DRIVE!: Little pleasures

‘Everything’s bigger in Texas’ doesn’t have to include your gasoline bill. Try one of these fun little numbers

LOOK SMART  |  Fashionistas will swoon for the Gucci-fied Fiat 500C, above; buying the Scion iQ, below, shows off your intelligence. (Photos courtesy FIat and Scion)

LOOK SMART | Fashionistas will swoon for the Gucci-fied Fiat 500C, above; buying the Scion iQ, below, shows off your intelligence. (Photos courtesy FIat and Scion)

CASEY WILLIAMS  | Auto Reviewer

It’s not the size of your car that matters, but the pleasure you derive from it. Some of those big, bulky motor tools may look sexy, but once you get a fill of their piggish appetites, they can be a turn-off. If your dreams are set on complete satisfaction, we suggest these fun little numbers.

Chevrolet Sonic. Chevy’s latest Detroit-built sub-compact is about to hit competitors with a boom. The Aveo  it is not! Sonic is refined, stylish and loaded with fun features like a digital speedometer, Bluetooth, USB, remote start and a 138hp turbo engine. Check the sheets for heated leather seats. Expect 29/40-MPG city/hwy. A base price of $13,735 keeps GM’s smallest member from being laughed out of the locker room.
Volkswagen Beetle. VW wouldn’t be dressed without a Beetle, and with the 2012 re-design, it should attract more than mall chicks and club queens. Look close and you’ll notice a longer roof, beefier fenders, LED running lamps and optional 19-in. wheels. Gone is the sky dome, but there’s more room to stretch. Get it with a 170hp five-cylinder or 200hp Turbo that moves 22/30-MPG city/hwy. Optional Fender audio deserves a B.J. Prices start under $20k.

Toyota Yaris. Completely redesigned with lovable puggy looks — and 2.9-in. longer to boot — the Yaris offers a more solid ride. You’ll love the flat bottom steering wheel, nine airbags and comfy interior. The 106hp engine, connected to a four-speed auto or five-speed manual trans. delivers efficiency — up to 30/38-MPG city/hwy. You can still get three- and five-door hatchbacks. Given a base price just over $14,000, hordes will be zipping about.

Scion iQ. It’s always the smart ones that turn tail undercovers and become wild animals. However, with just 93hp, this tiny city car will have to impress with 11 standard airbags, standard Bluetooth and HD Radio, and “3+1” seating. Thump yourself happy with available Pioneer speakers and subwoofer. A brake override and stability control are standard, as is 37MPG fuel efficiency. Prices will start just over $15,000 when sales begin nationwide in early 2012.

Nissan Versa. Let’s just start with the name: “Versa” implies all kinds of uses, but the best one for this re-designed Nissan is getting to work or school and back — all the more pleasurable with Bluetooth, NAV, USB and large interior. The 109hp engine delivers 30/38-MPG city/hwy with an automatic. For an incredibly low starting price of $10,990, you shouldn’t expect much more than a durable transport tool. Pay more and get the good stuff.

Fiat 500C. Fiat can drop its top. The 500C is efficient, fun and revs its 101 horses through a hunky Italian five-speed to deliver 38-MPG hwy. Click the Sport button for a quick rise. Packages like Pop and Lounge, 14 exterior colors and 12-seat designs express. It’s even a Top Safety Pick. If a queen wants her 500C, she should go full handbag and get J. Lo’s Guccified edition. Prices start at $19,500 (or $27,500 for the famous green and red stripes).

CAR-NIVALE  |  At less than $14K, the Kia Rio is an affordably sporty ride. (Photo courtesy Kia)

CAR-NIVALE | At less than $14K, the Kia Rio is an affordably sporty ride. (Photo courtesy Kia)

Kia Rio 5-Door. The name hints at Brazil, but the car is from South Korea with German, Audi-inspired styling. Available UVO by Microsoft voice-activated infotainment, rear camera, LED accent lights, USB and dual chrome exhaust tips are upscale. Slid under the hood is a 138hp engine with start/stop technology that enables 30/40-MPG city/hwy with a six-speed transmission. Including a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, prices start under $14,000.

Hyundai Veloster. Three-door-plus-hatchback styling reminds a little of Saturn, but the funky-cool package and split-cowl dash are pure Hyundai. A 138hp four-cylinder with paddle-shifted automatic turns in 40-MPG hwy — better than a Honda CR-Z Hybrid. Blue Link enables voice text messaging, music selection, and a back-up camera. Expect to pay at least $17,300, including Hyundai’s 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty and trade-in value guarantee.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 11, 2011.

—  Michael Stephens

Drawing Dallas: Cesar

Budding design student Cesar Augusto Fuerte blends his leather fetish with fashion underwear

MARK STOKES  | Illustrator

Name and age: Cesar Augusto Fuerte, 22

Spotted at: Walmart Market on Central Expressway

Occupation: Full-time student, part-time fabric retail

This exquisite Taurus is a full-time student at UNT, studying fashion design and fashion merchandising with a minor in international business. Cesar demonstrated an early talent in art, with a knack for drawing and a keen eye for color. His interest in life drawing led him to consider another creative outlet, fashion design. Cesar’s long-term goal is to design men’s wear, concentrating on men’s underwear. Cesar already designs and sews his own underwear. He gets a secret thrill out of attending conservative events knowing that underneath his dress clothes, he’s wearing provocative skivvies.

The eldest of three brothers, Cesar emigrated from Michoacana, Mexico, with his family when he was very young. His youthful countenance and his friend’s constant referral to him as a “kid” inspired Cesar to play up that boy role and he often dresses up as a school boy or cub scout when he goes out on the town.

Cesar came out formally when he was 16. “Since I came to terms with my homosexuality, I’ve learned to appreciate all types of gay people.” He was in the talented and gifted program at a magnet high school, where his creativity was allowed to flourish. He was vice president of Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Denton in his junior year, and president his senior year.

He enjoys dancing and socializing. He is a member of the Fashionistas, a non-profit group that helps out up-and- coming designers with parties and charity events. He has also worked behind the scenes with DIFFA for several years as a stylist working with Jan Strimple.

Cesar, like the Emperor. Don’t let his boyish looks deceive you: This tantalizing young man is neither shy nor submissive. He enjoys the look and feel of leather, and finds something empowering about wearing it. He had a “leather and lace” party on his 21st birthday, attended by many of his friends wearing one or the other.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 23, 2011.

—  Michael Stephens