Conover cranks out new work for 'Stilettos and Candy,' which wraps up Saturday at Kettle Art

One of Conover’s pieces on exhibit — but not for much longer.

In last week’s Voice, we listed local artist Robb Conover’s show, “Stilettos and Candy,” in our calendar. The show is currently on exhibit at Kettle Art. Kettle owner Frank Campagna texted me yesterday that Conover has busted out seven new pieces just for this show alone. “Stilettos” already has 17 of his original artwork.

They were hanging the newest pieces up just last night, but the show is almost over. The exhibit ends Saturday and if you miss out, that would mean no stilettos and candy for you.доработкареклама строительных организаций

—  Rich Lopez

Anti-gay musician Buju Binton’s Dallas show canceled reported yesterday that concert promoter Live Nation has canceled Buju Binton’s concert at the House of Blues in October. Live Nation was under fire by the people at Change who protested Live Nation’s involvement with the Jamaician dancehall musician and petitioned members to boycott the promoters. Binton is notorious for including severely homophobic remarks in his songs.

Live Nation announced the cancellation yesterday which included his Dallas and Houston shows, both at House of Blues.

Kettle Art owner and artist Frank Campagna paints the concert panels House of Blues posts outside. He read about the cancellation today from the Advocate. “I painted this sucker for them and now it’s no good. And that’s just fine because obviously he’s no good,” Campagna said.

Please file him under Straight Men We Love.разработка корпоративного сайтастатистика поисковых слов

—  Rich Lopez