Sharron Angle, the Extreme Candidate for Senate

Extreme. The best word to describe Sharron Angle, Senator Reid’s opponent in the race for Senate here in Nevada. She was voted the worst legislator as a state assemblywoman and changed her voter registration three times in the 90’s. In the state assembly, most of her bills and votes were hers alone.

Last week, Senator Reid and his opponent, Sharron Angle, held their only debate in the race for the Senate. Additionally, Representative Titus and her opponent had their fourth debate the same evening. Ahead of the debates, the campaigns held a rally to make sure that the Reid and Titus know we’re there to support them. One of our amazing volunteers, Teresa, decided to dress up as Sharron Angle (well before Halloween) and posed with ‘Harry Reid for Senate’ signs. Our supporters well outnumbered our opponents and in the debate, both Senator Reid and Rep. Titus outdid their opponents. Senator Reid reaffirmed his commitment to repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” despite steadfast Republican opposition on last month’s cloture vote and Rep. Titus defended her co-sponsorship of the bill to repeal, saying DADT has cost the military greatly.

Both Reid and Titus have been committed to our community and we need to make sure we send them back to Washington to continue the fight. On the campaign, we’re fighting everyday to help make sure we don’t wake up on November 3rd, wishing we could have done more.

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—  John Wright

You Know It’s Bad For Carl Paladino When Other Extreme Right-Wingers Are Ditching Him

Christine O'Donnell. Carl Paladino. Is there anything extremist Republican political candidates can't do to offend our senses? Even Paladino's consultant Roger Stone is disgusted, as is staunch GOP defender Karol Markowicz, who says she "wanted to like Carl Paladino," and even though she was "disgusted by his life choices" still stood by him. Then came the (latest round of) comments about gays. "To be clear, my issue is not the statement he denies making, the one about gay people being dysfunctional. My problem is everything else he admits to saying." And then Mark McKinnon, former George W. Bush and John McCain adviser, tells Rachel Maddow that Paladino "is such a throwback [to the days of Jesse Helms] he makes Archie Bunker look like Howard Dean."


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—  John Wright