In time for TBRU, a fun, true story

Mr-TBRU-entrants-and-winners-at-RU-copyWith Texas Bear Round Up starting today, I was thinking about this online exchange from a few weeks ago.

Iris McCallister, the wife of FT33 chef Matt McCallister, is a frequent LIKEr of my Facebook posts, and vice versa. A few weeks ago, Iris posted something like this on her Facebook page: “Just came from a beer tasting and never have I seen so many bearded men in flannel!”

Being the jokester I am, I said, “You should attend TBRU!”

Ha. Good one, I thought.

But Iris, being a straight married lady, didn’t get it.

“What’s TBRU?” she asked back. “Texas Bear Round Up,” I replied, figuring she’d finally get the joke.

But oh, no.

Next thing I know, Iris is inviting her girlfriends to attend. “Arnold Wayne Jones suggested we might want to check out the Texas BEER Round Up! Let’s go, should be fun!” she enthusiastically posted. Apparently, she read my post only fleetingly. Fortunately, one of her girlfriends was savvier.

“Ummm, Iris, I think you might want to take a look at this,” she posted, linking to the TBRU home page.

I could practically hear Iris shriek from miles away.

Personally, I think it would hilarious if Iris McCallister and her girlfriends showed up at the Crowne Plaza, all ready to taste artisinal beers and being met by fuzzy meatmen in Speedos. But it’s probably best she didn’t.

You can, though. See ya there. And if you see Iris, give her a big bear hug.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Tired of all those Grindr twinks? Now you can hunt gay bears on your iPhone with Scruff

We recently published a story on gay apps and rated their services (or lack thereof). Today on Bearotic (yeah, I know), Net Bear posted this nifty piece about the iPhone app Scruff. For those who prefer their men a little, um, scruffier, Scruff suits all your needs. This “gay bear finder” was designed by Johnny Scruff  and Eric Silverberg and is described as “a social application for gay bears, musclebears, cubs, otters, leather men, and their admirers. Scruff enables users to create and view profiles based on geo-location, send messages and private images, and check in to neighborhood venues.” You can also like the app for whatever reason on Facebook.

We asked resident bear Greg to download the free app for a test run. “Oh my God! My whole world has just opened up,” was his first reaction. Its similarities to Grindr make it easy to use and some of the features come in pretty handy — you know, for social networking and all that.

Greg and I could do a general browse regardless of where the hirsutes are, but then we had the option to choose “Near” for bears in closer proximity. Like FourSquare, you can check in but neither our office nor immediate businesses around us were coming up. We’re at Fitzhugh and Travis and the closest to us for check-in were all the businesses in Knox-Henderson. Once you’re logged in, you can send someone a “Woof” (which I never understood because bears actually growl) and also click under the “Would you meet this person” with options of “Not My Type” (ouch), “Maybe” and “Definitely.” We clicked the latter for one guy who clocked in at nine blocks away.

Hi, Justin!

—  Rich Lopez