Gays More Likely to Go Green

ECO FRIENDLY BIKE RIDER X390 (THINKSTOCK IMAGES) | ADVOCATE.COMA new poll has found that while Americans as a whole are showing less interest in “going green,” gay people are increasing their commitment
to the environment. Daily News

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Equality Triumphs in Bowling Green

Nearly two weeks after election day, the final tally shows that both non- discrimination ordinances passed by the Bowling Green City Council have been retained as law by voters.

Back in August 2009, with an overwhelmingly positive vote from the city council, Bowling Green, Ohio, passed two ordinances providing broad civil rights protections. The ordinances expanded the classes protected from discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity in housing, public accommodations, employment, and public education. Unfortunately, a successful recall petition drive placed both ordinances on the November 2, 2010 ballot for a public referendum. A broad coalition of residents, reflective of the city’s diversity, quickly established One Bowling Green, a campaign to educate votes about the importance of protecting the non-discrimination ordinances.

One Bowling Green spent a tremendous amount of time working to turn out the vote among university students. Their efforts tipped the balance. On election day, it appeared that while the housing ordinance had been approved by voters, the ordinance prohibiting discrimination in employment, public accommodations, and education had potentially failed by roughly 100 votes. However, more than 500 provisional ballots still needed counting – many of them having been cast by students.   When the final election results were certified, both ordinances passed by a few hundred votes.

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Movies: Harry Potter, Joan Rivers, Made in Dagenham, Green Lantern

 Multitudes of Harry.



…lives for the the tail end of each year. That's when Oscar buzz wags the film dog. He blogs daily at the Film Experience. Follow him on Twitter @nathanielr.

If you're one of the few human beings who doesn't care a whit about the Harry Potter movies, the image above is probably a nightmare vision; Potter's everywhere you look. Come to think of it, that's as good a portrait as any of this movie weekend. Yes, it can get awfully lonely out there for those of us who don't have any special affinity for Hogwarts School of Magic. It's like being a committed agnostic in a world wherein everyone else has embraced hardcore religion. And then they went and split the last movie in half to prolong the faith. Apparently nine years was not long enough to hold the nation's multiplexes captive so they're going for ten (Part 2 opens in 2011, ten long years after the Sorceror's Stone arrived.) Why they needed five hours to adapt the final book HARRY POTTER AND DEATHLY HALLOWS, which plops Hermione, Harry and Ron down in a tent to bicker and mope for what had to have been a third of the book, is a mysterious magical riddle that only Warner Bros sorcerer accountants can decipher.

Look, it's the six British actresses who do not appear in Harry Potter films. They're all in Made in Dagenham.



I don't mean to be such a curmudgeon. Some of my best friends love Potter. But the stamina the faithful have for this religion amazes the agnostic. Potter disciples never waiver. And, think about it: People don't even watch TV series for this long… and isn't that an apt comparison? The Potter films are really movies in name only since they're much closer to a TV series in form, what with the recurring guest stars, repetitive structure and longform narrative. 

Also Opening: Russell Crowe tries to rescue his allegedly murderous wife (Elizabeth Banks) in THE NEXT THREE DAYS; Oscar hopeful MADE IN DAGENHAM, starring Happy-Go-Lucky's lively Sally Hawkins, tells the true (but surprisingly entertaining) story of a women's strike at a Ford plant in late 60s England; FAIR GAME with Naomi Watts as Valerie Plame and the survival-drama 127 HOURS with James Franco (previously reviewed) both expand into more cities today.


Lincoln_ddl Road You've just heard that Daniel Day-Lewis has been cast as Steven Spielberg's Lincoln. Is it crazy to hope that Gwyneth Paltrow plays Mary Todd Lincoln since she was so hilarious doing that gag on Glee earlier this week? Oh right. This isn't a musical. That didn't go so well for DDL last time. Is it crazy to hope that Spielberg doesn't ignore the gay rumors? DDL hasn't swung that way since My Beautiful Laundrette.

Road They claim this is "every shirtless pic of Jake Gyllenhaal" to hit the net. But there's only 84. This post cries wolf! Or woof.

Road More Harry? For Potter Fans: Here's an informed list of differences between the new movie and the book it's based on. For the two of you out there who are waffling about whether or not to see it (most people made up their minds about this series long ago) here's a negative review and a positive one.

Picture 17 Road The Academy recently released the finalist list for Best Documentary Feature. They shunned Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. Coincidentally, I ended up screening the film again just hours after the announcement and those sad flashes of insecurity that the semi-legend keeps showing when confronted with bad reviews or inside showbiz snubs stung a bit harder than they did the first time through. If you haven't seen the movie yet, make sure to rent it when it arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray in mid December.

Road Have you seen the trailer to The Green Lantern? A question that haunts: Why would anyone feel the need to animate a super heroic body over Ryan Reynold's real superheroic body? If you've got the real million why waste time on the counterfeit? Body paint is cheaper than CGI.


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Waiting for provisional ballots in non-discrimination measures in Bowling Green

The right-wing effort failed on at least one of the measures to repeal two non-discrimination ordinances in Bowling Green. The margins are very close, but our side won one and is waiting for provisional ballots in the other:

An attempt to repeal two city ordinances that expanded anti-discrimination protections had mixed results in Bowling Green Tuesday.

By a narrow margin in unofficial results, voters upheld an ordinance that expands the list of protected classes in the city’s fair housing code to include sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, and marital status, among others.

But by a similarly slim margin, voters repealed a second ordinance that protected those same groups from discrimination in employment, at business establishments and educational institutions, and for city services.

I’m hearing that there are 500 provisional ballots still to be counted. Most of those are Bowling Green students. So, this could still be a double victory.

The Toledo FOX channel reported that the anti-gay forces thought they had won:

The victory party was short lived Tuesday night for the opposition to the anti-discrimination ordinances in Bowling Green.

While the initial “100 percent” of the votes on the Wood County Board of Elections’ Web site showed both ordinances being handily rejected by voters, those results were changed around 11 p.m. when early voting numbers were added in.


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‘Bam Bam’ Barber brings his hate and homophobia to Bowling Green

Bowling Green, Ohio residents will be voting on two right-wing initiatives to repeal two ordinances on basic equality on November 2nd. The ordinances are about the most basic non-discrimination in employment, public accommodation and housing. But, even that is too much for the haters. In case you had any doubt about who is behind this hateful effort, none other than Matt “Bam Bam” Barber was in Bowling Green this week to campaign for the repeal. You can count on Barber to show up almost anywhere where gay issues are under discussion. He’s quite an authority. So, of course, he was in Bowling Green to scare voters with his usual mix of homophobia and falsehoods:

Matt Barber, a conservative commentator and author with the Liberty Council in Lynchburg, Virginia, says he fears supporters of the ordinances are inventing reasons to push for a larger agenda.

In fact, he says it is an “attempt to achieve federal government sanctioning of the homosexual and cross-dressing lifestyles as a special minority class.”

And some local opponents at the meeting went so far as to say they think children could be harmed if the ordinances pass.

‘We think it would be an open door to allow pedophiles [and] other people that shouldn’t be in the schools to go in there,” said one man.

The campaign to prevent repeal is being led by One Bowling Green. Their message is: Don’t be fooled by the lies and deception.

When Bam Bam and his ilk are on the scene, there’s nothing but lies and deception.

There are lots of places where candidates who support equality are on the ballot. But, in Bowling Green, basic equality is up for a vote. Help One Bowling Green beat Bam Bam and the haters.


—  John Wright

Bowling Green anti-discrimination laws facing repeal vote

Last year, in August of 2009, I reported on some good news from Bowling Green Ohio:

yesterday, progress was made in Ohio. Bowling Green banned discrimination yesterday in several key areas — and the new laws are inclusive. From Equality Ohio’s press release:

At the standing room only Bowling Green City Council meeting on Monday evening, August 17, 2009, Council members voted with bi-partisan support to enact a Human Rights Ordinance banning discrimination in Bowling Green based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment and public accommodation. The ordinance passed 6-1. A separate ordinance banning discrimination in housing passed unanimously.

Because the religious right haters want discrimination, they’re forcing a vote on whether to repeal those two new ordinances. Yes, they can’t accept something as basic as non-discrimination in employment and housing. They really hate us and want us to face discrimination. And, we wonder why young lgbt kids are killing themselves.

The bad guys include the notorious Alliance Defense Fund, which houses some of the biggest homophobic creeps around. For example, just last week, that Michigan AG Andrew Shirvell, who was obsessed and creepily stalking the young gay student body president Chris Armstrong, credited the Alliance Defense Fund for going after Armstrong first:

In fact, long before I started the blog, a couple of weeks before that, the Alliance Defense Fund, a well-known legal Christian foundation, put out an alert about Chris.

ADF has been putting out alerts about Bowling Green, too. The website of the campaign to repeal the laws is filled with the usual circa-1970 anti-gay rhetoric. It’s repulsive.

The good guys trying to prevent repeal are running a campaign called ONE Bowling Green:

ONE Bowling Green is the local ballot question campaign formed to urge Bowling Green, Ohio voters to approve Ordinances 7905 and 7906 by voting YES on both ordinances during the November 2, 2010 election cycle.

To learn more about the ordinances, click here.

ONE Bowling Green is a community campaign driven by local volunteers and expertise. Our coalition is made of individuals and groups who love and care about Bowling Green and represent the diversity and the values of our community.

ONE Bowling Green represents the best of Bowling Green’s values— fairness, equal treatment, the recognition that discrimination is wrong, and a belief that our community is a place that cares about ALL our neighbors and everyone who comes to work, live, play and go to school in our community.

ONE Bowling Green needs our help. Financially. If you want to make sure your campaign dollars are going directly to the fight for equality this fall, donate to ONE Bowling Green. I just did.

ONE Bowling Green needs to raise ,000 in the next few days to fight the ad campaign funded by the likes of the Alliance Defense Fund.

We can’t let the bastards win.


—  John Wright

Fighting for Fairness in Bowling Green

This past week I met with One Bowling Green campaign manager Kim Welter, who is heading up the effort to defend two non-discrimination ordinances passed by Bowling Green city councilors in 2009. The ordinances amended the city’s existing anti-discrimination laws to protect individuals from arbitrary discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and veterans status in housing, public accommodations, employment, and public education. With no state law in Ohio against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, city ordinances are important bulwarks against discrimination in the workplace.

After these ordinances passed the city council (by votes of 7-0 and 6-1), opponents of basic fairness launched a successful recall petition that placed both ordinances on the November 2, 2010 ballot for a public referendum. Bowling Green is known as a progressive college town, but there are still opponents of equality working hard to misinform voters about the true intent and impact of the anti-discrimination ordinances.

That is why a broad coalition of residents has formed One Bowling Green, a campaign to educate voters about the importance of protecting the non-discrimination ordinances. In a city of only 30,000 residents, speaking with voters personally about these ordinances will be critical to success in November. Of course, speaking with voters one-on-one requires time and resources.

The repercussions of losing our hard-won equality are too many to consider. Having job and housing protections stripped from us will be devastating.  Contact One Bowling Green and join the fight for fairness now.

Paid for by the Human Rights Campaign, Joe Solmonese, President, 1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Washington DC, 20036

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