ManCrunch dating site sticks it to DADT with unlimited membership for gay servicemen

The last we heard from ManCrunch was the ruckus they caused with their banned commercial from this year’s Super Bowl. Two guys watching the game followed by an impromptu makeout fest. You know, the one below?

Well, they’re back on the radar. I just received a press release announcing the following: Offers A Lifetime of Free Online Dating to Those Affected By DADT — The World’s Fastest Growing Male Relationship Service Hands Out Unlimited Memberships To Gays in Military

With the recent brouhaha over “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the U.S. Senate, ManCrunch is offering its moral support for the military with a complimentary lifetime membership to the dating service to our gay men in uniform. The ladies, well, they just miss out. The lifetime membership even extends to those servicemen relieved of their duty because of DADT. All these guys have to do is suit up, take a pic and get it in under the deadline. Here’s how ManCrunch puts it.

—  Rich Lopez