Gay Dems to party during GOP debate

Both Stonewall Democrats of Dallas and Dallas Stonewall Young Democrats plan watch parties for tonight’s GOP presidential debate in Michigan, which begins at 7 p.m. local time. DSYD’s watch party, “Republican Retox,” will be hosted by Jenna Skyy at Axiom Sushi Lounge in the ilume:

To spice things up a bit, we’re going to play a little game while we listen to all the intelligent things that will likely be said by the GOP candidates. Think something along the lines of “Waterfalls”… but with choice phrases like “family values” and “defense of marriage.”

We’re also planning a political trivia game with a surprise twist that NO ONE will want to miss.

SDD, meanwhile, is joining with other local Democratic groups at the Angelika Dallas for “What the Heck Will They Say Next?”:

Say what you will about the GOP debates, they’ve been entertaining. From Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 to Mitt Romney’s flip-flop of the week, you never know what’s coming next. And Rick Perry, don’t even get us started.

This November 9, join New Leaders Texas, Obama for America, and Dallas area Democratic clubs as we watch the next debate live on the big screen, drink optional adult beverages, and play GOP bingo (with some nifty prizes to boot). Admission free.


—  John Wright

Is Rick Perry in trouble?

The number of general election voters who have a negative view of Rick Perry has jumped 9 points since the last GOP presidential debate on Sept. 7, according to Nate Silver at The New York Times’ Five Thirty Eight blog. Meanwhile, Perry’s average lead over Mitt Romney in polls has fallen by 3 percent, and he’s dropped four points in a hypothetical match-up against President Barack Obama. Experts say Perry’s campaign could be in trouble if he has another shaky performance tonight in Florida.

—  John Wright

PHOTOS: Gov. Rick Perry must not like being called ‘Al Gore’s Texas cheerleader’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Congressman Ron Paul, R-Texas, traded barbs on camera during Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate in California. But Perry also reportedly lit into Paul off-camera during a commercial break. Above is one of several photos that have emerged of the exchange. The Guardian reports:

Before Wednesday night’s debate, Paul’s campaign launched a series of attacks on Perry’s political career, including a hard-hitting TV ad, and followed with some snippy comments by Paul during the debate itself.

Several photographers captured the scene on stage at the Ronald Reagan Library – and of course there’s no way of knowing what was being discussed. But given Paul’s recent attacks, I’m guessing it wasn’t about the chances of the Texas A&M football team this season.

The Guardian has more photos. Paul’s ad accusing Perry of being Al Gore’s Texas cheerleader in 1988 is below:

—  John Wright