Richard Socarides “Glass Half Full”

Some other miscellaneous news from ABC before we get to the interview with Socarides from Equality Matters.

Glass half full or empty? Republican candidate in primary for gay marriage? Lots to chew the fat about in Socarides remarks.

Socarides is right that Obama could do a lot to move the issue of gay marriage forward. I hope the President has learned from Don’t Ask Don’t Tell that being tepid, providing the conservative’s positions with cover and legitimacy and playing defense does not work with the question of civil rights. True leadership on civil rights questions requires boldness and unapologetic pronouncements that it is the right thing for America to do period, and those that stand in the way will be painting themselves into a corner and destroying their future political legacies. If you don’t believe me then ask Sam Nunn. No amount of reversing positions and claiming “I was just kidding” totally fixes the reputations of bigots when their homophobic routine has been proven to be a big hysterical “Chicken Little” dance that destroyed thousands of American lives, and careers while damaging our international reputation with our more progressive allies, and hurting our national security.


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Pink Raises Her Glass To The ‘Dirty Little Freaks,’ Including You Gays

We knew the music video for Pink's "Raise Your Glass" would feature same-sex couples. What I didn't know is that Katy Perry's "Firework" would beat her to the self empowering trend (see: Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful"), where society's cast offs (the fats! the gays! the nerds!) are told to celebrate themselves: "So raise your glass if you are wrong / In all the right ways / All my underdogs." Messages of empowerment tied to catchy hooks? I'm in! Though with her line about "dirty little freaks," me thinks she doth Lady Gaga "little monsters" too much.


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Watch: Pink Performs at Gay Wedding in ‘Raise Your Glass’ Video


Empowerment and celebration seem to be the themes of Pink's new video for "Raise Your Glass", which features a brief glimpse of the singer performing at a gay wedding.

Pretty much classic Pink, which is to say, all good.


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