Ruben Díaz: Sugar is sweet and so is marital bias

6A00D8341C503453Ef0120A6Fe6D02970BNew York state senator Ruben Díaz (D-Bronx), one of the most known anti-LGBT state lawmakers in the country, is lashing out against NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg for backing a prohibition against food stamps being used to purchase soda and other sugary beverages while at the same time supporting the right for gay couples to embrace their own marital sweetness:

“Last week, Mayor Bloomberg released a video wherein he stated his support for marriage equality ‘Because government shouldn’t tell you who to love or who to marry’.

“Today, Mayor Bloomberg sought permission from the Federal Government to prohibit New York food stamp recipients from using their food stamps to purchase soda and other sugary beverages.

“Mr. Mayor, will you please make up your mind? It is hypocritical to say on one hand that the government should not be involved. Today, however, that is exactly what you did.

Either the government should or should not be involved in telling people what or what not to eat, drink, and smoke, or who they can or can’t marry. You can’t have it both ways.”

Senator Díaz to Mayor Bloomberg: Mr. Mayor Will You Please Make Up Your Mind? [Ruben Díaz]

Uhm, okay — but here’s the thing: The government already puts limits on food stamps, based on what are seen as public health interests. Cigarettes. Alcohol. Medicines and vitamins. All banned. As are pet foods, prepared foods, and a number of household items, the latter of these not for health, obviously, but still a way for the government to streamline the program. So this Bloomberg plan (a 2 year ban accompanied with a study) would just be one more limitation: One that is obviously designed to combat a demonstrable health issue, in a situation where there are logical alternatives (natural juices, water, etc), and in a way similar to other anti-obesity initiatives (like school lunch regulations, for instance).

But marriage equality is the apple to the food stamp issue’s (organic, approved, juicy) orange! In this case, the demonstrable harm comes from denying certain couples of a freedom to which they are more than entitled by virtue of citizenship. Supporters of marriage equality are not “nanny stating”: They are rejecting the self-appointed governessing that the social conservatives have injected into the nuptial nursery!

If we are forced to choose a hypocrite here, it’s undoubtedly Sen. Ruben Díaz. On one hand he is saying that the public good that is marriage equality should not be governmentally supported in a way that benefits all citizens, while on the other saying that the public hazard that is childhood/adult obesity should not be governmentally combatted when talking about citizens who utilize public benefits. In both cases, Diaz is rejecting the heart-healthy option.


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NY Sen. Ruben Diaz Wins Easily

Unsurprisingly, arch homophobe NY Sen. Reverend Ruben Diaz has coasted to any easy victory over novice pro-gay challenger Charlie Ramos, holding his seat with 82% of the vote. Diaz, who lead the eight Democrats who thwarted marriage equality last year, recently declared, “I am the church AND the state!” In 2008 Diaz organized the largest anti-gay rally in New York state history, busing over 10,000 Hispanic evangelicals into Manhattan to protest outside of Gov. David Paterson’s office. Diaz will face little general election opposition in the heavily Democratic Bronx, so barring a major scandal (a dead girl or a live boy), we’re stuck with the asshole.

Joe. My. God.

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Queer Rising to Protest Sampson Fundraiser for NY State Sen. Diaz


Activist group Queer Rising is calling on amateur paparazzi to join them at a protest of New York State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.'s fundraiser, thrown by Senate Majority leader John Sampson.

Diazsr The group writes, in an email: "Queer Rising is outraged by New York State Senate Majority Leader John

Sampson's decision to hold a fundraiser for anti-LGBTQ Senator Ruben

Diaz of the Bronx on Thursday, August 12th. Senator Diaz led the

Democratic revolt against Marriage Equality in the Senate last

December, and he is a key target of a unified LGBTQ effort. In

response, Queer Rising invites all to join us at 'The Sampson & Diaz

Bigot Gala' paparazzi protest. 'Queer Rising is in the business of

holding people accountable for their anti-LGBTQ actions, attendees of

this function are supporting a bigot and need to be exposed,' said Natasha

Dillon, a founding member of Queer Rising."

The demo is scheduled to take place on Thursday at Maestro's Caterers, 1703 Bronxdale Avenue in the Bronx.

Sampson got an earful from LGBT activists over the weekend at a meeting of the Stonewall Democratic Club pissed at his support for Diaz and at his refusal to pledge to bring the marriage equality bill up for a vote.


"Furious gay advocates gave Senate Democratic leader John Sampson an earful in Brooklyn in an angry exchange that got so heated Sampson threatened to walk out.

He didn't.

Nor did he budge on the advocates' key issues during the two-hour meeting with the Stonewall Democratic Club.

Sampson has angered gay advocates with his pledge to support all Senate Dems seeking reelection, including the six who voted against the same-sex marriage bill, killing it, 38 to 24…The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender [LGBT] community is especially concerned by Sampson's support of Queens Sen. Shirley Huntley, a 'no' voter facing a primary challenge from gay-marriage supporter Lynn Nunes. Sampson gave Huntley ,500 from his own campaign cash and tried unsuccessfully to prevent the Empire State Pride Agenda, New York's largest LGBT organization, from endorsing Nunes."

Diaz, who is a current target of the Fight Back NY PAC, recently sent out a letter to supporters encouraging them to support Huntley, Senator Frank Padavan, and girlfriend-beating Senator Hiram Monserrate, because of their stand against same-sex marriage.

Said Diaz in the letter: "These election results will be vital to us as Christians and God-fearing people to keep our family, moral and traditional values that our ancestors left us and that the Bible teaches us."

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