Adult film star and former Dallas guy Chris Steele bestowed with Hall of Fame honors

Adult film fans will likely be familiar with the name Chris Steele. Heck, even Dallas peeps (OK, the gay ones) in general might know the name. Well, the MacArthur High School grad has done good. The former XXX film star, now executive producer of Jet Set Men, was given Hall of Fame status at last week’s 2011 Trendy Awards.

Below is the press release from Jet Set announcing the honor:

—  Rich Lopez

Steven Daigle hospitalized, arrested

Things could be going better for North Texas’ Steven Daigle. After he was booted from Big Brother in 2008, he told me that he tried to live by his grandmother’s advice while he was in the house: Never do anything you wouldn’t want to read about on the front page of the New York Times.

So much for that.

Daigle parlayed his quasi-fame into a quasi-career, going from reality TV footnote to hardcore gay porn actor — perhaps the only one ever to use his full, legal name as his porn name.

Now, he’s got another dubious moniker: Jail bird. JRL Charts, which touts itself as the “official” gay adult film industry publication, reports that Daigle and his boyfriend, fellow porn actor Trent Locke, were involved in a fight Monday that sent both to the hospital an landed Daigle in jail on $20,000 bond.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones