Today In Frivolous Lawsuits

A New Jersey woman has filed a $ 5M class action lawsuit against NYC-based discount retailer Century 21 because when she returned items for a cash refund, she didn’t get 80 cents in credit for the coupon she’d used when making the original purchase.

In Manhattan federal court papers, Tova Gerson claims she used a coupon, good for $ 5 off a $ 50-or-more purchase during a Jan. 10 shopping spree at Century 21’s Paramus, NJ, store. Gerson plunked down a total of $ 106.82, before tax, for items that included faux-suede moccasins, a child’s dress, stuffed toy and little girls’ lace tights, underwear and T-shirts, according to the filing. But then, on Jan. 19, Gerson returned a $ 17.97 kid’s ensemble, claiming it was the wrong color, the filing states. Century 21 refunded her money — minus the 80 cents she’d saved, on a pro-rated basis, by using the discount coupon. Gerson, a hat designer who sells her creations from her suburban home, flipped her lid. Century 21’s take-back, she claims, deprived her of the “full benefit” of the $ 5-off coupon.

Gerson’s suit was filed by her lawyer father, who makes his living suing retailers over similar “coupon schemes.” According to the above-linked story, some retailers have settled out of court rather than deal with the lawsuits.

Joe. My. God.

—  David Taffet

Video: Tony’s TV priorities: Making ‘Real Housewives’ drama seem that much less frivolous

Not sure which is more annoying about the following clip:

-Tony’s aggressive attempt to misinform the audience about Judge Walker’s ruling, acting as if it would force Christians to personally accept, preach in favor of, or perform same-sex marriage ceremonies (hint: it won’t!).

-That someone like Tony can talk for over twenty minutes about the California marriage case with several mentions of the voters who voted in favor of bias, yet not once mention the near-half of the state voters who came out against Prop 8, or the millions of gay people who are deeply affected by it. In what other political matter is that kind of oversight okay?!

-The host’s constant attempts to rile up a Texas vs. gays mentality (e.g. “As long as there’s a Texas, there’ll be a moral course”; “This wouldn’t happen in Big D, now would it?”)

-The host’s aggressively anti-intellectual explanation of how our republic supposedly works, which wholly ignores the crucial role of our independent judiciary

-The very fact that TBN had Tony on for two segments to discuss the biggest problems currently affecting our government and way of life, and gay people’s basic rights, fair treatment, and happiness is what he chose to discuss.

But hey, why choose just one piece o’annoyance. Here’s Tony’s full appearance from last night’s edition of TBN’s “Praise The Lord”:


Good As You

—  John Wright