How being known as a hateful state can sometimes get you more photo shoots

The Los Angeles-based NOH8 Campaign is conducting a poll on Twitter that asks, “What st8 should the next @NOH8Campaign photoshoot be in?” And after two days of voting, the Gr8 St8 of Texas is ahead by a mile, receiving 11 percent of the 2,541 votes cast. California is the only st8 that’s even close with 7 percent, followed by New York with 5 percent. Some of this likely has to do with population, but it’s also probably an indication that people think the campaign is needed here. And they’re right, but we’d suggest picking one of the cities where it’s really needed — instead of Dallas, Houston or Austin.

—  John Wright

NoH8 takes on bullying, with the help of Cindy McCain

Way back in January, I posted this piece about Cindy McCain, wife of anti-gay Arizona senator and failed presidential candidate John McCain, participating in the NoH8 campaign in support of same-sex marriage. The McCains’ daughter Meghan also posed for a photo in the NoH8 campaign and has been outspoken in her support of same-sex marriage and LGBT rights in general.

Now comes this video about bullying from NoH8, and once again Cindy McCain is speaking out.

The video includes appearances by a long list of celebrities (including another of my favorite blondes, Bridget Marquadt of Girls Next Door fame) who are all talking about how serious bullying is and how everyone needs to step up and do their part to end the epidemic. I was especially impressed by what Cindy McCain said about how anti-gay laws — things like “don’t ask, don’t tell” and the Defense of Marriage Act — are also a form of bullying and must end, along with religious persecution of LGBT people.

Makes me wonder how tense the situation must be right now in the McCain household, since John McCain supports both DADT and DOMA.

Anyway, let’s hear a cheer, once again, for Cindy McCain and all the others who took the time to participate in this video and make a stand for our rights — and our lives. And check out this “It Gets Better” PSA No H8 did, that includes Meghan McCain, Tori Spelling, Pauly Perrett and many others.

—  admin