QUEER CLIP: ‘A Good Old Fashioned Orgy’

At first it struck me as odd that A Good Old Fashioned Orgy would be opening in suburban theaters (Mesquite, Grapevine, Arlington) instead of urban, sophisticated Dallas. Then I saw it, and understood: There’s nothing urban or sophisticated whatsoever about this mostly unfunny, post-adolescent take on American Pie, Porky’s, and the rest of sitcomovies about losers hoping to get laid. The difference is, these losers are yuppies who should know better. (They are all supposed to be high school friends now turning 30, but most appear to be pushing 40.) When ringleader Eric (Jason Sudeikis, pictured left with Tyler Labine) finds his dad is selling the Hamptons beach house he and his friends commandeer every holiday for drunken bashes, he gets the (contrived and formulaic) idea to hold a parting orgy — just a little casual sex among friends. First, he has to convince them all to do it. Then they have to go through with it.
If it sounds naughty, it’s not. These dilettantes could learn a thing or 30 about hookups from just about any gay man, and like most comedies of this ilk, the idea of girl-on-girl action is hot; a tentative kiss between two fellas? Gross. (That doesn’t stop it from showing full frontal, though of no one worth seeing.)

Films like this are usually so smugly coy about being sexy and clever they are neither; that’s about the only bull’s-eye this lame, Labor Day dreg release hits.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

One star. Now playing in limited release.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 2, 2011.

—  Michael Stephens

Jodi Picoult talks up new lesbian-themed book tonight on Mombian

The lesbian mom blogsite Mombian posted today that big time author Jodi Picoult (My Sister’s Keeper, 19 Minutes) has gone Lisa Cholodenko-like on her newest book Sing You Home. The story details the account of a lesbian couple striving to have a child. OK, so it’s not quite The Kids are All Right, but maybe there’s a trend brewing of lesbi-parenting and mainstream audiences. First it was girl-on-girl kissing, now it’s mom-on-mom nurturing that intrigues audiences.

Her website calls it a multimedia experience. The book includes a CD of music and spoken word to accompany the story. There’s even a trailer for the book. Now we just have to wait for the movie. Unfortunately, her book tour doesn’t stop in Dallas. At least not with the current itinerary.

But you can listen to Picoult tonight as she appears on Mombian’s podcast to talk up the book. This is what they say:

I’m very excited to invite you to a special event here at Mombian: a live, streaming interview and chat tonight with #1 New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult about her latest novel, Sing You Home, the story of a lesbian couple and their attempts to have a child.

I’ll have a fuller review coming up in my Mombian newspaper column soon, so I’ll say little here except that I do recommend it, not least because Picoult avoids the clichéed “search for a donor” plot of most stories about lesbians trying to get pregnant. Instead, she takes a different approach, giving us a tale that deftly blends the personal and political. The book also includes a CD of original songs with words by Picoult and music by Ellen Wilber, who will be performing on the Webcast.

Join us here at Mombian tonight, Monday, March 7 at 7:00 p.m. EST for the Webcast, part of the Literary Salon Series of Picoult’s publisher, Atria Books. The interview, moderated by book reviewer Bethanne Patrick, will be broadcast from an event at New York City’s Andaz 5th Avenue Hotel to celebrate the novel’s release. There will be a chat window going, too, so you can share your own questions and comments.

That’s 6 p.m. our time.

—  Rich Lopez

Flash! ‘Truth’ debuts among Dallas lawyers

Local lesbian author and attorney unleashes her new novel set in Big D

ARNOLD WAYNE JONES | Life+Style Editor

Most people probably don’t expect to hear the word “truth” and “lawyer” used unironically in the same sentence, but that doesn’t stop Carsen Taite.

Taite, a pseudonym (see?) for Dallas lawyer Teresa Cain, became a Lambda Literary Award finalist for her second novel, It Should Be a Crime, set in Dallas with barely disguised allusions to SMU, Buddies II and other local landmarks. Now with her third novel, Nothing But the Truth, she heads once again into the fertile world of the Dallas legal system. And she finds some sexy lesbian lawyers to do a lot of the work for her.

Ryan and Brett are women who usually oppose each other in court but find themselves thrust together in the bedroom. There’s murder, a strange turn of events that changes one from advocate to witness, some potboiler plotting that causes them to join forces to find the truth … and of course, a hearty dose of girl-on-girl action.

Taite was originally set to read from Nothing but the Truth, which was released late last month, this week, but the cold front pushed it back. Hopefully it’ll go forward this time with her reading and book signing. She’ll probably save the raciest parts for the privacy of your own bedrooms.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition Feb. 11, 2011.

—  John Wright