Filmmaker Robert L. Camina's 'Martini The Movie' wins QBliss award today

I just read on local director Robert L. Camina’s Facebook that his film Martini The Movie won the QBliss GLBTIA Creating Change Community Award – “Outstanding Short Film Award” 2009. The movie stars Steven Jay Crabtree as his famous character, Martini Glass, from his show one-man show, Dysfunctional Divas.

QBliss has been announcing its awards throughout the day today on their Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace sites. Their page says they will then be added to the awards Web site one by one. Perhaps after all have been mentioned. As of right now, their site doesn’t have any of the winners posted yet. This announcement was made, according to the Twitter and Myspace feeds, less than an hour ago (it’s 4:48 now as I write this). Their Facebook, however, isn’t all that updated.

—  Rich Lopez