WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres, former Girl Scout, voices opinion on BSA

Ellen DeGeneres and her younger self as a Girl Scout.

Ellen DeGeneres and her younger self as a Girl Scout.

Lesbian comedian and talk show host Elle DeGeneres has chimed in on the Boy Scouts’ opting to delay a decision to allow gays until May.

A Girl Scout once herself who had a brother in Boy Scouts, DeGeneres said on her talk show that she believes in the organization and encourages people to worry about more important things on campouts than sexual orientation, such as bears and staying alive.

“I think what the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts are trying to teach is important,” she said. “They’re trying to teach kids to be leaders, and the more that we teach people how to accept people for who they are, the more self confident they’ll be and the better leaders they’ll become.”

Watch it below.

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Don’t mess with these Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts are a 100-year-old organization that teaches girls honesty, fairness, courage, compassion, character, sisterhood, confidence, citizenship … and apparently how to kick butt.

CNN reports that a Fort Bend County troop was recently accosted outside of the Wal-Mart where they were selling cookies. A man jumped out of his car and grabbed the girls’ cash box, only to receive the business end of the girls’ fists. The Girl Scouts already had my admiration for their policy of welcoming transgender girls into the program; now that admiration is tempered with a hefty dose of respect (and fear).

Hands down the best response came from Rachel Johnson, one of the pair who reached into the thief’s car to try to recover the cash:

“I hope your face hurts from where Iravia punched you, jerk. BAM!. I hope your face hurts and I hope it leaves a scar.”

While the thief made away with about $200 he certainly did nothing to diminish the spirit of these girls.

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Did you hear Bo and Jim joking about the trans child? If so, Autumn wants to know

Autumn Sandeen

On Thursday, I posted this blog about a bit on the Bo & Jim morning show on Lone Star 92.5 FM, in which the morning show hosts “discussed” this recent news story about a transgender 7-year-old in Colorado, born biologically male, who was rejected when she tried to join the Girl Scouts. (The Girl Scouts later reversed that decision, saying the worker who rejected the child did not understand the organization’s policies.)

Bo and Jim decided to make a joke out of this child’s situation, actually laughing as they joked about the child getting beaten up.

After I posted the blog, I got an email from trans activist Autumn Sandeen of San Diego, who had worked with Kim Pearson, executive director of TransYouth Family Allies, to address a similar situation that occurred with radio DJs in Sacramento. Autumn is looking for other people who may have heard the comments by Bo and Jim (they don’t post audio of their show online), and for a list of advertisers on the Bo and Jim show. That’s information, she said, that’s necessary to respond effectively.

So if anybody else out there was listening to Lone Star 92.5 on Thursday morning and heard the comments in question, or if any of you know who might be advertising on that program, let us know. You can leave a message here on this post, or send me an email here at

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