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> Go with the flow

> Dynamic duo

> If the shoe fits

> Feet don’t fail

> Getting raw — with your face

> No fangs needed

> Part(y)ing shot

> Work it!

—  Michael Stephens

Pocket Sandwich gets spooky with ‘Dracula: The Melodrama’

This play sucks — but that’s a good thing

Pocket Sandwich Theatre’s melodramas are a Dallas treasure. Because anytime you’re allowed to throw food at someone (in this case, popcorn only), then it’ll be a good time. Being October though, their latest offering also caters to the season of Halloween. Dracula: The Melodrama gives you the chance to laugh and shriek…and toss popcorn at the cast. Just don’t get it in Drac’s mouth. That might mess with the fangs.

DEETS: Pocket Sandwich Theatre, 5400 E. Mockingbird Lane. Through Nov. 13. 8 p.m. $10–$18.

—  Rich Lopez