And the new Celebrity Apprentice is…

not Clay Aiken.

Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump chose Arsenio Hall as the winner of the reality show, which does not come with an apprenticeship but only a stipend to the winner’s charity.

Aiken faced off against the former late-night talk show host in the final challenge, and raised nearly twice as much as Hall ($300,000+ versus $160,000+). The finale was mostly a love-fest, with Aiken and Hall touting the other graciously, and with more variety show than job interview for most of the episode. The majority of their fellow contestants seemed to endorse Aiken’s victory.

With this, the fifth “Celebrity” edition (and 12th overall cycle) in the series,  Aiken became the first openly gay finalist on the series; Hall became only the second African-American winner on the series.

This season showed a quality that the conservative, anti-same-sex-marriage insufferable blowhard Trump has not been known for: gay-inclusiveness (at least until the final moment). In addition to Aiken, the cast also included queer-friendly comedienne Lisa Lampanelli (who made it almost to the end and helped out Aiken near the end), Aiken duetist Dee Snider and liberal-minded magician Penn Jillette and most significantly gay icon George Takei from Star Trek, who was dismissed in episode 3 earlier this season.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

GBM News posts its top gay celebrities of color

CNN anchor tops GBM News' list.

Over the weekend, GBM News executive editor Nathan James posted his top 15 gay celebs of color. His list started as a response to  MSN’s Wonderwall listing of its top queer celebs wielding the most influence, but was also noticeably lacking in its diverse demographics (save for Perez Hilton, who is of Cuban descent).

James’ list introduces some gay celebs people might not immediately consider such as singer Tracy Chapman at No. 8 or CNN anchor Don Lemon at the top of the list. But I’m not really sure how he figures in Noah’s Arc alum Darryl Stephens’ guest stint on Private Practice at No. 11 as influential or RuPaul’s relatively low ranking at No. 7. While he does include George Takei in the mix, his list lacks any Latinos. That begs the question: Where is Ricky Martin?  From James on GBM News:

One of the “interesting” things about their list, was that there wasn’t a single gay celebrity of color on it. I bethought myself to rectify that oversight by creating and publishing my own list of the 15 most powerful gay celebrities of color. The response I got from that piece was, by far, the most overwhelming public reaction to any article I’d ever written up to that time. Some applauded my choices, others vehemently disagreed with them, and still others asked why their own personal choices missed the cut. Well, this year, I’m at it again, with a completely new list that’s sure to provoke more debate and stir more passionate discussion.  Submitted for your approval, here are my picks for the fifteen most powerful gay celebrities for 2012!

Of course, these lists are all subjective, but James thankfully adds to the conversation of who gays and lesbians may see as influential within the community.


—  Rich Lopez

Takei, Aiken adding gay fabulosity to new “Celebrity Apprentice”

George Takei

I have sincerely admired George Takei ever since 2005 when he publicly came out as a gay man. And I have been a real fan for the last several months, ever since I “liked” his Facebook page and got the chance to see and appreciate his unique sense of humor.

But I am not a big enough fan to watch George in his new gig, because his new gig is being a cast member of the new season of Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice. And I hate Donald Trump and I hate Celebrity Apprentice way to much to ever watch the show, even for George T. I made myself a promise after listening to Trump’s “presidential campaign” tripe that I would never watch this show, because I never want to do anything that might even remotely put money in his bigoted pockets.

So, love ya George, but I just can’t watch that show.

There will be at least one other gay in the cast to keep George company: Clay Aiken of American Idol and Spamalot fame. And other “gay interest’ cast members are ’80s pop star Debbie Gibson and equal-opportunity-insult comedian Lisa Lampanelli.

I’m not gonna list the whole cast here. You can go over to to get that (where, by the way, the describe Takei as “Star Wars actor George Takei”). Let it suffice to say that the cast does include Mafia princess Victoria Gotti and Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider.

—  admin

Best Twitter-follow thank-you ever: George Takei

The Twitter-users among you undoubtedly know that when you choose to follow someone, you often get a thank you message that is sometimes automated and sometimes not. On Thursday I began following gay Star Trek actor George Takei. Below is the message I received from Takei this morning, which I can only assume is automated given that he has almost 200,000 followers:

—  John Wright

Takei, Gaga urge fans via Twitter to help with relief efforts for Japan

In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan, celebrities are already jumping on board to help. Lady Gaga posted a tweet earlier this afternoon encouraging fans to buy her prayer bracelet with all the proceeds going to relief efforts.

Click here to order.

Gay Japanese actor George Takei has also taken to tweeting about the catastrophic events using the poignant hashtag #TodayWeAreAllJapanese and encouraging his followers to donate to the Red Cross.

Click here to follow Takei’s link to the Red Cross.

—  Rich Lopez