TCU LGBT alumni group forms

Organizer says school has been helpful, supportive in forming group for gay graduates

DAVID TAFFET  |  Staff Writer

There are some schools that are — or have been — affiliated with religious institutions that  not only wouldn’t welcome an LGBT alumni group, they would block such a group outright.

But when Doug Thompson, a graduate of Fort Worth’s Texas Christian University, associated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), approached his alma mater’s alumni association about forming an LGBT affiliate, he said, the response was, “Absolutely. No problem.”

TCU’s new LGBT alumni group will hold its first large meeting on Saturday, Oct. 22, after the TCU homecoming game. Thompson acknowledged that sports isn’t the main concern of many LGBT alumni, but homecoming is still a time when many alumni return to visit the campus.

Thompson said when he asked the alumni association whether the LGBT group would need approval by the school’s administration, he was told the administration would back it. The group was approved in April.

Unlike Baylor University, which sued to keep its LGBT alumni from using the school name to organize a group, Thompson said there has been no objection from the TCU campus.

“We just want to get people involved however they want to be involved,” Kristi Hoban, associate vice chancellor alumni of relations, said. “We just reach out, whether it’s a class or the business school or a special interest group.”

She said that black alumni were not participating until the Black Alumni Alliance formed about 11 years ago. Now, she said, they’re active leaders in class reunions, homecoming and department alumni events, adding that she hopes to see the same thing happen with the LGBT network.

Finding LGBT alumni hasn’t been easy, Thompson said, as students aren’t asked about their sexual orientation before they graduate.

But Thompson said about 120 alumni have already responded, mostly to calls on social media sites. And now that the school has a Gay Straight Alliance, he said, finding future alumni will be easier.

“Our goal will be to support gay and lesbian students and start a scholarship,” Thompson said. “And we’ll form activities around things gay alumni have an interest in.”

He mentioned support for the Trinity Shakespeare Festival on campus as a direction for the group.

Thompson said that having an LGBT alumni group will help the school provide a better environment for its LGBT students.

Two years ago, TCU proposed setting aside dorm space for LGBT students. A week after the announcement, when only eight students had signed up for the housing, the school scrapped those plans.

“That got totally blown out of proportion,” Hoban said.

She said the intention was never segregated housing but really just an LGBT campus group.
Thompson said the school would have avoided the bad publicity if it had the alumni group to guide them.

The LGBT alumni group will get together after the homecoming game against New Mexico on Saturday, Oct. 22. They will meet at Tommy’s Hamburgers’ Camp Bowie Boulevard location from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.




Victor Pryor

Perhaps one of the best known Texas Christian University grads that will be attending the new LGBT alumni group’s meeting this weekend is Vincent Pryor, a TCU Horned Frogs football star from 1994.

That year, before the final game of the season against the Texas Tech Red Raiders, Pryor came out to his teammates. Rather than shunning him, Pryor’s coach told him he was proud of his honesty

“My teammates and my coaches overwhelmingly supported and accepted me,” Pryor writes on his website, “All of the fears and concerns I had about being kicked off the team, or losing my scholarship, or embarrassing my school — none of that happened.  And the best part of it was that I became a better athlete after I came out.”

That day, Pryor had the biggest game of his college career, tallying a record 4.5 sacks — a record that still stands today. His performance helped TCU win the conference title and a berth in a post-season bowl game.

Today, Pryor works in sales and lives in Chicago with his partner of 12 years, who was a classmate at TCU. To watch his just-
released an “It Gets Better” video, below.

—  Kevin Thomas

Antigay Croatian Football Head Reelected

Vlatko Markovic x390 (fair uncredited) | ADVOCATE.COMThe Croatian Football Federation head who last month said there would
never be a gay player on his team was reelected to a fourth term. Daily News

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The Adorable High School Football Team And Their Glee ‘Single Ladies’ Video

Well isn't this just the most adorable thing: Decatur Central High School in Central Indiana won 0 in a video contest after their rendition of Glee's "Single Ladies" aired at the Marsh Hoosier Classic at Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis. Give it up for high school jocks not giving a shit. Shoulda been the half time show.

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Photo Of The Day – Football Weather

My alma mater UCF is facing some wild weather at their game against Kansas State today. More amazing photos here.

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright

Dan Hampton Will Apologize Over Brokeback Comment to Keep Advertisers From Fleeing Football Show

Pro Football Weekly host Dan Hampton will apologize for his Brokeback Mountain comment about the Dallas Cowboys, which follows Monday's apology over his Hurricane Katrina comment about the New Orleans Saints. Then God will apologize for letting this guy on television.


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News: Football, Armistead Maupin, Bravo, Iowa, Dave Salmoni

Road Gay Chicago philanthropist Martin Gapshis dies at 63.

Maupin RoadThe most-anticipated LGBT books of the fall season.

RoadMatthew McConaughey reappears to hawk cologne.

RoadApple censoring Gaga tweets?

RoadDan Savage on gay rights progress: "So here's where we're at: everyone who cares about gay issues is mad at the Democrats. The homophobes are angry because the Democrats suggested that they might do something about gay rights; gays and lesbians are furious with the Democrats for failing to do something—failing to do anything—about gay rights. Since doing nothing pisses off the gay haters just as much as doing something, perhaps the Dems should've have done something and won the enthusiastic support of someone. Heckuvajob, gang."

RoadJensen Ackles looking mighty fine playing some shirtless soccer.

RoadDave Salmoni is a single man again.

RoadAlan Cumming, Audi, and Brittany Snow to be honored by Point Foundation.

Beef RoadThe Wall street Journal investigates college football teams eager to show off their beef.

RoadLil Kim says she is not playing Atlanta's Black Gay Pride: "Lil Kim says a 'psycho lunatic' has been representing himself as her booking agent and conned the promoters out of ,000. She also said there was no way she could show up to perform now."

RoadLourdes gets walk-on role in Madonna film.

RoadResearcher: Weight loss in straight women and gay men driven by competitive instinct. "Li said that, evolutionarily speaking, it would have been good to remain young and nubile-looking as long as possible to attract mates. "These findings support the idea that the ultimate explanation for eating disorders is related to intrasexual competition," the study reads. Interestingly, the effect was cancelled out for straight men and lesbian women, though no reason for the anomaly was offered in the study."

RoadOn that note, lasagna sandwich anyone?

RoadMetro NY takes on moob shame.

V RoadLady Gaga and Marc Jacobs pair up for V.

RoadGay Iowa lawmaker Matt McCoy: Boycott anti-gay radio host Jan Mickelson's advertisers.

RoadAndy Cohen on Bravo's sexuality: "I always saying we’re bi, but I think it’s kind of how I view myself being gay—it’s just one of things that I am. So Bravo may or may not be gay, but I think there’s a lot of other things going on. I think for the gay people on Bravo, it’s one of the things that they are—they’re not on Bravo because they’re gay." 

RoadGay teen saves swimmer's life.

RoadSF Weekly names their top 10 closeted conservatives.

RoadGay journalists to face union picket line at SF convention this weekend: "The San Francisco chapter of Pride at Work, an LGBT labor group affiliated with the AFL-CIO, joined the city’s hotel workers union, Unite Here! Local 2, in calling on NLGJA to honor the union-initiated boycott of the Hyatt in an effort to win a long-delayed union contract for hotel employees. 'Although NLGJA understands the importance of collective bargaining and recognizes that worker actions are not to be blithely ignored, it is simply impossible at this late date for us to move this year’s convention to another hotel,' NLGJA President David Steinberg said in a statement."

Towleroad News #gay

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Cowboys draft pick Dez Bryant gay-bashes his loving mom with the help of The Morning News

Angela Bryant used to drive eight hours from Lufkin, Texas, to Stillwater, Okla., to watch her son Dez Bryant’s games when he was a standout wide receiver at Oklahoma State University. She once took an 18-hour bus ride to see Dez play his first college game in Georgia.

Now that Dez is a top NFL prospect, what does his loving mother get in return? Well, for one, she gets the privelege of being gay-bashed by Dez with the help of The Dallas Morning News. In this column published last week, DMN columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor repeatedly states that Dez Bryant had to overcome his mother’s decision to “change” her sexual orientation.

According to Cyd Ziegler Jr. at, the original version of Taylor’s column used the term “sexual preference,” until Ziegler contacted The DMN and got them to replace it with “sexual orientation.” Of course, the column still uses the word “change,” so what’s the difference? Ziegler said he found it “shocking” that the sports staff at a major daily newspaper wouldn’t know better than to use “sexual preference,” but for those of us who read The DMN regularly, this isn’t at all surprising. Anyhow, back to Dez Bryant, who had this to say about his mom being a lesbian:

“I didn’t like it. Really, I still don’t,” he said. “I dealt with it and now I’m comfortable with it.”

First of all, who gives a shit what a football prospect thinks about something like this? It’s totally irrelevant, and sadly it appears as though The DMN and Dez are trying to use Angela’s sexual orientation as an excuse for his problems (Dez Bryant was once  suspended in college for lying to NCAA officials).

Who knows, maybe Bryant was worried that Angela’s sexual orientation would hurt his draft prospects, and he felt the need to solidify his anti-gay credentials. Maybe it paid off when the Cowboys selected Bryant with the 25th overall pick in the draft two days later.

It’s a shame, though, because it’s actually a great story. Angela gave birth to Dez when she was only 15, and she later served time in jail for selling crack cocaine. But Dez, who has no relationship with his father, has managed to overcome his tumultuous childhood to succeed on the field, and in the process he’s managed to mend his relationship with his mom. It’s a great story that The New York Times actually did two years ago, and it’s a shame that Dez and The DMN had to go and ruin it.как повысить продажи в интернетеоценка продвижения сайта

—  John Wright

Put a ring on it

Okay, it is the end of 2009, and everyone everywhere is making their “year in review” lists (including Dallas Voice; see our Friday, Jan. 1 issue to find out who is our LGBT Person of the Year and our Top 10 Stories of 2009). has its list online of the “Top 5 Gay TV Moments in 2009.” Most of them I didn’t see, because I don’t watch the shows they cite. They have clips of each of the five moments, starting at No. 5 with the scene from “Modern Family” where the gay couple present their newly-adopted daughter to the rest of the family. Wonderfully funny!

Ongina’s coming out as HIV-positive on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is No. 4, followed by Vogue Evolution on “America’s Best Dance Crew” at No. 3, the “Single Ladies” dance by the football team on “Glee” at No. 2 and Callie Torres standind up to her anti-gay father on “Grey’s Anatomy” at No. 1.

The clips from “Modern Family” and from “Glee” had me laughing out loud at my desk, but it was the other clip — included in the paragraph about “Glee” that made me realize what was saying was truly valid: Positive, realistic depictions of LGBT people on TV really can make a difference.

The clip I’m talking about its a video of the real-life football team from real-life Glendale High School in California performing the “Single Ladies” dance on stage, in full football uniform, for a talent show. I have NO DOUBT that I would have never seen the football team at my high school do something like this, and if they had, they would have been laughed — or booed — off stage.

We really have come a long way baby.

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Kansas City Chiefs running back barred from play for gay slurs

The Kansas City Chiefs announced today that running back Larry Johnson is suspended from all team activities pending an investigation by the NFL for recent comments he made. He ranted on Twitter after the Chiefs suffered another loss Sunday to the San Diego Chargers. Demeaning comments were first directed at head coach, Todd Haley and then slurs began later in the feed. Then, the Kansas City Star reported Johnson allegedly yelled at a locker room reporter to “get your faggot ass out of here.”

GLAAD has called for actions against Johnson. A screen capture of his Twitter feed can be found on their page. However, Johnson’s @ToonIcon feed is now only open to approved followers. Johnson has since offered an apology but the New York Times noted he made no mention of the gay community.

The Dallas Cowboys played Kansas City earlier this month and won 26–20.биржи статей для копирайтеровпродвижение оптимизация сайта

—  Rich Lopez