WATCH: Richard Curtin’s “Shopping” featuring “A-List”-er James Doyle

Although you may be out shopping for other people at this very moment, Richard Curtin gets draggy with it as Elizabeth Robinson (Edna Jean’s more sophisticated sis) in this video for “Shopping.”  DJ Erik Thoresen is the man behind the music and James Doyle may just be living his dream. As we saw in the finale of The A-List: Dallas, he was off to Hollywood for his closeup. He gets major screen time here as the dapper sales clerk helping Ms. Robinson spend spend spend. OK, it’s not Tinseltown, but isn’t face time all any struggling actor wants?

We’re not sure how we missed this video when it was posted earlier this month. Maybe we got caught up in Curtin’s other musical release this month.

Watch it after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

Station 4 DJ named as opener for Kylie Minogue’s North Texas show at Verizon Theatre

Caven’s Rick Espaillat sent word out this week that Station 4 DJ Erik Thoresen was named as the opening DJ act for the Kylie Minogue show this May when it comes to Verizon. That’s quite a big deal for a local DJ, but how did it happen exactly? Thoresen emailed me the deets on how he landed the sweet gig. Plus, it probably didn’t hurt he had some heavy players in his corner.

“I was recommended by several people about three weeks ago. StraightOut Media & Marketing, The Karpel Group, AEG Live, and my boss at Caven Enterprises all emailed me showing interest in having me open the show. I replied with all my information, and I got the call Wednesday at lunch telling me I got the gig,” he said.

Even though the Station 4 dance floor can get pretty packed, Thoresen, nicknamed “Hefty Lefty,” says that’s nothing compared to what he’ll be spinning for at the show.

“I’m blown away! It will be the largest crowd I’ve spun for, so I’m a little nervous,” he says.

Minogue is pretty huge in both the dance and gay music scenes, so not only is Thoresen about to get a bigger stage, he’s doing it with someone crucial to what he does.

“Kylie has been a icon of club music since I’ve been clubbing, so its a real honor to be chosen for this event. Its gonna be a blast, can’t wait to see all my friends there.”

—  Rich Lopez