VIDEO: Wedding Party & Expo, Part 1

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The Wedding Party & Expo presented Sunday at Renaissance Dallas Hotel, by Dallas Voice, was a big hit. If you were there, here’s your chance to relive the fun. If you weren’t there, here’s a look at what you missed.

This is the first of two videos from the Wedding Party and Expo through which Dallas Voice is relaunching DVtv. We have Israel Luna back to film and edit our segments and Brad Pritchett is back on the mike. Be sure and watch for future segments.

(Watch Part II here.)

—  Tammye Nash

WATCH: ‘THE Summer Pool Party’

Last week Rich Lopez told you about “THE Summer Pool Party” on Saturday hosted by Chris and Tom Saymo-Doan and benefiting AIDS Services of Dallas. DVtv’s Israel Luna was there. Watch his report below.

—  John Wright

DVtv — from iPad 2 to YouTube

[youtube gyla9DYL6qc youtube]

—  John Wright

DVtv: LifeBark

B-Pax, bless him, went above and beyond to post this video extra from Sunday’s LifeWalk over on the YouTube station. Betcha you can’t watch it without saying to yourself, “OMG, they’re SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!”

—  John Wright

DVtv: Lady Bunny at Station 4 in Dallas

—  John Wright

WATCH: DVtv does Dallas Pride

—  John Wright

Friends talk about search for missing lesbian Lisa Stone

[youtube 1q5j7UIfYNI&hd=1 youtube]

—  John Wright

WATCH: Prop 8 rally on Cedar Springs

About 100 people braved the sweltering heat and gathered around the Legacy of Love Monument on Wednesday evening to celebrate the Prop 8 decision.

—  John Wright

DVtv: Transgender women divided on 'Ticked-Off Tr@nnies With Knives'

Here are some video interviews shot by Cindy Chaffin to accompany Senior Editor Tammye Nash’s comprehensive piece over on the main page, “‘TOTWK’: Exploitive or empowering?” Cindy and Tammye sat down with trans women on both sides of the debate over Dallas filmmaker Israel Luna’s controversial “Ticked-Off Tr@nnies With Knives.”

—  John Wright

DVtv: 'Ticked-Off' at Q Cinema

DVtv correspondent Brent Paxton has had some technical difficulties over the last few days, but better late than never, right? Paxton attended a protest this weekend outside the Rose Marine Theater in Fort Worth, where Israel Luna’s “Ticked-Off Tr@nnies With Knives” was screened during Q Cinema. (The controversial film took top honors at the festival.) In an effort to give voices to all sides in the debate, Paxton braved 100-degree heat to try to find out why those who oppose the film are so darn ticked off. Take a look.vzlomat-pochtu.comопределить позиции в поисковиках

—  John Wright