Lesbian couple turned away by Justin chapel to marry Friday at Cathedral of Hope

The Country Abbey in Justin

Earlier we noted that no Valentine’s Day marriage equality demonstration is planned for Dallas this year, so perhaps this is the next best thing.

PR guru and former Dallas Voice staffer Kris Martin sends along word that two local women who were turned away by a private wedding chapel last year for being lesbians plan to tie the knot on Friday in a ceremony at the Cathedral of Hope.

Tina Shaft and Tiffany Fenimore have been together for 10 years and made news in June when they were turned away by the Country Abbey in Justin as well as by other locations, according to Martin. Now, the Cathedral of Hope and community businesses are donating a chapel and services to make the couple’s dream wedding come true.

Christopher Thomas will officiate the wedding on behalf of the Cathedral, and the couple and their three children will sit for “No H8” campaign photographs following the ceremony.

The ceremony is open to the media and will be at 3 p.m. Friday at the Cathedral’s Interfaith Peace Chapel, 5910 Cedar Springs Road in Dallas.

—  John Wright

GayTravel.com picks guru to ‘sleep around’

A few months ago we reported that a local man was in the running for the GayTravel.com guru position, getting to earn $30k for spending half-a-year sleeping around.

He didn’t make it.

Instead, this guy did: Nick Vivion of Seattle. What’s cool is, he kicks off the world tour in October … right here in Dallas.

Vivion is nerdy-cute, and we’re all about that, but we gotta say: Since it was a position voted by readers online, we’re a bit surprised Chad Bush, another finalist who has traditional hunk-tastic cred (pictured below), didn’t sway more voters. But good for Nick!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones