Elaine Donnelly: searching hard for relevancy, still beating the DADT drum

The disgraced doyenne of DADT discrimination was belching a lot of hot air at CPAC, try to find some way to keep herself relevant and in the public eye. (Washington Blade):

Donnelly urged for greater deliberation before enacting “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal during a panel titled “How Political Correctness Is Harming America’s Military” at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C.

During her CPAC panel appearance, Donnelly denounced the law allowing for repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” that President Obama signed in December, which she said was “rushed through recklessly” in the lame-duck session of the 111th Congress.

“It’s supposed to be a non-discrimination policy,” she said. “But instead of calling it ‘Not “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” … let’s give it a name. We call it the ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Law for the Military’ – ‘LGBT Law’ for short. We have to start thinking about it in terms of what it would do.”

Among Donnelly’s pursed-lip concerns:

  • how will the armed forces “train people to be less sensitive to sexual privacy and modesty.”
  • whether there will be tolerance training in schools on military bases.
  • her old-school lies: military chaplains would have to endorse homosexuality if they had to preach to openly gay people in the military.
  • the fact that this is a slippery slope of equality that will lead to transgender people serving in the military. Well, yes, it is:

Mara Keisling, executive director for the National Transgender Center for Equality, said Donnelly was raising the issue of transgender people in the U.S. military to draw attention to “her last shrill efforts to try to stop “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal,” but added she’s right that trans people shouldn’t be excluded.

“There is no more reason to exclude trans people from service than there is to exclude women, or anybody, African Americans or gay people,” Keisling said. “It’s just all based on old stereotypes that people like Elaine Donnelly use to advance their own causes.”

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News: Robert Gibbs, Spider-Man, Derek Rawcliffe, Elaine Donnelly

SpideyCostume TLogoSmall Oregon's Beaverton County school district and Seth Stambaugh, the teacher they fired and then reinstated after he revealed to a fourth-grade student that he's gay, have reached a monetary settlement: $ 75,000.

TLogoSmall Today was White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' last day on the job. President Obama thanked him by returning a tie he borrowed 7 years ago, and joking, "Gibbs' departure is not the biggest one today."

TLogoSmall James Franco may star as the lead in a live-action remake of Akira.

TLogoSmall Debate over publicizing Grindr profiles at CPAC.

TLogoSmall Now that Spider-Man has joined the Fantastic Four — which is now called "The Future Foundation" — he has some new threads: a white and black costume, as opposed to his red and blue duds. Concerns, comments, questions?

TLogoSmall John Travolta reportedly tried to pick up a handsome waiter in front of his wife, Kelly Preston, who kept her eyes down the entire time.

TLogoSmall Ingmar Guandique was sentenced today to 60 years in prison for the 2002 murder of DC intern Chandra Levy.

TLogoSmall Auditions are being held in Philadelphia for a gay version of Jersey Shore, which is clearly something the world needs.

TLogoSmall Pet Shop Boy' 'West End Girls.' Nuff said.

PetShopBoys TLogoSmall NYPD sirens get new sound.

TLogoSmall Photographer Todd Cole directs Elle Fanning for Rodarte.

TLogoSmall John Hatzistergos, the Attorney General for Australia's New South Wales, supports a law allowing private schools to expel gay students because it "maintain[s] a sometimes delicate balance between protecting individuals from unlawful discrimination while allowing people to practice their own beliefs." Others, including a senior Anglican bishop, call the policy "appalling."

TLogoSmall Derek Rawcliffe, the first Church of England bishop to come out, has died at the age of 89. "I began to love everybody in a new way and to see that in spite of our sins and failings, God loves us," Rawcliffe saidd of coming out in 1995.

TLogoSmall Presbyterian leaders in Central Wisconsin will debate this weekend whether or not gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve as pastors, deacons and other high-ranking officials.

TLogoSmall Utah may soon have an official "state gun," a first for the nation.

TLogoSmall Anti-gay hate crimes in London up 28%?

TLogoSmall Elaine Donnelly, tiresome opponent of DADT's repeal, explains how the army's decision to allow openly gay soldiers will lead to "social change," which to her is a bad thing. I don't know: take a listen to her logic and see if you can figure it all out. Is segregation a positive or a negative?

OprahChange TLogoSmall Andrew Breitbart and gay conservative group GOProud's big CPAC party last night included a variety of slogans, like this one: "Our gays are more macho than their straights." Way to perpetuate gender norms, guys.

TLogoSmall A Spanish-language radionovela called "Bienvenidos a Casa" ("Welcome Home") hopes to tackle homophobia among Spanish-speaking communities.

TLogoSmall Oprah Winfrey told the crew at MSNBC's Morning Joe that she has "no problems" with the Obama administration and wishes people would show the president some "respect."

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Deaths 01.14.11

Gary L. Allen, who was known as “The Uscan Man” at Kroger on Cedar Springs Road, died on Jan. 9, two days before his 61st birthday. He had worked at Kroger for 35 years and was one of two people who had worked at the store on Cedar Springs since it opened in 1998.

Throughout the years, he participated in many charity events. He won several honors for his volunteerism.

Allen is survived by his beloved dog Bo, who has been given a new home by some of his friends; and by friends Elaine and Mike Casey, John “Spanke” Studer, Mark Sharp and Rod Wait, Shannon Percell and Ronye Mitchell-Percell, Mariann Slocum and Cyndi Richards, and Don Maison.

In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory may be made to AIDS Services Dallas, P.O. Box 4338, Dallas, Texas 75208. A celebration of his life will be held at a private home on Jan. 22 at 4 p.m. Address and additional information is available at Kroger.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition Jan. 14, 2011.

—  John Wright

Richard Burr commits political suicide during tonight’s debate with Elaine Marshall

Republican U.S. Senate incumbent Richard Burr and Democratic challenger Elaine Marshall faced off in a debate on PBS broadcast from UNC-TV studios in Research Triangle Park.

Democratic challenger Elaine Marshall accused Republican incumbent Richard Burr in their last television debate Thursday night of having views on homosexuality that are “wrongheaded and discriminatory.” But Burr said she wasn’t listening to him and that she was trying to inject race into a discussion of gay rights.

Marshall said that being gay or lesbian is a genetic matter and not a matter of choice. Burr said he didn’t believe the science was conclusive on the issue.

Well one thing is clear — Burr’s another one hung up on the soap dropping in the shower as you will see below. The DADT question starts at 36:43. Judy Woodruff starts off with a side question of whether being gay is a choice. Watch it —

Moderator: We’ve talked about the military. Right now there’s a battle underway in the courts of this country, the federal courts, and in Washington, over what to do about the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy against gays in the military. I’d like you to comment on that but I also have a very straightforward question, and that is: do you believe that being gay is–or lesbian–is it a matter of genetics, of biology or is it a matter of choice?

Marshall: Well Judy, it’s a… your last question is the most important. I don’t believe it is a matter of choice. I believe that it is a biological occurrence, specifically beyond that I don’t have the scientific knowledge to say, but I don’t really believe its choice. I do think that if there are people that want to stand up for me and stand up for every American and defend us around the world they should be able to do that. I believe the government policy on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell needs to be repealed. As to the judge and the courts – this is a law that Congress made, it is something that Congress needs to fix. The president has recommended it, the highest of brass has recommended it, and it is time that that takes place. It should have taken place but it hasn’t taken place, and now we’ve gotten judges from the Ninth Circuit who, a judge, who has jumped in on this, probably because Congress didn’t act, but it really needs to be decided by Congress and not the judiciary.

Moderator: And Mr. Burr, respond on the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and also the question on whether being gay and lesbian is a matter of genetics, biology or a matter of choice.

Burr: Well, Judy, let me just say I’m not sure that any of us know whether its genetic or by choice, and I’m not sure that’s even relevant. If somebody chooses that lifestyle and how it might then impact our policies. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has worked. Now personally I don’t see a reason to reverse it. But that’s a personal opinion. I think the country should have a debate. And what we should do is we should wait until the Department of Defense has gotten back the survey of those individuals who serve. That survey’s back in December. This is not too far off. I agree with Secretary Marshall. This is not an issue for the courts to decide. This is a law of the country and only Congress can in fact address it. But I’m confident of this – that this is the wrong time to change this policy. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of troops deployed. We don’t yet know what we might have to do, from a standpoint of changing the accommodations for troops if the policy changed. Now I’m not scared to have the debate, I welcome the debate, but I’m also very confident that we should time this in a way that makes as little impact on those troops that are deployed as we possibly can.

Moderator: And so the research that has shown, that indicates that gay/lesbian is a matter of biology, you would say…

Burr: I would only say that I’m not sure there has been conclusive evidence of what the result is.

Moderator: A rebuttal.

Marshall: I would respond to that by saying there is ample evidence that it is biological and Senator Burr obviously believes its by choice. That is wrong headed and discriminatory. We shouldn’t be judging people by the color of their hair, the color of their eyes, the color of their skin, or other factors that they have no control over. That’s wrong in America, and what you’re talking about is governmental discrimination for something that’s outside of somebody’s control

Burr: Secretary Marahall, I’m not sure that I referred to anybody’s skin color, or to their hair color. This is a very specific group of individuals, and I made it very clear what my position was. But don’t bring race into this.

Marshall: It is because of who they are by factors that they have no control over. Gender is another one of those. This country has been replete with discrimination based upon things that folks have no control over, and its time in 2010, this century, that we end that.

Let’s just say it goes downhill from there — it’s hard to recover after Sen. Burr says  our ‘founders’ wrote the 14th amendment. That comes after the above statements about DADT. FAIL-O-RAMA.

Donate to Elaine Marshall’s campaign.
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We’re Fighting for LGBT Equality & Elaine Marshall (NC-Sen)

Part 1 in our MarshallBomb Series … Crossposted at BlueNC and Daily Kos

As many of you know, my political adventures led me to start a PAC last year. I wanted to break away from the predominant funding mechanisms in North Carolina and start creating a grassroots network of committed progressives. I wanted to build a donor list that would put people who believed in LGBT equality, good government, ethics reform; in short, big-and-little-D democratic values. I wanted to make sure there was an effective voice for young, progressive candidates in our state. So I started the Grassroots Farm Team PAC, opened a bank account, registered with the State Board of Elections, and started raising money.

With a full-time job and finishing my A.B. degree, it's been hard. It hasn't always been fun. However, it's stories like this that make it all worth it.

More below the fold …

Asheville City Councilman Gordon Smith is the founder of Scrutiny Hooligans, a progressive blog many of you know. This time last year, he was just a candidate, and he needed our help to put him over the finish line.

Gordon is not shy about his belief in equality. While blogging at Pam's House Blend, he set out what he believes:

The gay and lesbian citizens of Asheville deserve equal recognition and equal benefits. To deny these benefits is to relegate gay and lesbian couples to second-class status. We all know that Asheville is a gay-friendly city, and our city government ought to reflect our commitment to honoring the civil rights of all our citizens.

It was because of that commitment that we wrote our single biggest check of the year to Gordon. In his own words: “thanks to Sam Spencer and the NC Farm Team. They helped my Asheville City Council campaign just when I needed it most.”

Gordon has gone on to become a great leader on the city council. In a year when regressive forces in Asheville have gone as far as ignoring the Establishment Clause in an attempt to bar an atheist from joining the city council, Gordon has stood up for what he believes in:

Councilman Gordon Smith is asking the council to move forward with the idea of giving same-sex domestic partners health insurance, bereavement leave and other benefits.

If a majority votes yes, city staff would come back to the council at a later date with information including estimated costs and who would qualify. A final vote on the measure could then follow.

Granting the benefits would “provide equal rights to our employees who are denied the option to marry,” Smith said.

He even went on YouTube to make the case:

And then

After about 90 minutes of public comment and deliberation on Feb. 9, Asheville City Council voted 4-2 to support a motion by Council member Gordon Smith supporting benefits for city employees in same-sex domestic relationships. While the vote does not implement benefits such as health insurance and bereavement leave already afforded to straight married couples, it does mean city staff will conduct a financial impact study and other research and make a recommendation for Council vote in March.

According to Gordon, “There's another round or two to go before final passage, but I'm feeling confident.  It's the first movement on equal rights for same-sex couples here in 16 years.”

This time last year, a pro-equality candidate needed help, and the Farm Team was there.

This year, we're shooting a little bigger. We've got a pro-equality candidate who needs your help – Elaine Marshall:

Elaine believes it is not the Federal government’s job to discriminate, including when it comes to sexual orientation. She believes we should honor the commitment of those serving in the military regardless of sexual orientation, and that we should follow the lead of our military leaders and repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Elaine supports the repeal of DOMA and the enactment of ENDA and UAFA.  She supports eliminating all forms of discrimination under the law, including immigration law.

You can donate to Elaine here.

We need southerners in the Senate who support equality. Elaine Marshall is infinitely better than Burr in every way when it comes to civil rights … and she's a hell of a lot better than many Democrats who are already in the Senate.

We've been doing a lot to get Elaine elected. Our ad campaign against Richard Burr got almost 1,000,000 impressions on facebook this past weekend, and we've got lots of great stuff lined up. And this week we'll be opening a website for an October 8 “MarshallBomb.”

I'm asking Blenders to pitch in to help us get Elaine Marshall elected. We're going to be running an ad campaign to promote the MarshallBomb, while still helping great North Carolina candidates get elected. If you're willing to give more, that's great! We're building the small-dollar donor network that will help us raise the money we need to achieve big victories for young candidates across the state.

(Again, you can also donate to Elaine here).

If you’d like to help out, you can reach us at @NCFarmTeam on twitter, on our Facebook Fan Page, or by e-mail at NCFarmTeam <:at:> gmail.com.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – I hope we can earn your support!

Sam Spencer
Executive Director
Grassroots Farm Team PAC
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Elaine Donnelly is baaa-ack

As a gay veteran, I’m a big supporter of Vote Vets progressive agenda and follow them on Twitter. According to Richard Allen Smith and his article over at HuffPo, uber bigot Elaine Donnelly is back with a dubious poll with results that, surprise, say what she wants the poll to say about American’s attitudes regarding DADT. Be sure and check out the entertaining video of her getting pwned in front of the House Armed Services Committee by Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-PA). It’s here.

Here are Smith’s rebuttal to couple of points Ms. Donnelly makes. I’m of the opinion it is just another example of conservatives, like Ms. Donnelly, having no problem with their rationalization of lying and spreading propaganda:

Now, this poll seems shady on its face for several reasons:

– CMR claims the poll found that respondents prefer the status quo by a margin of 48-45%. According to CMR’s own press release, this means absolutely nothing, as that is within the +/-3.1% margin of error.

– This poll is an overwhelming outlier compared with every other poll that has been taken on the subject. In February, a Quinnipiac University poll found that 57% of respondents support repeal. That same month, a CBS/New York Times poll found that 59% of respondents favored repeal. In March, a Vet Voice Foundation found that 73% of Iraq and Afghanistan combat Veterans found open gay service acceptable. Similarly, in May, a CNN poll found that 78% of respondents supported repeal.

– The poll was conducted using a “likely voters” model, which excludes a large portion of the population. Additionally, in an off cycle election year of a President’s first term, the opposite party can always expect gains. Therefore, a likely voters model in such an environment would more heavily favor Republican respondents.

Yep, it never ceases to amaze me how easy it seems for conservatives to justify spreading propaganda and lies to accomplish their nefarious agendas. I believe it is horribly naive for the rest of the media to take anything pushed from the right without verification and a healthy dose of salt.


—  John Wright