What’s Brewing: Michele Bachmann; George Michael; homophobic Arkansas grocery store

Your weekday morning blend from Instant Tea:

1. Whatever GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said during her tea party response to the State of the Union was completely overshadowed by the fact that she was looking at the wrong camera the entire time, as well as her gross mispronunciation of Iwo Jima, which she referred to as “Ewa Jamma.” At this point, can you imagine anything more entertaining (and tragic) than a Sarah Palin-Bachmann ticket in 2012?

2. The Australian press is obsessed with George Michael’s use — or non-use — of gay hookup apps. The Daily Telegraph reports — under the headline “George Michael on the prowl for man action in Australia” — that the pop singer has switched from Grindr to Scruff. However, Perth Now reports that the Scruff profile (right) appearing to be Michael is actually the work of an impostor. With this kind of media attention paid to his app usage, can you really blame Michael for getting wasted? Next time Michael is in Dallas, we’ve assigned DV staffer Rich Lopez to cruise Scruff 24/7 in search of him — which won’t be much of a change for Lopez.

3. Harps grocery store in Mountain Home, Ark., is obscuring the cover of US Weekly because it contains a photo of gay parents (Elton John, his partner and their baby), according to a Twitter user who posted the pic below. Gay bloggers who’ve picked up the story list the number for Harps as 870-425-6556. If you decide to call, tell them to check this study, which showed that gay parenting is quite common in places like Arkansas.

—  John Wright

Gay and lesbian parents: Teaching kids it's OK to be different

We don’t usually publish essays or poems or, as in this case, papers written as part of a college English class assignment. In fact, this is, as far as I know, we have ever published something like this. And we won’t be doing it again.

Elizabeth Farr

Elizabeth Farr

But I decided to make this one exception because I got an e-mail from Elizabeth Farr, a student at Texas Woman’s University who, for her English class final, had to pick a topic and write a paper to try and persuade others to a specific viewpoint.

Well, Elizabeth’s dad is gay and she grew up living in the Oak Lawn area, she says, so she feels a special connection to the LGBT community. That’s why she decided to write her paper about gay parenting, speaking in favor of gays and lesbians as parents.

Part of the assignment was to “spread the word” by trying to get the paper published in some form or fashion. Elizabeth asked if Dallas Voice could help with that. So here it is:

Coming Out: Children with Gay Parents

As the child of a gay father myself, I know personally what it’s like to be worried about someone finding out that my family is different. I feared that if my friends found out my dad was gay, they wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore and would probably tease me and think I was a lesbian.

Children who grow up with a gay parent are inevitably going to be judged and ridiculed at some point in their life because of their parent’s sexual orientation. However, I believe this helps us to grow up as stronger and more tolerant individuals.

—  admin