What do dinosaurs, Bible have in common?

An example of a billboard similar to one along I-30 suggests science but delivers religion.

I’m fascinated by roadside billboard advertising. The reason is this: With most other forms of advertising, your ad finds its audience: You broadcast on Idol, and wherever they are — the gym, living room, bed room, bar — people who want that show see your ad. With a billboard, you’re stationary — everyone who sees your ad has to drive by … and in one direction! How do you know that the strip from Oak Cliff to Waxahachie is where most men who’ve had vasectomies want to get their procedure reversed? Why not Sylvan to Arlington? Inquiring minds….

So I was curious the other day, driving to a friend’s house for dinner, to see a billboard along I-30 East with a dinosaur on it. It looked like the kind of thing you’d see at a theme park. It said “The mighty T-rex!” or something, and then, “674 miles ahead to Cincinnati, Ohio.” (It’s actually in Northern Kentucky.)

What strange hell is this? Why advertise in East Dallas for a museum in the Midwest?

Then I looked more carefully at the ad. It gave its website: CreationMuseum.org.

And I began to understand.

What in the blazes could a dinosaur — the perfect symbol not only of Earth’s scientific age, but of evolution itself — have to do with a museum whose name seemed to imply a biblical devotion?

So I went to the website. And it is astounding.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones