‘We have did what was right for Arizona’

Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona is up for re-election this fall. Brewer, a Republican, took over for Janet Napolitano in 2008 when Napolitano became secretary of Homeland Security. Brewer is best known for supporting and signing that state’s new anti-immigration law.

While we don’t usually highlight politics in other states unless it’s LGBT-related, but this one-minute video is really very funny. Or embarrassing. But how else could it turn out when you start by saying “It’s  great to be here with Larry, Barry and Carrie … I have … shit … done so much …”

—  David Taffet

Coalition of national LGBT groups endorse boycott over Arizona's anti-immigration law


A coalition of LGBT groups signed a letter today endorsing a boycott of Arizona. They point out that Arizona’s Republican governor, Jan Brewer, eliminated partnership benefits for gay and lesbian state employees when she took office.

The letter was written by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

This is a even more of an LGBT issue when immigration laws are applied unequally to straight and gay couples. For an article on the Mega March in May, Dallas Voice spoke to one gay man who was brought here by his parents when he was 5. His brother and sister have both married U.S. citizens, but since his relationship with his partner is not federally recognized, he remains illegal.

The Dallas-based Human Right Initiative deals with hundreds of cases of LGBT immigrants who cannot obtain legal status because they are in same-sex relationships. An opposite-sex married couple would not have those immigration problems.

The full text of NGLTF’s letter is after jump.

—  David Taffet