GIVEAWAY: Lesbian fiction by Monica Nolan

In a recent office clean-up, these two books made their way to my desk. Still in brand new condition, I’ve decided to offer two of Monica Nolan’s books to give away which are pretty much priceless in every sense.

The covers of each are perfectly pulp fiction-esque and the titles are to die for. I have a copy of Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher and Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary. With taglines such as She schooled them in field hockey…and desire and Her soul was pure. Her desires were sinful. Her typing was impeccable, just tell me you don’t want them both.

Email me here with “Ladies first” in the subject line and a winner will be selected tomorrow. Congrats to today’s winner of Fangs and Stilettos. And don’t miss this week’s Literary Issue of the Dallas Voice on stands and online now.

—  Rich Lopez

GIVEAWAY: “Fangs and Stilettos” by gay author and publisher Anthony DiFiore

First of all, congrats to the winner of my first book giveaway from Friday. I hope you enjoy!

Keeping with our Literary Issue out this week, for today, I have a copy of Fangs and Stilettos to add to your library. Author Anthony DiFiore mixes Twilight and The Devil Wears Prada by injecting a little of the supernatural into the world of fashion. And like Twilight and Hunger Games, the book reads well for both young adults and, um, not-as-young adults.

DiFiore is also the man behind inGroup Press, an energetic publisher focused on LGBT titles and books of intriguing interest.

The book is officially in stores and online tomorrow which is when I’ll pick the random winner. Just email me here with “Bite Me” in your subject line to win your copy of the new Fangs and Stilettos.

—  Rich Lopez