishes to all the PHB Baristas, Blenders & peers who make working, writing & fighting for LGBT equality worth it all. It’s an open thread to chat, share links and hand out the java for those who over-imbibed…


A bonus — from the folks at, a handy guide to taking on non-reality-based fundies (should you wish to expend any energy doing so).

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House is now debating the Rule for the DADT standalone bill

In the House, before a bill is debated and voted upon, a rule setting the parameters of the debate must pass. The House is currently debating, H.Res. 1764, the Rule for the DADT standalone bill. One good thing about this rule is that there won’t be a motion to recommit. That’s a procedural tactic, which has been used to great effect by the House Republicans.

Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) is leading the debate for our side. She’s an amazing ally — and my Congresswoman.

There’s an hour of debate, evenly divided on the rule. After the rule passes, which usually happens along a party line vote, the House will proceed to the actual bill, HR 2965.

The debate on the Rule will give the homophobes in Congress a chance to spew their venom.

You can watch the debate on CSPAN, CSPAN online and also online here at the House website.


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Exclusive: FRC to launch responsibility-shirking ‘Start Debating, Stop Hating’ campaign

We’ve uncovered an unreleased document that the Family Research Council will soon launch as part of a currently-unannounced campaign to spin their placement on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate groups list:

FRC’s ridiculous attempt to spin the SPLC list

At this point, the companion site simply redirects back to FRC’s main site. Which is fitting, since this responsibility-shirking maneuver will surely play out in an echo chamber even after it’s actually launched.


*Just a brief reminder of how FRC debates: Calls to export and criminalize gays, claims that political opponents are “held captive by the enemy,” and documents that liken same-sex marriage to man-horse sex:

*SOURCE: Gays seek immigration reform [Medill Reports]




*SOURCE: The Quest For Change — Tony Perkins [Grace Chapel]


Page 1 of the Family Research Council’s “Slippery Slope To Same-Sex Marriage” document,

which compares same-sex marriage to bestiality in both graphic and text:

Screen Shot 2010-12-09 At 12.32.39 Pm


*ALSO: As we’ve stated before: It’s so, so dumb for NOM, the Liberty Counsel, CWA and others to align themselves so closely on this. Because SPLC did not put those three groups on the list. So if they were playing it intelligently, they would look at the carefully documented reasoning and differentiation between what the SPLC sees as simple opposition and what they see as beyond-the-pale advocacy. In a perfect world, these non-listed groups would speak out against the kinds of things that led AFA, FRC, and others to the list, not shoot the messenger.


**UPDATE: Found another microsite that refers to the campaign as a “print ad.” So heads up. They may be planning to launch this in weekend papers.

Of course the microsite also says the SDSH site will be active by 12/7 — so who knows?

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