The Hidden Cameras and Gentleman Reg at Hailey's Friday night

The show at Hailey’s Friday night might have to go down in the books. It was outstanding and substantial. For a mere $8, people were given more of an actual concert than just a live show in the venue. The O’s opened up with a small set but Gentleman Reg and The Hidden Cameras played sets worthy of a bigger venue. If only more people were there.

The O’s opened to a small crowd of about 15. That didn’t stop them from performing their Americana rock at full force. They sounded crisp and their multi-instrument playing at one time is kind of phenomenal to watch. It was a small set but they tore through every minute of it without abandon despite the small turnout.

When Gentleman Reg took the stage, he owned it from the get-go. His four-piece band performed in perfect cohesion and even though his music is a folkier pop style, they rocked it out.

—  Rich Lopez

A taste of The Hidden Cameras and Gentleman Reg before tonight's show at Hailey's

I have to admit, I’m obsessed with Origin:Orphan, the latest album by The Hidden Cameras who are featured in this week’s issue. Everything about it hits the right notes for me. However, my interview with out frontman Joel Gibb was, um, interesting. In fact, it’s akin to the first minute and a half of their video for “In the NA.”

And no, NA doesn’t mean Narcotics Anonymous. Gibb explains the “na” as “a variable, like x, y, or z. It transcends meaning.” Of course it does, but it’s also a heckuva charming song. And while I don’t get the above video all that much, it’s fun watching. Plus, it gives you an idea of what to expect at tonight’s show.

—  Rich Lopez

Atlas Sound show at Hailey's canceled

Atlas Sound won't be making any this Saturday at Hailey's
Atlas Sound won’t be making any this weekend in North Texas

If you had made plans to head out to Denton this Saturday to catch the Atlas Soundaka Bradford Cox aka the gay lead singer of Deerhunter — and Broadcast show at Hailey’s, you’ll want to consider different plans. Event promoters Spune just mentioned on their Facebook, the show has been canceled.

Atlas Sound / Broadcast Cancelled: Due to scheduling/travel problems that are impossible to change, Atlas Sound and Broadcast have to cancel this show. We’re very sorry, as are they. We’re disappointed and sorry to bring you this news, but we do thank you for understanding these things happen. Ticket refunds are available at point of purchase. Thanks for your support of Spune, Hailey’s and the events in our area.

This sucks because Atlas Sound has some shoegazing rock worth listening to outside Deerhunter. We’re hoping for a games mobigoogle проверка позиции

—  Rich Lopez