Grammys Live Blog: A Swift night

Taylor Swift takes album of the year. Annnnd that’s a wrap. Gaga didn’t pull the big awards but I’m glad Dave Matthews didn’t win. Where did that nomination come from?

No real thoughts otherwise. I still need two more ladies to add to my Real Housewives of the Grammys and open to suggestions. I’ll add some photos to the posts as they make it online. Thanks for joining me.создание и поддержка сайтареклама от яндекс

—  Rich Lopez

Grammys Live Blog: Tarantino is embarrassing, Lil Wayne plays with red

Middle-aged Tarantino talking hip-hop in a bad Elvis impersonator outfit is even embarrassing for this Latino. Is the iTunes version of this song unbleeped? I think I’ve heard oh about 30% of this song. Although I feel better that Jamie Foxx and I both use Flip video. Because I roll like an Oscar winner.

I’m an Eminem fan so it’s kinda nice to see him back. I forget what Lil Wayne’s red hankie on the right means.siteконтекст дешево

—  Rich Lopez

Grammys Live Blog: Gaga spotting, Jeff Bridges appears as subtle Oscar campaign

I kinda miss the dreds but Maxwell is still some kinda sexy. He and Roberta Flack ask where is the love and it sure ain’t in her wig.

Lady Gaga is wearing Superman’s Fortress of Solitude on her head.

Jeff Bridges honors Les Paul and intros Jeff Beck. Beck with Imelda May is a major precious moment.

25 minutes to go.оптимизация поисковых запросов

—  Rich Lopez

Grammys Live Blog: Wyclef keeps it real, Beyonce wins female pop vocal

Should I feel bad for not being moved by the Haiti song? Wyclef Jean’s speech was much more effective. I would put Mary J. Blige in the Real Housewives cast.

How is it the reduction of lifetime achievement moments and other awards, this show still runs to 10:30? Eesh.

The Dave Matthews Band weirdly reminded me that there hasn’t been too much gay about this year’s awards. So far, Gaga and Elton have been it. And the countless drag queen inspirations.

Maybe I spoke too soon. Ricky Martin is on. He presents Best Female Pop Vocal to Beyonce.meganakrutkaсайт определение

—  Rich Lopez

Grammys Live Blog: America still living on a prayer

If the Real Housewives of the Grammys was a show, I’d cast so far, Sheryl Crow and Toni Braxton. Who else?

Bon Jovi is milking this “first performance on the Grammys” thing. I’m almost feeling guilty for not voting for a song they should perform. But you still can! In the meantime, they’ll sing non-hits. Is that Sugarland chick singing with the Jersey boys? Or did Melissa Etheridge go fem?

OK, no more voting for the Bon Jovi song of the night. Surprise — “Livin’ On a Prayer.” All two minutes of it.

Best Rap/Song collab. Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye. And Jay-Z takes Will Smith’s kid up to the podium.купить статьи копирайтингкак разместить рекламу в яндексе

—  Rich Lopez

Grammys Live Blog: MJ tribute misses the mark

Ryan Seacrest introduces Taylor Swift. OK, confession time, I have not jumped on the Swift bandwagon yet. Swift teams up with Stevie Nicks who she probably didn’t know who she was before tonight. Nicks looks good but she doesn’t look like she’s buying Swift’s cozying up. Ouch — Nicks reduced to a backup singer. Isn’t Swift just on the edge of 17? Poor Stevie.

Michael Jackson 3D tribute: Where’s my Avatar glasses???  Feeling a little goofy and I can’t seem to reach out and touch. Although it’s hilarious to see celebs sportin’ them. Is this lineup a little too random? Usher and Smokey I get but Celine, Carrie?

MJ’s “children” accept the Lifetime Achievement award for Jackson. Sweet speech by Prince Jackson.

prilozhenija.ruweb продвижение сайта

—  Rich Lopez

Grammys Live Blog: Chris O'Donnell is hot, Leon Russell jams a cameo

Best Rock Album: Green Day. OK, their Grammy darlings now but I can roll with this a lot more than if Dave Matthews won.

Ummm, hellooo Chris O’Donnell.

The Zac Brown Band just went up in my book bringing in Leon Russell. But really, I’d like to see a ZZ Topp/Russell collab. Beards for days. ZBB is doing the whole America thing but lines about chicken fried and cold beer are all right with me. OK, Zac Brown’s acoustic shredding is pretty solid and I think he’s just gone up in my hottie bear column.

Upcoming, Carrie Underwood honors…Michael Jackson?вывески рекламныеэкспресс аудит сайта цена

—  Rich Lopez

Grammys Live Blog: Our server finally lets me back in

Ugh. Well, I’ve been attempting to post for the last 30 minutes and I’ve missed a lot. So, let me see where we are.

Stephen Colbert won for best comedy. I thought he was the host but was wrong. Rooted for Kathy Griffin but either way, it’s more celebrity material for her.

Record of the Year goes to Kings of Leon. KXT overloaded me with them so this is a bit meh for me.

Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t understand overexposure and introduces The Soloist costar Jamie Foxx. Foxx was anything but when a slew of people I couldn’t recognize (save for Slash) recreated a Parliament/Funkadelic live show.

I have a Ke$ha joke somewhere but can’t find it .разместить рекламу на гуглераскрутка сайта в сети

—  Rich Lopez

Grammys Live Blog: Aspirin, please

It’s official: The Black Eyed Peas hurt my head.hackaskреклама купальников

—  Rich Lopez

Grammys Live Blog: Pink gets wet, TBRU should book Zac Brown Band

The Zac Brown Band
The Zac Brown Band

Pink is rocking this white sparkly Snuggie. Aaaaaaand now she’s pretty much naked. However, her Cirque du Soleil bit is gorgeous. Aaaaaaaaand now she’s wet. OK, quite possibly one of the best Grammy performances ever!

Best New Artist (aka The Doomed Career Award) The Zac Brown Band. They could always reinvent themselves as Four Bears and a Twink.siteтоп сайтов работы

—  Rich Lopez