‘Gay Boy’ makes D Magazine’s ‘Best in Music’

I was glad to see someone took notice of Farah’s dreamy single “Gay Boy.” I hardly expected it to be the peeps at D magazine, but since it won’t be on my list, props to Christopher Mosley for giving it attention.

The song, which came out back in March, was annoying as hell in the beginning for me, but then her lyrics, or talking rather, grew increasingly clever. How many girls did/do we know like this? All in all, it’s a flash of brilliance with lyrics like How could I dance in these heels?/How could I not?

Thanks for the reminder, Mosley.

LISTEN: “Gay Boy” (or if you have trouble, just go here)

—  Rich Lopez

WND’s Joe Farah on debate with GOProud’s Barron: I’m going to expose its ‘radical goals and agenda’

Earlier I posted the statement by GOProud’s Chairman of the Board, Chris Barron, about the September 17th debate in Miami against WorldNetDaily publisher Joseph Farah (7:30 PM ET). Now Farah’s spinning about the upcoming event, where they will tussle over the thesis “Is GOProud Conservative?”

You haven’t seen this at any conference before.

The founder and chairman of GOProud, the homosexual activist group courting the conservative movement, has agreed to debate its biggest detractor, WND founder Joseph Farah at the “Taking America Back National Conference” here Sept. 17.

WND disinvited Ann Coulter from a keynote speaking role when she agreed to address GOProud’s “Homocon” conference a week later, prompting outrage from the pundit and intense media coverage. Farah contended she was “affirming” the group with her high-profile speech and was permitting herself to be exploited by the group, permitting it to make deeper inroads into the conservative movement.

GOProud supports hate-crimes legislation, same-sex marriage, open homosexuality in the military and special tax breaks for people based on sexual proclivities, says Farah. He says there’s nothing “conservative” about GOProud’s agenda, which he calls “radical.”

…”This conference has always been about debate,” Farah said. “We invited, among others, the American Civil Liberties Union, La Raza, the NAACP and Freedomworks, to come debate the issues of the day with us. To GOProud’s credit, it was willing to stand toe to toe with us. I’m looking forward to the challenge. From my point of view, this represents a much-needed opportunity to expose GOProud’s actual goals and agenda.”

We learn a bit more about the format, as well as Farah’s correct assumption that he will be labeled a hypocrite for inviting Barron when he disinvited Coulter to what Joe calls “The Tea Party at Sea“:

To ensure the fairest debate circumstances possible, WND proposed a format affording both Farah and Barron five-minute opening statements, five-minute rebuttals, 20-minute affirmative and negative cross examinations apiece, five-minute closing statements and 30-minutes of audience questions.

The standard agreement included a platform for GOProud to market event tickets – in advance, at the door – to its supporters, keeping revenue derived from its sales. However, GOProud is receiving no payment from WND for the appearance.

Anticipating that critics will lob a “hypocrite” label his way, Farah draws a sharp distinction between his decision to disinvite conservative star commentator Ann Coulter from the Taking America Back Conference for addressing GOProud’s ‘Homocon’ event in New York and inviting Barron to the WND conference to debate GOProud’s positions.

Coulter’s paid speaking appearance at GOProud’s event serves to validate the group’s agenda, which as I’ve written goes far beyond just tearing down and remaking the Judeo-Christian institution of marriage, attacking free speech with hate-crimes laws or integrating open homosexuality in the military,” he said. “With so-called ‘conservative’ superstars embracing GOProud, a faceoff like this becomes an absolute necessity. If Ann Coulter were going to ‘Homocon’ to debate and expose GOProud, I would have congratulated her.”

If Blenders in the area are interested in attending, the tickets are for the debate only — not the wingnut cruise — this could be a seriously entertaining and historic live-Tweeting opportunity.
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—  John Wright

GOProud’s Chris Barron to debate WND’s Joseph Farah at fundie ‘Taking America Back’ conference

Don’t I wish I had the time and money fly down to Miami to cover this! On Friday, September 17th at 7:30 PM, the barely-tethered-to-reality head of WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah, is going to get his clock cleaned by GOProud‘s Chairman of the Board, Chris Barron.

“Since we announced that conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter would be headlining our Homocon 2010 in New York City, Farah has attacked GOProud, attacked Ann, and challenged our work almost every single day,” said Barron. “I look forward to standing on the stage with Mr. Farah to defend GOProud, to debunk the misinformation he has spread, and to make the case for GOProud’s conservative mission.”

Farah and Barron have agreed to debate the thesis,Is GOProud Conservative?”

“I welcome the opportunity to debate whether GOProud is really a conservative organization. Our work on behalf of conservative policies and conservative candidates speaks for itself,” continued Barron.

“The conservative movement is at a crossroads and this debate will display two very different visions for the road ahead,” concluded Barron.

The real thesis should is whether “conservative” womb controllers and bedroom peepers represent true conservative principles or are simply better labeled as Dominionists.
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—  John Wright

World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah Will Face Off Against GOProud’s Christopher Barron To Talk Crazy Conservatives

Because World Net Daily's and GOProud are getting along so well these days, the two have decided to mutually exploit all the great press they've received over Ann Coulter with an opportunity they'll both benefit from: WND's Joseph Farah will "debate" GOProud's chairman Christopher Barron at the conspiracy theorist website's "Taking America Back" conference on Sept. 17 in Miami. The topic of their bickering? "Is GOProud Conservative?"

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—  John Wright

Today’s Joe Farah Cry for Help: Homocon represents GOP ‘appeasement of the open celebration of sin’


Am I the only one willing to stand up for marriage as an institution of one man and one woman?

Am I the only one willing to stand up for a U.S. military unencumbered by perverse social experiments?

Am I the only one willing to stand up for liberty as a gift of God?

— WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah, continuing his public psychological meltdown in today’s column, “The homo con continues

Ah, I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning. It appears that poor Joseph Farah believes he stands alone in fighting the Homosexual Agenda these days. The level of desperation and flop sweat makes for excellent blogging opportunities here at the Blend, but I can’t help feeling that we’re really watching someone mentally unravel over the political changes afoot.

In yet another column (it’s up to a near daily e-blast or WND editorial at this point), Joseph Farah attacks GOProud, blaming the gay conservative organization for: 1) convincing Ann Coulter to come to HOMOCON; 2) having the gathering hosted at PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel’s house (he’s a libertarian, btw); 3) apparently “pro-gay brainwashing” a bunch of prominent conservatives to attend.

Sponsors for the Homocon event now include:

  • Conservative Political Action Conference director Lisa DePasquale;
  • Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, who sits on GOProud’s board;
  • John Hawkins of Right Wing News;
  • Fox News contributor Margaret Hoover;
  • Craig Engle, former general counsel to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Suffice it to say, I told you so.

I told you this event was aptly named. It literally represents the homo conning of the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Now, Joe, all of the above people are attending and sponsoring of their own free will, so I presume that they want to be there, not jawboning with you about The Homosexual Agenda taking over the Republican party. I would, however, assume that they are thumbing their noses at your Bedroom Peeping Agenda.

Farah is really pissed at Coulter – she’s apparently earned as special place in Joe’s Hell; look at the path of social destruction he now applies to her (keyboard alert);

When I said Ann Coulter was giving validation to this group, this is what I meant. She has opened the floodgates for participation and support for a group that favors:

  • liberty-destroying hate-crimes legislation;
  • same-sex marriage;
  • open homosexuality in the U.S. military;
  • special government perks for homosexuals.

I’m trying to figure out what these special government perks are. Do you all have any ideas about that? Free toasters? Babies to eat? WTF?

The vast Farah ego that is now being crushed by rejection from these conservatives has him claiming “last man standing” status to save society – with his “Taking America Back National Conference.” Do I hear a plea for attendee$? Pull out the tiny violin…

We are witnessing the destruction of Washington’s conservative establishment before our eyes.

And what a time for capitulation – on the very brink of the biggest electoral mid-term congressional victory in modern American history!

Again, I repeat: I’m not seeing anyone of prominence in the Republican Party or the conservative movement standing up to this wholesale retreat on some fundamental conservative issues.

This kind of appeasement of the open celebration of sin represents the camel’s nose under the “big tent” that some conservatives and Republicans are so hell-bent on building.

There is a way that every non-celebrity conservative and Republican who recognizes this capitulation by the conservative establishment in Washington for what it is can stand up and be counted.

Join me in Miami for what has been planned as an alternative to this kind of surrender – the “Taking America Back National Conference” Sept. 16-18.

Stand up proudly for marriage, freedom and national security with me.

Here are the high-caliber people who will stand up proudly with Joe. I’m not seeing the future of the GOP in this crowd.


* WND’s Farah obsesses over GOProud’s ‘infiltration and subversion of the conservative movement’

* Mike Signorile interviews WND’s Farah – on Coulter’s ‘betrayal’: ‘My Eyes Have Been Opened’

* Coulter on fundie Take Back America confab: ‘They’re a bunch of fake Christians’

* WorldNetDaily’s Farah in complete meltdown as high-profile conservatives ’embrace the homos’
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—  John Wright

WND’s Farah obsesses over GOProud’s ‘infiltration and subversion of the conservative movement’

Another Joseph Farah WingNutDaily e-blast has hit my inbox, and he continues his downward sanity spiral over HOMOCON, GOProud and the fact that there are actually gay conservatives. Apparently this was OK as long as they were silent and in the closet. They are now too uppity for Farah, and are destroying the definition of conservative.

Conservatives get homo conned

What the right is losing as it ‘gains’ homosexual support

The first definition of “conservative” in most dictionaries is something like this: “disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.”

If that definition is accurate, many self-proclaimed “conservatives” have already betrayed their cause of preserving the most important institution to any civilized or self-governing society, while others are treating marriage as if it’s just another issue on which good people can disagree.

That’s the capitulation I see since the recent arrival on the scene by a well-funded group called GOProud, which bills itself as a “gay” conservative organization.

GOProud scored a publicity and political coup recently by securing conservative star Ann Coulter as a keynote speaker at its “Homocon” conference in New York Sept. 25.

“Homocon” is an appropriate name for the event – because the homos are conning conservatives into believing they are a legitimate, sincere and vital part of their movement and people who share many of the same fundamental convictions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Coulter reacted with fury and ad hominem attacks on my character and religious faith when I dropped her as a keynote speaker at my own conference in Miami a week earlier because of the validation she was providing for this group, which recently was accepted as a co-sponsor of the Conservative Political Action Conference, largest annual gathering of conservatives in Washington.

That decision led Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity to turn down invitations to address CPAC and a handful of conservative organizations to withdraw from co-sponsorship, not because, as some suggest, they are “anti-gay,” but rather because they recognize a “homo con” when they see one.

GOProud claims to be conservative, but it’s not. It’s conning the conservative movement – or what is rapidly becoming the formerly conservative movement.

You know, what’s funny is that I can imagine some Dems feeling equally peeved (albeit for different political reasons) about the increasing volume of out and proud voices in the LGBT movement calling for equality when it’s causing them political agita.

It’s not that far off really, save the GOP has an even longer way to go to feel comfortable slice off the relgious bigots that comprise its base. The irony is that for the first two years of his presidency, Barack Obama has been wasting his time courting the religious anti-gays, chasing phantom votes in more conservative demos rather than doing the right thing by the administration (and party’s) loyal base of LGBT voters. Sigh. No GAyTM for you…

Farah’s entertaining spittle-producing rant continues below the fold.

What does GOProud stand for? Hate-crime laws, open homosexuality in the U.S. military, non-discrimination against homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendereds in any workplace, tax code changes to protect “domestic partnerships,” expansion of health-care benefits to “domestic partners,” the expansion of U.S. military operations to force other countries to legalize sodomy, federal perks for people based on their sexual proclivities and, of course, same-sex marriage.

As GOProud Chairman Christopher Barron explained in a Twitter posting of 4:04 p.m. Aug. 4, just before announcing his big Coulter coup: “We are a gay organization, we only work on gay issues, we have never claimed otherwise. My God people.”

The real goal of GOProud is infiltration and subversion of the conservative movement – and it is highly successful in its early efforts. It is softening up the movement that has provided much of the opposition to the very non-conservative agenda of the homosexual rights movement.

So why are conservatives so eager to validate this effort?

I don’t know, but they are.

Glenn Beck sees no threat to the nation from same-sex marriage. Coulter is being exploited shamelessly by the homo conners, allowing herself to be portrayed as “the Judy Garland of the right,” whatever that means. Grover Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform sits on the group’s board. Conservative bloggers like RedState.org’s Erick Erickson and the Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson are embracing GOProud’s entry into their movement.

What’s going on here?

Is this naivet?? Or something more sinister?

I don’t have the answer, but it is an ominous sign for the formerly conservative movement – which seems to be going soft the preservation of the most important institution of all, marriage.

Even more shocking is how few name-brand conservatives are speaking out on this outrage.

Where are the pro-family organizations? Why are they so quiet? Where are the other celebrity conservatives? Why aren’t they speaking out? Where are the Christian leaders? Why does it take a lifelong journalist, a newsman, a pundit, to point out what’s happening here?

Is it because others are afraid of the wrath that comes with disagreeing with the celebrity conservatives? Is that what this movement has become? If so, the homo con has already succeeded. The conservatives have caved. It has been seduced by a small band of well-heeled homosexuals and intimidated by loud-mouthed allies.

Is that it?

Is it over?

What’s left to conserve after marriage is gone?

Pam’s House Blend – Front Page

—  John Wright

WorldNetDaily’s Farah in complete meltdown as high-profile conservatives ’embrace the homos’

I know most of you have heard about the hubbub Ann Coulter has created because of her upcoming appearance at GOProud‘s HOMOCON. It’s unnerved the homobigots at WingNutDaily so badly that they droppedr her as one of the keynotes for WND’s Take Back America hatefest. This e-blast landed in my inbox:

Conservative superstar Ann Coulter today was dropped as a keynote speaker for WND’s “Taking America Back National Conference” next month because of her plan to address an event titled “HOMOCON” sponsored by the homosexual Republican group GOProud that promotes same-sex marriage and military service for open homosexuals.

Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, said the decision was a gut-wrenching one for his team because of their fondness for Coulter as both a person and writer-speaker.

“Ultimately, as a matter of principle, it would not make sense for us to have Ann speak to a conference about ‘taking America back’ when she clearly does not recognize that the ideals to be espoused there simply do not include the radical and very ‘unconservative’ agenda represented by GOProud,” said Farah. “The drift of the conservative movement to a brand of materialistic libertarianism is one of the main reasons we planned this conference from the beginning.”

Asked by Farah why she was speaking to GOProud, Coulter said: “They hired me to give a speech, so I’m giving a speech. I do it all the time.”

Farah then asked: “Do you not understand you are legitimizing a group that is fighting for same-sex marriage and open homosexuality in the military – not to mention the idea that sodomy is just an alternate lifestyle?”

…”Earlier this year, GOProud was permitted to sponsor the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, the biggest event of its kind,” said Farah. “This bad decision resulted in consistently conservative groups dropping sponsorship and withdrawing from participation – much to their credit. GOProud is about infiltration of the conservative movement and dividing it from within with twisted and dangerous ideas way out of the mainstream of American public opinion. Ann Coulter is, I’m afraid, validating this effort for money. I support her speaking to people with whom she disagrees on college campuses. That’s a good idea. I do it, too. But if you see the way GOProud is exploiting its coup in getting Ann Coulter to speak to its HOMOCON event, you begin to understand what a mistake this is for a conservative icon like Coulter.”

My my, he has his panties in a bunch, doesn’t he? That’s just the beginning. Apparently the war over this has cost Farah his friendship with Ann Coulter – and she drop kicked him to boot.

I’m sad that I have lost Ann Coulter as a friend.

But I have no regrets about my action this week in disinviting her to be a keynote speaker at our Taking America Back National Conference in Miami next month. It was the right thing to do under the circumstances – no matter the consequences. I guess you could say she didn’t take it well. The told the Daily Caller I dumped her for publicity.

Farah is doing this for PUBLICITY and publicity alone,” she wrote in an e-mail.

She expressed anger that WND had quoted from an e-mail exchange between the two of us.

“He’s a swine for using my private e-mails politely answering him,” she wrote. “Why would he do such a despicable thing … for PUBLICITY.”

The evidence that I am a “publicity whore,” according to Coulter, is that my “promotion of the birther nonsense (long ago disproved by my newspaper, Human Events, also Sweetness & Light, American Spectator and National Review, etc., etc., etc.) He’s the only allegedly serious conservative pushing the birther thing. For ONE reason: to get his hits on his website.”

In yesterday’s screed, “Today’s ‘conservatives’ and the sin problem,” he feels abandoned by the conservatives not interested in the “save marriage” movement, and he’s enraged that luminaries on the right are “embracing” homosexuals into the mainstream. Should we take out the tiny violin?

“Conservatives” don’t recognize sin when they see it. Nearly the entire “conservative” establishment, such as it is, fears even mentioning this word or acknowledging its existence. And, I’m afraid, without that recognition, this is a movement that is hopelessly lost.

When was the last time you heard a “conservative” leader with a high media profile speak out against what can only be described as the pervasive glorification of the homosexual culture in our schools, media, entertainment industry, Madison Avenue and, of course, government in all of its forms?

There are a few, to be sure – Pat Buchanan and Michael Savage come to mind. Any others?

Meanwhile, the oldest and most prestigious “conservative” weekly in the nation is owned by a corporation run by an activist homosexual. NOTE FROM PAM: who is this person he’s outing?

Ann Coulter is gleeful about speaking to a group called GOProud, which bills itself as a “conservative” Republican homosexual organization that supports same-sex marriage and open homosexual service in the military.

…”Conservative” icon Glenn Beck, in a conversation with Bill O’Reilly, said basically he doesn’t care about the attack on traditional marriage. Asked if the California ruling will harm the country in any way, he responded: “No I don’t. Will the gays come and get us? I believe that Thomas Jefferson said: ‘If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket what difference is it to me?'”

Rush Limbaugh, the iconic leader of American conservatism, hired the noted homosexual singer Elton John to perform at his wedding. He has not aired one of his bitingly satirical “gay community updates” in years.

“Conservatives,” it seems, are on the verge of not only accepting homosexuality’s domination of the culture, but embracing it.

Man, I’m loving it. What will Joe Farah, Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown do?


And then there’s this little Facebook post of interest that I came across while surfing for more about HOMOCON. Lookee here — “ex-gay” Exodus International’s Randy Thomas friended GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia and seems VERY interested in the goings on…

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—  John Wright

Ann Coulter Calls WorldNet Daily Founder Joseph Farah ‘Swine’ and ‘Publicity Whore’ After He Dumps Her Over Gay Event

Yesterday, I posted that conservative WorldNet Daily founder Joseph Farah had dumped Ann Coulter as keynote speaker at its "Taking America Back National Conference" because Coulter had agreed to speak at gay Republican group GOProud's 'Homocon' event in September.

Coulter Now Coulter is swinging back.

Capitol Hill Blue reports:

"The homophobic Farah blasted Coulter, saying 'there is simply no room (at his conference) for compromisers or for people who accept money from those determined to destroy the moral fabric required for self-governance and liberty.'
Coulter fired back at Farah, calling him a 'publicity whore' and a 'swine' for publishing an email exchange between the two.
Farah, Coulter said in Tweets and emails, 'could give less than two shits about the conservative movement as demonstrated by his promotion of the birther nonsense. He’s the only allegedly serious conservative pushing the birther thing and for one reason — to get hits on his web site.' … Coulter added that she isn’t losing any money over Farah’s decision to drop her from his conference because he couldn’t afford to pay her anyway."

Towleroad News #gay

—  John Wright

Ann Coulter To World Net Daily Founder Joseph Farah: Oh, It’s ON Motherfucker!

“Farah is doing this for PUBLICITY and publicity alone. This was an email exchange between friends and even though I didn’t expressly say “OFF THE RECORD” and I believe everything I said, he’s a swine for using my private emails politely answering him. Why would he do such a despicable thing? … for PUBLICITY.

“I will say that Farah could give less than two shits about the conservative movement — as demonstrated by his promotion of the birther nonsense (long ago disproved by my newspaper, Human Events, also Sweetness & Light, American Spectator and National Review etc, etc etc). He’s the only allegedly serious conservative pushing the birther thing. For ONE reason: to get hits on his website.” – Ann Coulter, in an extremely pissed off email to the Daily Caller.

Yesterday World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah published Coulter’s email to him about being dumped from WND’s Miami conference because she is agreed to headline GOProud’s Quisling confab. This just gets better and better.

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright