Dallas GLBT History Project meets tonight

The February meeting for The Dallas Way — The Dallas GLBT History Project is at 7 p.m. today in the Park Room at Park Towers Condominiums, 3310 Fairmount St. There is plenty of parking in the visitors lot in front of and behind the condo tower.

The meeting is open to everyone who is interested in helping to document and record the history of the Dallas LGBT community.

Board president Jack Evans said in an email, “We’re now ready to move ahead based on last month’s sign up sheet, and we’ll have more detailed information on specific areas of interest and work groups. If you have missed a couple of meetings, or are new to the project, this is a great month to join us and become involved at the beginning! We’ve made great progress in our first six months. Thanks to each of you who have attended and or assisted in the past, and we look forward to seeing you.”

—  David Taffet

Project to document Dallas LGBT history begins

Jack Evans, left, and George Harris

A donation of $1,000 was received to help kick off PROJECT: Dallas GLBT History, and about 20 people attended the first meeting last week.

The idea of documenting the history of the LGBT community in Dallas came from Jack Evans and George Harris earlier this year around the time they celebrated their 50th anniversary.

The focus will be on organizations and events as viewed through the experiences of individuals who were involved. The group hasn’t decided how the project will be distributed.

“It was an enthusiastic group,” said Evans. “The focus will be on the history of the community as told through the eyes of those who experienced it.”

At the next meeting the group will decide the form of the project, which will probably be some combination of video and written format. To start, they will choose about three organizations and three individuals to begin remembering and documenting.

Evans said he hopes the project will be housed at the Phil Johnson Library at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center. But the video portions may also be available online.

He said that the people who attended were an incredible source of information about a variety of pieces of the Dallas LGBT community. He said Paul Williams will be invaluable in documenting the history of the Turtle Creek Chorale and several people who have been part of the Black Tie Dinner committee for years, including Mary Mallory and Robert Emery, are participating.

The next meeting will be Sept. 15 at ilume. Anyone interested in participating can contact Jack Evans and George Harris.

—  David Taffet